Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome and Good Bye

Just like a green leaves..when the time will turn brown..

Its 8 and a half hour left before we leave the year 2007..and Welcome 2008

Its been a year full of event, laughter and tears..lets see what we have achieved..the biggest would be having Sufiya, Mak pi Umrah, a new job which is very very near to my house and I could see the building from my balcony...and...CARRYING THIS 14 WEEKS PLUS BABY INSIDE ME....Alhamdulillah..

I won't flash back any bitter memories should be left behind, or hide it under the's like that..No new resolution..just continue past year's..and try to be better, when we were young New year will be much awaited, with countdown and celebration, but as we get older and doesn't matter anymore, what matters most is how we gonna cruise along effectively..

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R....!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salam Aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha..semoga semuanya diberkati..
Tomorrow will be a very special day for all Muslim plus a double celebration for us..its been 4 years now..
To my dear husband...Happy Annivesary, love you so much...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Made in China

Just came back from a product brief, it was suppposed to be a product proposal, but seems they failed to produce any certification from relevant authority..we gave them a red flag..KIV...come back later when you have enough support document..!

Most of the product in the market now are design and made in China, and most of them are not up to the standard and requirement...yess..they are cheap, they have glossy catalogue, some even have various design...but when it comes to quality, we would doubt it..

China is booming, many giant companies are looking forward to invest there, due to labour quantity and cost, which is cheaper..but sadly to say, it comes with low quality...maybe they are some that is acceptable...I'm not being bias here, but based on experience,...I've encountered many time it was the floor tiles..the colour fade just after one time cleaning using a machine, and sanitary fittings that doesn't work after two years..
We as a consumer need to be more cautious when it comes to electrical appliances..don't need to go for the cheap one just to save the buck, some of this product are really new in the market (local) and has not been tested and endorsed by relevant board in Malaysia, and we don't even know whether they have done a thorough research on that product or not..maybe they did, but for how long..?

So, be wise and selective..even on local product, read the label..get the information........but in this case if the other party go the 'higher level' to get a support to used this product...I can't do anything..but if anything wrong after two years warranty, we'll be blame....and it's duit rakyat...this is Malaysia afterall....its Bolehland..anything Boleh..I don't know...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Everybody were talking about it yesterday...about the revision of Hari raya date...but nobody said that they actually heard it on tv announced by the Penyimpan Mohor Besar.....or whoever have the right to say so....some like it...and don't even mind at all....but for me if they change it just because to follow Arab Saudi decision...that will be a trouble....there are only two days left for me to enjoy my annual leave since I joined here in June, so I got 15 days instead of 30 days...

Been channel switching last night..kot kot ada latest news or announcement.....

And the end..tarak...

So we'll be leaving on the 19th, as planned earlier..I'm looking forward to have asam pedas and ulam raja during this coming holiday...can't wait..

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Update

It was a perfect bright and sunny Sunday morning to lie down at the white sandy beach...a good day to just not doing anything except enjoying the waves, feel the breeze while having home cook nasi lemak...and followed with rojak...

the sand were too hard for her tender feet...

not a rescue mission..but a water confident session

That was a much needed break since...maybe last year..nothing is more rewarding than touching the water and left your footprint before it wash away by the waves........definitely there'll be next time...when Sufiya is brave enough to enjoy it..

Friday, November 23, 2007

..."Look for the sign..."

They said .."look for the sign..", but sometimes we tend to ignore that clear evidence or didn't expect it to be that way...the sign were just the same...maybe when we are too busy with other things in life, the most visible thing in front of our eyes will look differently....

As expected, the burden is totally different plus existing one to cope up with...and that is the main reason why I choosed to hibernate for a while but still hopping to certain blog..


Monday, November 12, 2007


there are many things to share here, but i'm sooo lazy to update even bloghopping...
many big event coming and that'll be announced in few months time..
so here's Sufiya with her big smile

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Her first day

The space are wider and brighter with cartoon characters everywhere..and she have so many friends to play is her first day at the nursery, I was so nervous this morning..but Alhamdulillah she didn't cry ...

Hope she'll get along and mixed well with the other kids..and I pray for her safety..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Suka Duka Aidilfitri

Alhamdulillah..we were given a chance to meet again after Ramadhan..Aidilfitri is a month of celebration..but sometimes it does come in a package with unexpected twist..

An aunty was diagnosed having the big 'C'..she looks skinny and not cheerful anymore compared to last few months that we met..but she always remember nice of her.

