Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quest for Lighting

This is an interesting part of moving into a new house - the shopping part, it could be daunting, overwhelming, personal...but the most important is what we want, what is our concept, what is our budget.. We have doing online browsing, but at the end of the day its better when we go and have a look of the real thing.
we went to Houses Lightings in Puchong, there are many choice at an affordable prices, but if you don't find the one that you desire, its better to wait until the new stock delivered.
..and this is from One Stop in Bangi at Jalan Reko, there are interesting looking hanging light and chandelier..but too expensive.
..these are from Houses Lightings, one month after our first visit. The important thing to consider is location of the lights, size, colours of the light either cool white or warm white, material and the length of the cable. We bought extra for the staircase hanging light due to high ceiling.

Initial Idea for ID

It was not that easy when you are in the business of design and architecture, you have so many ideas but so little budget. There are so many inspiration from the internet, books and amgazine or from previous project. But it all come down to one important aspect - We started off with throwing some ideas, we did not renovate since there is no more space to extend. We decided the scope of work and then find inspiration or concept.
And it started from 'resort' to 'modern'...and at one time i thought of having an 'Arabic 1001 night' concept...but now I have to think of something that looks contemporary but could blend with our existing furniture.
we went to Ikea for looking for some ideas for the kids bedroom, obviously they already knew what colour that they want for their bedroom :)
some ideas for kitchen cabinet design from Ikea and supplier..its hard to choose to colour but not the finishes since we already knew our budget. So we choose concrete top for durability and finish it with 2' x 2' tiles. Other options are solid surface and melamine but some supplier will give a different name like Maica or Miko top but actually the material is the same.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New life

Oh what a life..i feels like a pizza in a small pan with too many toppings..not sure whether its good or bad :) Its almost three months now driving to KL four days a week for my class, its a dream come true pursuing this master but there is nothing in this world that come easy like a snow ball.
Sufiya and Hadif during registration day..and their new talkative friend.. The reality of matured student is totally different from undergrad years where time spent only on studying-eating-sleeping..and that was it...but now since we are living apart, the list of task of works comes in a broad range, it could be categorised as Kids-House-Kids School-My Study-Kids Meal...etc..and the new house. It feels like 24/7 is never enough, but of coz I can't blame it on anybody, this is the choice that want, or a path that I choose, so I have to tackle it or fix it. As for the new house, we so excited about the progress, it's not DIY except for the painting part of the feature wall :)... It was not an easy task for us, we took a very long time deciding the colour, the layout of the ceiling, the choice of kitchen hood and hob...there are times that I wish that I'm not in the business, so that I could just pass it all to the contractor..
Even to choose an outdoor or porch hanging lamp is really hard..:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New venture, new environment, new hurdle..but will definitely try my best to achieved what I have planned with lots of prayer.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Its already October and its been more than a month i left this space without any update. Still juggling many things like before but at different place. Hope it will be smooth.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ramadhan 21

It's already day 21 of fasting month and time sure flies..this year it's totally a different Ramadhan for us, alone with kids. The first two weeks was smooth, all prepared accordingly with at least three menu served on dining table. But since last week, the pace and mood has changed, I end up eating dates and still cooking at 7.35pm. Kids are excited to celebrate Raya in Alor Setar, especially Sufiya who wants to eat ketupat and 'main bunga api'. She's been asking her Abah to buy those lampu raya..I think that I like the idea as well. It brings back childhood memories.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slow recovery

Its been 7 days that she suffered from diarrhea..and last night we when to see the doctor again, and if her condition still continue, she need to be admitted due to dehydration. I can't imagine if she were to be admitted, such a small baby with drips and such.. At least last night she started eating butterscotch bread..half of it.. And she's happier after having a chat with her aunty..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Life is really like a box of MnM Nips chocolate, colourful..but unexpected. Its been nine months that we live this long distance relationship. And it does affect our family especially for kids who need care and love. Little pumpkin should not be called pumpkin anymore, she's more like a sweet potato..reduced the scale :-) She's not feeling well since last Thursday, with vomiting and diarrhea...she refused to eat, she only drink her milk and plain water. She also had infection in her throat, I think that is why she feel uneasy eating solid food. She need more attention ...and she could easily cry if I did not hold her and she will grab her teddy bear..poor little girl. I really hope that this long distance thingy could end soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hadif's 4th Birthday

Its a long break for this blog..been caught up with many things lately. Hadif's fourth birthday was on the 30th June and we had a small occasion at Saba Restaurant Cyberjaya. That was fine for him as long as he got to wear that cone shape hat and a birthday cake. What else a four years old could ask rather than a cake.. But his birthday present is on the way ;P
Happy Birthday a good and wise person my little Ben 10...

