Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Salam Maal Hijrah....and Welcome 2009..

Alhamdulillah 2008 has been a wonderful year with many memories..happiness and sadness that complete a cycle of man's life. A life canvas has been painted with many colours with different hue and intensity. It will be hang in our memory forever

..and tomorrow, a new canvas will be laid for new and different colour once again

Somebody has just celebrated his birthday yesterday, we left the kids at nursery and spend the time and money at Pavillion and KLCC plus a hearty meal at Chili's...Birthday present will be delivered when you find the right size and colour dear :-)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Redmummy Potluck Gathering

gambar ramai2 (from

Yesterday was an outing or girl's day out for Sufiya and me..we both spend time together without her abah at Taman Putra Perdana infront of Shangrila Hotel attending a Potluck Gathering hosted by Redmummy and organized by her well commited committee who went all out preparing stuff for yesterday's event.

It was held at an open area on hilly side on sunny Saturday evening..a perfect gateway for family, and to tell the thruth that was the first time I went there, I passess by this area every morning to work :-)

The host - Kak Red was warm and welcome just like what we read from her blog and so does her family..I noticed her favourite smokey eye makeup.. :-), I like smokey eye too..

There were games for kids and parents as well, and lucky draw..we won a lucky draw for Sufiya..but she was too shy yesterday to greet everybody like she used to, and only talk and play with other guest by the time we were leaving.

Sufiya with Abg Zaidi's cute and chubby daughter..

The crowd came in RED but I did not have a proper one to suit the theme..but at least my daughter and her balloon were red :-)

wearing a badge..adik di9

goodie bag from blogger lilred

my daughter loves kuih bangkit..from Sham Bangkit

Guest came with variety of food but I did not try all of them..the strawberry dadih was so nice and I love the curry puff with sardine filling..i just bought marble cake and chocolate marshmallow from Cold Storage

I wish that I had more time to minggle around but since Sufiya stayed glued on my lap all the time I could only sit and chat..should have take more photos as well

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bollywood Weekend :Om Shanti Om

I don't know what happen, maybe because all those anniversary thingy or just in the mood for more and more Bollywood stuff.. so sorry for those who got over dose of Bollywood from reading this blog, at least I tak go to the extend mcm yg Melaka buat okay..! :-) We were at my friend's wedding, the moment the bride and groom entered the hall, they played this song and we look and smile at each other..At that moment I felt like I fall in love once again, we both were captivated by the melody and for a second we forgot about the newlywed...It was the first time we heard that song and immediately like it and since then we keep on searching for the movie title. The moment we knew get Om Shanti Om's dvd and download that particular song..I think we have overplayed that song over and over again.. And for the last two days I watched that movie again with my sister and last night watch it again ..two night in a row..and never get bored :-)

and while writing this entry...i'm listening to Ajab Si
Aankhon mein teri ....'In your eyes, there is a magical story..'

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mawi dan Ekin 20th Dec: Wedding and My Anniversary

;-P firstly sorry for those who google on Mawi and Ekin's wedding tapi terlanding at this page..this is not entirely about their wedding but still about a wedding and anniversary..but MINE ...;-P...
(photo from

We share the same date : 20th Dec for our wedding date, but ours was five years a small mosque in Alor Star.

......Aankhon me tere ajabsi ajabsi adhayen hai...
The moment I met him at the library I knew that I'm gonna marry this guy..just simple as that, is strange and sometimes it happened the way we never expect it to be. We met in Johore technically but before that we've seen each other and sat side by side at his farther's shop in Penang. We did not realised it until he saw his farther's shop in one of the photo that I took for my research....

Fast forward ---> After spending hundreds of RM on telephone bill and top-up plus emails and postcard, we finally decided to go to the next level and 20th Dec 2003 was set for that memorable moment. This is two different culture wedding and a lot of understanding has been made in order to make things go smooth as planned.