My sister who suffer the big 'T' last was discharged from the newly built hospital in Hutan Kampung looks just 'okay' for her condition..but the traces of yellowish still visible in her eyes..I just wish that she'll be fine..better than she is now.

A cousin, who's waiting for a kidney donor..doesn't look fit as he used to be..feel sorry for him, the day we met him (the second day Aidilfitri)..he looks worried because he could feel that he's blood pressure was too low and the 'thing' in his hand does not working..he was rushed to the hospital that nite and found out that it is actually slowly working..I can't look straight at his eyes..there is this feeling..that you can't describe...
And yess..Simah, he still remember you the moment he heard your name..

A distance family was found dead in Kedah River..maybe some of you noticed this news from a newspaper..Semoga arwah dicucuri rahmat
--------------------------------------------- - - - - -

On the other side:

A new addition to the family was safely delivered last week in Penang...and I heard more are coming next year..

A cousin are getting married just few months from now and that 'll be in Langkawi...what a good reason to fly there and spend time by the beach...

----------------------------------------------- - - - - -

Monday, October 08, 2007


We'll be leaving for Alor Setar this Thursday.. but the first day as usual will be celebrated in Penang :-)

Alhamdulillah, this year will be more cheerful with Sufiya around..she's eight months now and has started crawling and standing up by holding anything aorund her..and I bet she is very brave and determine..

Both of us has prepared baju raya for her but unfortunately no baju kurung..jeans and kodroy..her Abah is so excited..pampering her little daughter with everything that he could afford.... :-)

Have safe journey everyone... for those who are abroad and missing kampung ambience during this raya..sabar banyak2... Salam Eid Mubarak from US...Sue, Sufiya and Haffis

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Giving back.......

“Dan janganlah kamu makan harta anak yatim lebih dari batas berpatutan dan janganlah kamu tergesa-gesa membelanjakannya sebelum mereka dewasa. Barangsiapa (di antara penjaga) itu mampu, maka hendaklah dia menahan diri (dari makan memakan harta anak yatim itu dan barangsiapa (penjaga) yg miskin, bolehlah dia memakan harta itu menurut kadar yg patut…) AQT 4 (an-Nisaa’ : 06

Alhamdulillah..with help and generosity from all staff, we have managed to collect RM860.00 in 3 days for Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah, Bandar Baru Bangi. RM 200 goes to Duit Raya, RM5 each for 40 child...and the rest were spent on groceries.

This is just a small sum that we could contribute compared to other giant company who could sponsor them lavish 'Buka Puasa' and duit raya.

-the youngest...he love to sleep on this chair-

There are 39 children living here from all over penisular and the youngest is a seven years old from Taiping..the most 'manja' kid..(he refused to join the crowd for group photo...instead asked the ustaz to cut his finger nail.. :-).. he's the youngest of a big family (of 11 sibling)'s so sad looking at their condition, dusty floor tiles, crack and stain on the wall, chipped tiles and leaking on computer room's ceiling...but the most important and essential thing is of coz love and's good to hear that they are going back to their family this Eid...for one week..

-study room-

The whole idea of doing this came after reading PiBani's blog where she have list of orphanage. A cute little face of a maybe 7 years old grab my attention, so after talking to few friends, they agreed to chip in and at last today at 1.40pm all those stuff were sent to their kitchen.
It is a two and a half storey block consist of surau, kitchen, dining hall, activity area, computer room, 5 bedroom (10 child in one room), study room and one small office. The place are now lack of maintenance especially the computer room, activity area and there is no proper dry yard

-dry yard-

So anybody out there, if you have enough time...Darul Izzah are open to welcome you..not necessarily cash, but maybe in other way that suits you..maybe spend time with them doing homework, talking to them for moral support, help clean the place...actually there are so many things that could be improved here.....Insyaallah...there'll be another trip here...

There is no wealth but life.
-John Ruskin-

p/s thank you to all JKR WPPutrajaya and JKKP staff for your generosity

Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah
Lot 2191-2A, Pekan Makmur,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, S'gor
Tel: 03-89257263

Monday, September 24, 2007

Every Morning

I couldn't ask God for more
Man, this is what love is I know I've gotta let her go,
but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses
Tim McGraw -Butterfly Kisses
This is the best to describe each morning is hard saying goodbye to her especially when she understand that she'll be away from us...She will cry and grab the babysitter's grill and look at her abah..or she will wrap her hand tight around his neck...anak manja abah ni.............. :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Al-Fatihah to adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.....we love you

The Game of Life

I'm just like this shadow....

