Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Each day passes by with hopes, dream and prayer for these journey. No high expectation except for the safe and easy delivery. At this moment the baby is still playing hide and seek...won't reveal the truth yet...

Each day this belly have to bear with cocoa butter and sometimes just a home made minyak selusuh...

Each day it is not just plain water to sooth the throat but air mossafa, air akar fatimah and also minyak selusuh plus milk with a pinch of safron
To hubby: I don't have a special birthday present for u this 30th Dec, but all I could give is this little angel...a belated birthday gift

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Love is a great thing that could happen between two heart...what makes it even more special is a relationship that connect not only two person but also two family, two different world and belief

And today, once again we celebrate this memorable day with meaningful smile and big grand celebraition or candle light.....but we gave each other what we've been expecting for the last three years

To hubby : I love u so much, nothing is more important than having u around

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bob the builder or Barbie ?

Should I be excited or just calm down and take a deep breath and just prepare myself, it's gonna be 1 month from now..I'm almost 36weeks now with strecth mark started to apprear and it was shocking for the first looks like a cracked and dry paddy field in Kuala Sala.

Almost everything for the newborn has been prepared..mostly in nuetral colour since we don't have a clue whether this baby is a pink or blue tag baby... :-)

Lately we've been communicating a lot thru kicking and moving around..and even sometimes there's sound 'tick' whenever the baby it normal ? Insyallah, as long as the baby is healthy and moving and kicking and whatever she wants..that should be fine..

p/s I should thank this lovely person with a warm smile all the way from faraway land of Istanbul for the Cotonel Baby stuff..thanx Simah

No more talking to the wall today, hubby is coming back from Kuantan, MIL and family will be arriving from Penang at 3pm and tomorrow there'll be another 3 family coming..there'll be 25 people in this house and I don't have an excuse that I haven't been socializing enough now...fuhhh..25 people, hopefully I could be hospitable enough...the best thing is I don't have to cook but just request...from my MIL...I think the baby wants to eat Nasi Tomato and udang masak merah..should be in the list :-)

Monday, December 11, 2006

A month of celebration

December as usual is a busy month for me, when we were small this is time that we spend in Langkawi..kutip siput, in university it was the beginning of new semester..and last three years I was busy preparing myself for the big day..Each year December is a month of celebration, our anniversary which is just around the corner, followed by hubby's birthday just before this coming AildilAdha...

While busy with the arrival of little angel, we, on hubby's side are also preparing for the new addition..another menantu in the family all the way from Alor Gajah.
The enggangement will be on this Sunday, and here I'm with the deco for the hantaran boxes, the colour scheme is gold with mixed of cream. I'm gonna prepare the sirih (no more sirih junjung) and fruit's basket, but the fruits will be brought from Penang- Road Walk to be precise since MIL wants them big and fresh.

I'm excited to attend these ceremony where I'll have a chance to 'suap gula' to the 'ponu'- the bride after the exchange of enggagement ring. Normally the bridegroom side will bring sugar in decorated bowl but only female relatives are allowed to feed the bride..I don't know what is the significant but just follow the tradition.

Happy Holiday to everybody!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pakat-pakat mai kenduri

Last two weeks holiday was spent mainly visiting family in Kedah and Penang, that was my chance since hubby was away to spend more time with my family. Attended a kampung style wedding in Jitra where the celebration took nearly 4 days from preparation until cleaning, no caterers or wedding's all what they call 'pakat', where they have a committe to handle from A-Z. It has been a tradition where one family will give (tanam) something to the host such as potato, chillies, rice, sugar even bunga telur and the secreatary will write down those particular complete with quantity. So the next time their turn come the cycle goes again and normally they will return the same thing.

The whole ambience looks welcoming and cheerful with people erecting tents two days before the wedding, women preparing meals for men, some were sorting was like a whole village celebration, tikar mengkuang was laid outside for the women and few men busy tying a poor cow at the back of the house. The host was busy checking things whether it's enough or not for the workers (bentara) and at the same time still receiving goods from neigbours.

A day before the wedding, the house were full with people preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the helpers, it's not even a wedding day but the house looks different with bunga telur of different colours at one corner and the smell of ikan talang, spices, fresh banana shoot fills the air..At nite, most of the work were concentrate mainly inside the house where the pelamin will be decorated,.. living in a village gave them no problem of space where their kitchen and hall are double the size of urban houses. At one corner women were preparing bunga telur and goodie bags for the bentara, this bag usually contains bunga telur, sweets and traditional kuih especially kuih bakar and kapal terbang.

Meanwhile there were few people outside cooking nasi lemak and sambal tumis for tomorrows breakfast or what they call 'nasi menyorok'..this meal is actually for the helpers as well, that means this style of wedding is really tiring, I don't think people in urban area could still manage to gather people and expect them to commit like this..and we have to bear the fact that our house will be a mess..!! but they have no choice coz it has been a tradition to 'pakat' rather than hiring a caterer otherwise no one will attend your wedding!

The main dishes were prepared early in the morning of the big day, one cow for one type of menu, so it was beef curry cooked in three big kawah, chicken and ikan kering were in the list for those who don't eat beef, acar nenas, acar mangga and air sirap. The beef curry looks different maybe becoz the kawah and the banana shoot, the gravy were a bit greyish but it taste just fine...and the wedding last until midnite and the next morning it is the host turn to work hard cleaning up the house...and counting the plate, fork and spoon for the next cycle next week or next month....