Our ceremony in Kedah was all Malay style with lace baju kurung modern and the groom complete with sampin and keris..I wish we had arranged for 'bersilat' performance like we had for my uncle.. :-( I always admire old royal wedding ceremony, full of traditions and rules..simply amazing.
But we did have a simple 'merenjis'...

The ceremony in Penang was full of colours and people :-), and full of changes and surprises, I went for make-up session at 3pm ..didn't know what to expect but I knew that he/she the make-up artist for Francisca Peter would do wonders on my not-so-beautiful face..He/she was impressed by his own touch and asked me to look at the mirror..the moment I look at my fully transformed face, I was like.."what !!! I look like Michael Jackson !!.." He/she make a fantastic job, I admit but I look like a different person, and for the first time I had my eyebrow trimmed and they look like a thin single line with 0.6 artline pen..the make up last until 3am withour any touch up..he/she did a wonderful job

And I love my outfit in Penang as well, I wore white dress cum baju kurung modern and hubby with black coat for our dinner and our second outfit for photoshoot at home was a Bollywood inspired, me with bangles , mehendi and bling bling and heavy lenga suit and shawl that need to be adjust all the time. Back then Devdas movie was a hit and I'm one of those who was infected by Bollywood fever, I loves the costume especially the one that Aishwarya and Madhuri wore..

Whenever we flip our wedding album, we could tell a story from each was the right thing to do, the right time and the right place , my dear : Mujhe tumse pyar hai

We are two different person came from different place and different background and up-bringing, we have contradict personality..i likes words and books, he likes numbers and figures (including 34-24-34 I guess ..hhaha),i like to eat slowly and enjoy my food and taste every spices and ingredient while he just gobbled everything...i buy books and read them but he bought books and I have to read it for him....he likes traditional Malay kuih-muih but I never like dodol,tapai,badak berendam and lepat liat!!

Despite our differences, we still share something in common..we both loves to travel and enjoy listening to Oldies, Classic Rock and of coz..Hindi song

And today we are going to celebrate our 5th Anniversary but with the company of our two little precious, one sweet-cheeky girl and a handsome tough boy..

We hope that this journey together will be forever..Insyallah..thank you for being Mere humsafar

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missing her abah

Mein tumhari kami mahsooz kar rahee hoon

She's so closed to her abah..the moment she was born, the first sight was her abah's face with her Universal studio's t-shirt..when we fetch her everyday at nursery..she'll run to her abah..

But last night she miss him so much and refused to sleep, she's clever now..she kept on calling abah, abah...naknak abah...abah..

I tried to calm her but it did not work..she lie down on her mattress, face down..and that point, I just wish that he could fly from KK to Putrajaya..and sleep next to his baby

I tried my best by showing her abah's video on my phone..she smile and slowly climbing up her last after half and hour searching for him, she finally closed her eyes..

At 3am she woke up as usual for her milk..and realised once again that her abah is not around...there goes again the drama...another cycle..and I woke up at 6.30am getting ready or work with heavy eye and sleepy mode..

Father and daughter in Genting

Abah will come home tomorrow..she just can't wait....and me too

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coretan Aidiladha 2008

People said that when we got married, two hearts become one, two families united..and with that comes so many changes whether we like it or not. The changes are varies according or depending on many factors like culture and believes, location etc ..Lets see these fact:

Baju raya:
We go for raya shopping for ourself,parents and siblings..but now..the first priority is of coz for those two kids and hubby..

Pagi raya:
I used to go for sembahyang sunat hari raya at our small madrasah on that peaceful morning..but now..Busy preparing the kids with their baju kurung..and sibuk cari butang baju Melayu for En Haffis..

For 28 years..ok minus 3-4 years..I ate ketupat and rendang di pagi hari raya...but now I eat IDIAPUM...putu mayam la tu..dengan kari ayam/ me fanatic or obsess with my ketupat pulut, I don't care but it's the sentimental value that matters...Qayyum or Faroqi, I know you gonna read this..but don't get me wrong okay, Mami Sue still makan dua pinggan tau..