Sometimes people just don't care what are the consequences that will arised due to their negligence and ignorance..talking and talking....endless food and more the end, the product are not up to the standard of acceptance..

Now I realised that it's different field ,so they play a different game and rules...should I just play along and get the same dirt...or stand strong with what I believe..?

They didn't realised that those money are not entirely their's..people are so greedy making money until they forgot about other essential aspect of is no longer priority when you could stuffed your pocket with RM....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vertical Limit

This photo was taken during site inspection, I just love this view, it should be symmetrical but I didn't composed it well.. but here it is after been edited and touch up..the orange glow reminds me of CSI Miami..notice they always have these orange background..?
One picture could be intepreted or perceived as many other things..sometimes it does look like a where..? depends on one's imagination

A view towards passageway of an apartment, in this photo I've tried to captured the horizontal lines that define the whole picture as well as the vertical dashed line that derived from the column at this middle passageway. The shade and tone create a drama..and the sharp angle gives a strong impact...
The way we look at things are differ base on our experience, knowledge and environment...but the most beautiful thing in this world could only be created by Him

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bling bling

Busy working on new sparkling thing at the moment..a girl's best friend and it's forever...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Safe journey

Things got more complicated than what I expected, she said that she's scared now..she think that she's pregnant, third child and nobody knows about it yet...but tomorrow will be the day, whether its positive or would you face this situation..? It is hard for us who hear about this but being in her shoe is totally different....

I've forward her AWAM's contact number for reference, maybe professional advice is better than emotional-friend's opinion.

Hopefully He will light up her path, so that she could find her way...a safe journey


Sufiya is 7 months and 8.3kg now..she loves her rice porridge mixed with green peas, potato and fish or chicken..and one thing for sure she's now more manja-manja with her abah rather than jealous..

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to all...semoga semua amalan diberkati.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I wish him suffer ...the worst that one could imagine...don't let him die fast...let him feel the pain slowly..

She was thrown onto the floor and slap last Sunday...this is the first time he did this but this is not the first fight,....for 13 years she have been living in hell...with this bloody husband who can't resist the temptation of seeing other it somebody's wife or a young fresh woman....

She went for check up at GH, and all that they did was making a report without checking her thoroughly..of coz the bruises wont appear within 24 hours...she's confused now, even the pejabat agama didn't gave much help...'balik bincang'..that is what they always advice.

I asked her to take a photo of her body, which area that shows the evidence, go to private clinic for full check up...and asked for fasakh...maybe I'm not the best to person who should consult her, but we have known each other since standard four, that was in 1984....all of her sad and bitter stories are in my head, all the secret, all those dark corners in her life were shared with me...this is so sad...after having two kids and long the end this is what happen, a man like him should suffer before he die...!!!!!!!

She said the moment she went to the pejabat agama, she went blank..confused..uncertain

Can any of you help her by giving any info...what to do, where to go..who to meet..

Friday, August 31, 2007



MERDEKAKAH KITA.......................?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We are what we eat...? people said that if we consumed good and healthy food we gonna be a healthy 'ikan kering'..and u'll be kurus kering..but what if we eat contaminated green leafy vege...???

All this while we were told to take more of these..good for this and that, unfortunately for us who live in Selangor..those are not the best option anymore unless u pluck 'em from ur own garden or window ledge..just like the 'Naked Chef' aka Jamie Oliver..

Yesterday's news on contaminated vegetables were not that shocking, it's known to us that the farmers used pesticides and fertilizer and what not to produced fresh and 'undisturb' vege...93 samples were tested at Selayang Market and two-third were found contaminated with at least one pesticide...!!!!

When we were small having vege with green worm were a normal treat..I was told that they are better than the one with perfect holes...
And what about GMF...modification of genetic are fine if it could help us but we need to draw a line..God has provide us the best food,..the best of everything but sometimes there are people who want to play God..'s no wonder why we are more prone to headache, stomache..cancer..u name's like an everyday news..there are no more fresh and healthy such thing unless u plant ur own..but then we also have to question about the rice, the agricultural practice are the same..more and more pesticides, certain fish are not that safe due to high level of mercury, and when the season of bird flu, no more chicken run except that we are the one who run away from ' make matter worst, our water is not that fresh, clean and clear anymore, even in Putrajaya...macam teh cair....I was told that the water at Sungai Pinang,Pg which were supplied from Waterfall used to be so clear and sweet..??oo yess that was in the 70's... and now what happened..??

Even the air we breath is no longer can we take a deep breath?? even if there is no haze or open burning in Indonesia, the air does contain harmful particles.......

Back then....

The paddy field were high enough for u to play hide and seek...and the river were so clear and it reflect the colour of the sky...every way you roam there are always greenery...

But I'm quite lucky to be able to wake and listen to the bird singing and staring at banana trees, mengkudu, nangka and pokok ceri......but that is only if I were in Alor living in 6.45am the only sound that greet me is the bus engine..and the air is of coz carbon monoxide.......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holiday Postcard.......

Fishing trip...makan buah..

Sufiya with her Nenek, Dadi, Caci and cousins in Penang

Gulai Nangka (Hubby's fav) and puri with sambal sardin..

next trip wish list:
Cucur Udang Gurney
Rojak 101
Makan Laksa kat Batu Ferringhi dgn sirap limau
Mandi Laut
Bawa Sufiya pi Waterfall

Monday, August 13, 2007


She was crying and crying...and I think I've done everything to sooth her..but it doesn't work..finally I switch the channel to Astro Ceria..and she magically stop and smiling..this channel has became a-must-watch in this house..I bet most of us only knew or introduced to all this entertainment not at this tender age...and that was black and white.

I remember the first time watching tv back in the early 80's all black and was Jaws..intai-intai at one of our neighbour's house.

When we could afford to have one, most of the programme were RTM standard..but that was good enough for kids at that time..Wazata Zain..Cumi and Chiki..are now replaced by stylo host like more rigid environment..everything are so cheerful, colourful and bright..and the kids of coz are much more open and more shy little girl..

I think kids now are more expose..celik mata..they have everything....Animax..(I do watch this one :-) Ninja Boy..,Bob The Builder, Power Puff Girl..and my fav Kampung is essential to have this kind of cartoon that featured local scene especially for those who never experience kampung life..and yes..Segah di Nusantara is also a good one..I do learn new things from it....

And when it comes to music....I think most of them knows Indonesian singer better than my friend's kids loves Irwansyah too much and they won't sit still in the car unless the mother play on the song - Pencinta Wanita..they were below 5..and they love the song as if they understand it..

One day at a food stall, the owner's son keep on singing that same song, but he forgot the we kept hearing this line.."aku memang.., aku memang.."we know it was that song from it's tune, its kinda cute, but after 10 minutes it sounds like tape rosak.....hmmm..i wonder what my own little girl would love ( I noticed she give attention to Sa re ga ma pa - Zee TV...)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Otak lembap...lembab.?

Things has change ...and I think that I've change too since working here in a different environment..different more datelines and rushing from one place to client who keep asking for drawing and keep on changing the idea...coz I'm on the client's side now..I work on day to day basis..even though roughly we have monthly schedule..but that always change......

No more adrenaline 0.4 artline pen are still inside the case..nothing to draw anymore...I admit that I miss being the one who present an idea..being critised...I don't mind, after all those are part and parcel of the job....

One thing that is progressing is my food, think about food all the time.

And I hardly read nowadays, only online news and Economist magazine in the office...maybe I should start collecting books like last time, at least one book per month..rasa macam otak lembab..or lembap?...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Menopause the musical

We thought that we should give it a try...since we got the ticket...wishing that she could be calm..sleepy...we don't really know what to expect.....
It turn out the other way..she was so excited..maybe the ambience, the colour, the air cond...she keep on screaming, the way she likes something...and we only watch this for only 20 minutes...that was the best decision, not to interrupt other audience...
It was entertaining..even though we didn't have a chance to watch until the was a great experience for the three of no movie until she's 4 or 5..
But I must say that we enjoy the architecture of the auditorium..the entrance looks like a space ship....

Thursday, July 26, 2007


They comes in different shapes and colour..they put a smile on our face...there's a child in us when we look at them..

This was taken during project handing over ceremony early this week..just a basic shape but the variety of colour that makes them stands out..


Mama told me that Ayah Not (my grandpa) used to sell this during Fun Fair when she was small..I only knew him as a home builder..coz everytime we visit his house (with my other grandma), the layout of the house keep on changing...each visit was a different experience. One day the staircase was near the toilet.. then the next visit will be at other location......ironically he never gave me a balloon....any shapes..even this plain one...but this small things that remind me of him...and of coz sometimes during site visit I'll remember him..especially they day he renovated our house....sedihnya rasa........