Kalau dulu on my side, we always visit our closed relatives that lives nearby and the menu are typical to our tradition or norm: laksa, bihun sup, bihun goreng, mee goreng...but now di Penang ni..we were served with heavy meal like nasi tomato (my fav) or nasi beriani with chicken curry, korma, ayam masak merah..

Melaram baju raya:
Kalau dulu boleh dress up lawa-lawa with shiffon and make-up that last for 8 hours..but now..baju kurung benang hitam terkoyak di pagi hari raya masa dukung anak :-O ... salah baju? salah tailor ? salah anak ? salah sendiri ?

Andddd..kalau dulu hari raya, sibuk ambik gambaq family saja...but now since everybody dah jadi 'blogger'..everything , anything are important subject for blog entry :-) sat-sat ambik gambaq....gambaq ketupat, gambaq rendang, gambaq kasut baju raya..semuanya buat modal..

Our celebration this year was a simple one,no new cloth for the kids, they just wore Aidil fitri's attire..we just stay at home waiting for people to visit us especially our niece who has been discharged from GH,..and she's doing fine at the least she's with us during that happy day..

Typical scene on pagi raya ..eating idiapum and chicken curry..little girl at the back missing her mom who is in Mekah now

Sufiya and the gang in Penang..

Eating and playing badminton in the afternoon of Aidiladha..?

Gatal-gatal tangan with mehendi..but then I regret because this tube is not like the one that we always bought..too much artificial colouring..looks like Miami ink ;-(

Big boy with his aunties

My uncle's inlaws from Permatang Pauh..chatting at the back of the house

We were in Kuala Sala at my Tok's house on the second day, my uncle host a kenduri akikah and korban. Seekor lembu tumbang and there was 'berendoi' session for one sweet little niece ..

The culture of 'berendoi' has been forgotten and only perform in certain area. This is the moment when the newborn were placed in their fully decorated swing and a group of women who specialised on this 'berendoi' will start singing's kind of nasyid and it last for about 30 minutes.

Berendoi session lead by our neighbour in yellow dress

My favourite view when we were in Kuala Sala..view towards the sea..

All the girls and women with one little bot sitting on timber staircase

Sufiya and the gang in Aloq Staq..

Jelapang padi menghijau..on the way to Aloq Staq..

On the way back to Putrajaya..north-south highway..some unfortunate lot..

Friday, December 05, 2008

Aidil adha yang dinanti

We were closed back then, the five of us..self-claimed tough girls in celoreng uniform with our M16 or onboard of 3 tonne truck from Kem Bukit Keteri. Among all boys we stood like a variation of pole..2 petite, 1 tall and athletic and another 2 were just nice...I was the petite one, the one that got knocked on her head during 'latihan senjata'...there was this clumsy guy behind me who over excited handling M16 until he knocked my head accidently..I acted cool like nothing happen, but the moment the sergeant in charge came and took off my barre, I cried...ceehhh..hampeehh...I thought that I was tough enough, the girly side of me came out infront of everybody..and that clumsy and chubby guy had to 'turun 10' for his dumb act ;-0...I still remember his face with chubby cheek and wide eyes..if I ever met him one day, I'll sure knock his head..!!!

Why am I walking down this memory lane..?..Last night..after so many years googling and making phone calls locating one of this girl, I finally got her long lost tough girl who always have a big smile and humble heart...we were there together with the others thru our sad and happy moments..we were together climbing and hanging for our dear life on single rope leaning ourselves to vertical stone wall on the way to Gunung Tahan..slept together in our soaking wet tent the night before we climbed the majestic many memories together..

And this Aidil Adha we planned to meet up after 14 years leaving that small place in girl can't join us because her air force husband can't simply take leave like other people.....and the other athletic girl has gone missing...until now..

I'm all excited now...

Salam Aidil Adha to all