May Allah put Him at a better place...

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Things.......

This blog has been abandoned for quite sometime...too many things in my home and work, but can't complaint, coz that's life....

Thought of writting many things for the last few weeks...but everytime I turn on the notebook, Sufiya will be so excited looking at the mouse..she will try to grab it, punch the keyboard..she's observing her surrounding now..even the tv remote controller's batteries need to be taken out..coz she keep pressing channel 6- VANNAVIL....maybe she likes the colour or maybe she remember the language... :-)..

As for myself, I'm still learning new things every single day and everywhere, be it at home with family, office and my new swimming the water but just have the urge to start taking a class after permission been granted by the BIG BOSS..thanxx so much...

It was fun having a girls night out, splashing from 8-10pm...the water is only 0.9m..but it was so cold after 1.5 hour in a pool....

I noticed the pool's floor tiles are uneven...I try to forget about work but there's no way being in the industry you could get away from observing your surrounding..

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Black and white

Life is just like a goes round and round..spinning... one day you asked other people and the next day you are the one who'll be facing the same my previous entry I was touched by an oldman who travelled all the way from Kulim to help his son who suffers kidney problem...

And today my own cousin who is only 32 having the same problem, both of his kidney are not functioniong anymore...nobody expect it as he is very active..very atheletic..happily married with 2 children.

My mother noticed that his face look a bit different and chubby..but she didn't realised it until he was admitted at KMC...the same incident happened to our youngest auntie who were only in her early 20s..the same symptom, but by the time we knew it, it was too late...


He need a donor.... and what would I do...Maybe I should ask myself the same question...'how far would i go..?'....Simah if you read know this guy

Semoga Allah memberi laluan yang mudah..Insyaallah...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Colours of life

The couple wore a white outfit for the first session and a maroon lenga suit for bride and kurta with shawl for the groom...except there was no dancing and fresh petals like in Bollywood movie.. the lenga suit was quite heavy and need to be wear properly, during my time, I had to asked hubby to hold the long heavy veil for me. Some lenga suit could easily weight almost more than 15kg inclusive of the cloth weight as well as the embroidery..that exclude all those bling bling that we need to wear or parade..three or four layer necklace, at least three bangles for each hand, few 916 ring and diamond head gear, earing..bla ..bla

The original lenga suit that Madhuri Dixit had to wear in Devdas is almost 30kg, but because she have to dance, twirling, spinning..they changed the outfit to something similar but lighter.

But no matter how heavy it is I like to wear it..on that day only :-)
In India, in Kolkata to be precised, they normally wear something brighter and loud especially red and green, lots of jewellery and flowers, jasmine and rose as head gear for the groom. Since it is a match make, the groom have the previliged to request a dowry be it in a form of money, motorbike,..or whatever the bride's family could afford. And the day the bride leaving her family's house she will be accompanied by her stuff that include her pots,pan,dinner set, mattress, mat..etc...

Back to Penang..they still follow the tradition of giving all those stuff but no longer practised by all family especially when they married someone outside their circle or community. Mamak's wedding in Penang normally held at any community centre, club or hall due to the increasing of their populations .. :-) when one family hold a wedding their guest list are long and that only their friends and neighbours. They will refer to a book which I call a family book which we could find names, address and which family they belong to..they are more than 50 family could be more than 100 or more suku sakat.. My MIL is Cheyen, but my FIL is from Benggali from Kolkata, so we are referred as Cheyen, there are some other names but I could not recall..

For this wedding we had a great time but only last for few hours since I had to register at a new place in KL the next day. So the last two weeks was spent attending introduction course on government policies and procedures as well as ice breaking session.

This is what we made during the ice breaking session, an alien made of sticks, masking tape and newspaper...ooh we also had a chance to perfromed, my group had this P.Ramlee song..Aci-aci buka pintu ..we sang and act..a sketch..I was the owl...but sorry no photo taken.

Good things comes in so many ways..the wedding, the baby, a new this time around I can look at my office 24/7 from my balcony, and be at home by 5.15pm..isn't life is beautiful...Alhamdulillah...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's in a name..Tag

Exclusively for Simah who tagged me... :-)

One of the important thing when we are expecting a baby is of coz a 'name'..whether we want to name her after her parents, grandma..favourite aunty or any celebrity..and as Muslim we will find one that have an Islamic value.

We were excited back then..I was given total freedom to choosed the name, and Simah was one who I refered and even asked a list or Turkish name..

We don't know the I ended up looking for boys name..I wish that if Allah gave me a boy, his name will start with Mohamed..Mohamed Hadif...similar to his abah's name..and I like the meaning as well - Hadif - one with a goal

Some said that how big or how our tummy looks like could give an indication of the most people said maybe this is a boy..but some said its a girl is on the way

Her name was selected at a very last minute...I want a name that represent both of us with a soft touch and a name that sounds Arabic and a little bit of Hindi ..'Sufiya Humaira'..SH is a combination of our name, Sufiya is something related to Sufism, I want her to have a strong grip on religious..besides it sounds quite soft, and for Humaira..I always like a name with a letter R, so that we pronounce it sounds nice, Humaira means white and red..or 'putih dan merah bak delima' as our Phophet (saw) called his wife Aishah

In Mission Kashmir the character's name is Sufiya played by Pretty Zinta..what a coincidence..I like her and that movie about terrorist..she's pretty :-) and cute

One morning I did a test, I rubbed my tummy and called 'Mohamed Hadif..'..long silent, no respond...'Sufiya Humaira...'..ooh she started kicking and moving as if she was saying hello, from that moment I believed that I was going to have a baby girl, but still kept it to myself, can't be too excited..
Alhamdulillah when she was born, that name fits her well..her Bhod Babu (big uncle)in Calcutta told her Dada (Sufiya's grandpa) that her face is pinkish ..or as what they said 'rose colour' match her name.
Everyone's name has been given by Allah long before we were born

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New addition

Alhamdulillah..everything went smoothly.

Mehendi was drawn with different pattern on each of us..RM100 note were arranged in an album decorated with lace and flowers..each room were fully occupied..some slept with no pillow..

and the next morning as early as 5am..the bathroom start working like a machine for 30 people...the guest line p with a towel on their shoulder just like in P.Ramlee movie...

By almost 11.30am my brother in law was officially became a husband...Sufiya have a caci now (auntie).

It wasn't a traditional Indian wedding but more like a Malay wedding..but there will be a touch of Indian culture in Penang next week...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

..of Mehendi, wedding and idiapum

Everything has been prepared for the arrival of entire troupe from Penang for this last wedding of Mohossain's family..Bedsheets, pillows, blanket...including meal preparation for 30 people. The last time we had this big crowd was in 2005 with 45 people at one was chaotic at first but then I managed to sailed through..

All the hantaran are tonite we gonna paint the house red...wearing mehendi actually, specially blend in Penang by one of mami.

The bridegroom is cool, no worry...but his sister and SIL including me are so excited..same sari has been bought (thanx to the bridegroom who generously paid for the sari), but it has turn out into baju kurung. We the daughter and daughter in law will wear the same outfit, and the kids will be wearing white, Sufiya already have 2 white dress for her cacu wedding.

We will be leaving for Alor Gajah tomorrow, maybe around 8.45am and the akad nikah will be at 10am, breakfast will be provided by the ponu (bride) family..which is idiapum (putu mayam) and curry.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

How far would you go...?

There was a knock on the door.. an old man standing holding a file, looking a little bit tired...thought that might be a typical 'kutip derma' for surau or orphan...

He introduced himself and explained that he need the money to help his son who is undergoing dialysis treatment in Kulim, Kedah..This old man is in his late 50's looks like other typical Kedahan who work hard in bendang with his small frame, dark skin...pale shirt. He showed me all those medical documents from the hospital..but I didn't really look at it coz deep inside I believed his purpose of traveling all the way from Kedah is to give his son a better life...his own way.... that is what a father and parents would do to gain back the smile, happiness and hope for their love one..

The sum of money that I gave him might be small...not suficient enough to cover all those medical expenses but I pray for him...Insyallah

If that happen to your own family would you do the same...? If you are have no worry but when you are poor you might cry like a heavy downpour.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Small steps

' Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya.....'

Sufiya first exposure to the real world was something that we didn't really plan. She had her first local authority visit last month in Sepang and she behaved well..sitting on her abah's lap while I had a discussion with the officer.
And last two weeks we attend a Portfolio Exhibition for First and second year archi student at UTM Kl... I was excited to let her see the drawings, models and paintings even though she might not understand it now, but I believe it will be good for her visual and social development...but one thing for sure I wish that she'll choose other field than architecture as a carier, maybe something different from, magistrate..ahli muzik...oh tidaakk!! so no Akademi Fantasia for this lil girl.

I 'inherited' this Glenn Doman book from Sufiya's kala (my sister in law) on 'How to multiply your baby's intelligence'... it is good guide on enhancing their ability not only in reading but also maths and encylopedic knowledge.

Based on this book it is better to start as early as we can, better before the age of six but best before she's two and now is the perfect time to open the window of knowledge for her, but the first important things are material preparation. This is exciting process for me..these are the reading kit..starting with body part.
For general knowledge I've collected few images with bright colours and paste 'em on white 5" x 7" board. The first start is interesting but I don't know what to expect when we kick off the session as I'll no longer be a stay-home-mom... pity her...welcome to the real world, juggling both demanding task, I'll try my best .

-Sufiya with her surah yassin...she'll just say..'aahh..ahh..' as if she follow what I read-

On the other hand I need to make sure that it will be successful..maybe not perfect but at par with her cousins whom their mother used this same book and methods..and the results are straight A for UPSR, PMR and SPM....this is quite challenging..Now I know why all mother including my mom keep on pushing us to do well in school...its the perception, hope, pride and's not easy being a mother...

'Happy Mothers Day to all mommies..'

Saturday, April 21, 2007

44 days story..

Life is great..blooming with love just like these colourful petals..

'Bercukur ceremony' was held in Penang and it was smoothly done by the lady..was quite worry looking at a sharp blade running on her soft head..but Alhamdulillah she have a great job.

Never thought that motherhood will be like is a mixed feeling..but a proud and happy feeling overcome all those pain.

The first few days was just a blank canvas..but with help from others I managed to sailed along. MIL prepared me a menu passed down from her mother for all new mom, it was a mix of garlic..we are talking about a cup of garlic, crushed and mix with ginger, brown sugar and looks like a porridge but imagine the smell of is good for the body due to the heat from garlic and ginger and also best for milk production...after each bowl I was treated with Hacks...

And haruan was the main menu for three weeks in a row..fried and soup..each day and no complaint...

As for the baby, she was such a good fuss during those 44 days..thank u girl..

And the father, a credit should be given as well...for taking good care , all the attention and understanding are much appreciated.

44 days of confinement wasn't that bad as I imagined..done all those regime..bertungku, berurut..except for berbengkung, I should be religously done it..and now after two months still having these extra chunk of extra meat...I've tried the cream and also homemade recipe, a mixture of lime juice and kapur sirih applied to that bulging area.

All those 'NO' to certain type of food and fruits were not really a big problem, ..but of coz there were certain confusion regarding which fish that is safe..and when is the time to start indulging on certain dessert...even a 'teh tarik' looked tempting during the confinement,

Some old folks said that they used to give pineapple to new mom during the first three days to cleanse the uterus..maybe to speed up the process..each culture have their own way of treatment..

Since I spent more than three weeks in Penang, my ears and eyes has been listening and watching Kasthuri at 7pm.. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa at nite..and sometimes Kalki at Vaanavil..and the radio at the kitchen, of coz to MIL selection- THR Raga...the DJ keep on playing the same Malaysian rap song..'all over the world i love my indian girl..'i only understand these line, the rest need a translation...and for my girl she's the lucky one, MIL speak Tamil with her while FIL sometimes speak and play with her in Benggali. It is better to start young..hmm ...can't wait to show her the world

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love..and lots of love

There is nothing in this world that could replaced the feeling of joy and happiness of motherhood..This is a journey that will be treasured with full of love.

To all dear friends..thank you for your wishes.

To my lovely daughter..Cat Steven said..'it is a wild world...' but remember we are here for you to support and take care of you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Precious

Sufiya Humaira was born on the 07.02.07 at Hospital Putrajaya at 4.12pm

3.25kg and 51 cm....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Still around.....

9 Days to go and it feels like endless waiting..the chances is only 10% that this baby will arrived on the 1st of's Hari Wilayah and Thaipusam.. for the last 3 weeks I've been wishing for certain date..maybe during Qurban, before sign, no pain at all..

then I thought maybe on the 20th, during Awal Muharam..still the same, looks like the baby is enjoying every moment inside me.

Don't know what to expect but I just hope that everything gonna be fine, Insyaallah.

Thank you everybody for your concern and pray.... :-)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Seberang Perak, Alor Setar,Kedah...

Tracing back the history is not a simple task especially when you were left with inadequate information, evidence and documentation. Things that I've gained so far were based on personal experience and observation as well as 'cakap-cakap mulut', 've been surfing the net and could only found few that relate to the history of this place : Seberang Perak. Most of the site are repetitive and mostly centred on Dr.M's house and history, this could only help maybe 5 percent of the entire picture.

Time is running out as it wait for no man...old building were replaced with a new one, people are leaving, the eldest has moved out or could only met them but not really seeing them.

This is an ambitious project but with no discipline and dedication it will be left in the computer for another this could be my new year resolution : to finish up this mini research before end of Dec 07.

So far I have no problem getting information on the general history of Alor Setar as it is interconnected but when I narrow down to this particular area what I found was a blur imagery. The evidence are still there, but of coz not 100%, and no pictures to proof the activities and history. I could only traced back to maybe 30 or 40 years back, and in history that is should be at least 100 years...I wish I have a time capsule or something...or a magic mirror.

As for now there are few building that have been identified its history significants: Sekolah Seberang Perak, Sekolah Seberang Perak (L),rice factory (only remnants of it), JKR quarters, flat, two old madrasah, Masjid Al-Ihsan, Pagoda, IKM, Dr.M's house, Kilang Ais, Market Lama, the place itself and the most important is the Kedah River.

Some of the houses are proof to the existence of mixed architecture where traditional Kedah house were combined with concrete stairs similar to Malacca house, same goes with the madrasah. Based on my family background, my ancestor (my mom side) were from Malacca and from Bugis descent, he was known as Pak Man I am trying to relate this two together. But why is this place called Seberang Perak? Does someone from Perak opened this village or there were some kind of activites that connected to 'perak'.
One of the interesting features is the composition of people here, we have Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indian Muslim (from India) and also a small community of Muslim from Pakistan (Kg Bibi).

From grandmothers story Seberang Perak were also affected during Japanese occupation, her house were visited by Japanese soldier who tought that one of her nephew as Chinese, and there were also Japanese soldier who during British occupation ran for their life and jump into the river at the back of the house..the river were lined with nipah tree and the water level is higher than now.

It seems like this journey of tracing back the history is still a long way to go...

When I was about 12 or 13, it wasn't hard to just scratch and digged the soil and found old coins around the house..and at one time I was so obsessed with this till I didn't realised what I found was actually not an ancient bowl but a praying bowl that some Chinese left on the ground at a big fragrance tree in front of my house, they came and pray to get this 4D ..... :-( aku tertipu!!!

So, lets play Indiana Jones...

p/s : its supposed to be my due date today, since doc has given me REDD this 1st Feb, I still have enough time surfing and bloghopping, I want this baby to be away from architecture, maybe I'll persuade him or her to continued digging the past...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Old news paper....

"old news paper...surat khabar lama..."complete with background music, the tune is of coz Chinese song but compared to the previous style this one is more irritating "surat khabar lama!!" from their van..or knock on the door on lazy Saturday afternoon.
When the government first started of this recycling campaign, there were ad on tv and my sister who was still in school then used to sing along to the tune..."oli paper....." instead of old news paper.

During art class old new paper was one of the most important material, where we will mixed it with glu / kanji to make a plate, fruit or was messy with sticky kanji and wet newspaper everywhere but of coz that is the best thing coz we could used both of our hand compared to just normal drawing and sketching.
In the olden days news paper were multipurpose, people back then were creative enough to cover their timber wall, instead of expensive wall paper they used old news paper..with roman or jawi paper. I remember laying on the wooden floor staring at the circular solid timber column with reports on jawi and the paper has turn shows the age of the material.

I like old news paper, not because I'm an environmentalist..but simply becoz of the smell and colour of the paper...especially 15 or 20 years dusty old paper from any old house...maybe it does not worth as high as King Tut's treasure or any precious manuscript from an ancient valley...but the sight of yellowish newspaper makes me lost in my own world...amazed by content, the layout and an old version font...and of coz newspaper is also a form of documentation of our civilization...31st August 1957 newspaper is the most precious edition and May 69 must be the most sensetive.........

Maybe I should keep every 7th April edition of newspaper....or every significant day of my life

This is actually from my previous entry last year, found this December 1976 Majalah Wanita at Tok's house in Kuala Sala.