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Today is a big day for little pumpkin who turned celebration for her as abah is rushing to go back for work. We sang for her and took some photos of her in her new pink dress at the park for keepsake. .
Happy Birthday Sufina, we will always love you

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jalan-jalan di Perlis

My first visit to Gua Kelam, Perlis was when I was only 17 just after finished SPM. It was a great experience walking thru natural formation inside that cave of darkness and at the end of the tunnel you could catch a glimpse of'll walk slowly on timber deck and suddenly a breath taking view awaits you...hilly area with big shady trees...But that was 13 years ago...

We were unlucky that day because it was closed due to flood last few weeks..we ended up spending time at the stream.

As usual he could be in the water for few minutes..the rest of the time just at the edge.

Cheeky girl..she loves the water so much..

Later that day we went to Muzium Kota Kayang, about 30 minutes from Gua Kelam..

Single storey structure with detailing..but not famous among locals..

Some of the artifacts

Entrance to a small cave at the compound of royal tomb - Almarhum Sultan Kayang the first.

Interesting rock formation..Ionce dream to be an archeologist, digging and looking for ancient stuff and treasures..the passion is still inside.. :-)

Its colder further in...

..and spookier....I brought Hadif along together with my brother in law, we did not go further as its getting narrower.

We headed to Kuala Perlis for seafood Lynda's..

Ikan stim asam boi

Ikan bakar..they served the best sotong goreng tepung..

I wish I could bring them to many other places..maybe on a road less travelled..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darulaman Park

Our long holiday was well spent..time and money and value... :-))

Darulaman Park, Tanah Merah...we took a buggy ride for 20 minutes and the rest of the time was fish feeding..I wish that they have a better and variety facilities though.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Women's Day

Its women's day today and I've been wearing two hats for the last five months. I'm not sure how my progress so far but whenever the kids compliment my food or stuff that I prepared for them, it really made my day.

I've tried to fully utilized their schedule especially on weekend when abah is not around.

I'm looking forward for something different this year..really hope that it will be better.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Mini celebration

07-02-2012 Tasty Tuesday

I am trying to make everyday that pass by is just like a normal day ..just the same way when their abah is around. Even a small event for a big day.

Sufiya has been reminding me of her birthday since last month, she want to have a calender so that she can cross every single day until her big day. In order to make her happy despite abah is not around, we managed to had a small birthday.

It was supposed to be all handmade birthday..but since I'm not good in baking was only handmade deco..made with passion and anticipation from the three of them.

We made bunting out of recycled paper from my office..I wrote all the letters and let them coloured and decorated the bunting.
Lil pumpkin was happy with the preparation..she was aiming at that new coloured pencils since our art day out last weekend.. :-))

She was happy and won't eat her breakfast on that day except for her birthday cake.

At around 4pm with one small cheese and chocolate cake, multi coloured donuts and few desserts we celebrated her birthday..sans abah....

I hope that it was a meaningful day for her even though it was just a simple celebration.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sunny Saturday

We have not been able to spent time like before since we moved to this house and since their abah is working in Kedah. Its a perfect sunny Saturday morning I decided to bring them out rather than just camping inside the house.

Sometimes its hard to handle three kids alone at one time but I don't have a choice, I always need to think and to prioritized..wether to clean the house and arrange everything according to colour and sizes or to spent time teaching them with reading and writing..I choosed to spent my precious time with them.

Brought them to a playground at Alamanda and met a lady who have been through a rough time..alone with four kids while he husband in Sarawak and she was in KL, and then she was transfered and still could not live was s brief chat..less than five minutes but very meaningful..she gave me a warm pat..and asked me to be strong..InsyaAllah..I think I will survive..

Treat them with colouring books and new Swan colour pencils..
Lil pumpkin was sleeping while big sis and brother busy looking for their books, he wants Ben 10 set of colouring book and sticker and the price is not cheap..knowing him, I refused to buy because that book wont last even for one week.

She took something with Barbie but as a Queen..I didn't agree with her idea.. :-))

Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence for me..have not been reading since working at new office..

They were happy with their books and we left for some outdoor activities..

They colour and enjoy the slide in between...if there is a waterfall nearby I will surely go there..I hate the thought that they could only play indoor due to my lack of time and their abah is not around....

..Hope this will be a good start...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tomorrow is already month past a new beginning for many people for many reasons but for us it was just a continuation of mess. Its really hard but we have to be strong especially for the kids. They are really affected by this long distance thing and weekend meeting. To make things worst, Kedah and Putrajaya's weekend are on different Friday is gine while he have to go back on Saturday...

I'm still trying adjusting to this new life, being independent is not that need the right package, as for now, the are still certain values that I lack..

People could say that we should look on the positive side and yes I've heard it so many times that good things will come your way after a hardship...but its not that easy peasy.

I am trying to create something new each week for the kids as they miss their abah so much especially when they fall sick..

Looking back, its been almost five months ..a five long months with many events..starting from his transfer, my transfer..moving office, new boss with bipolar disorder and pathological liar..newly diagnosed health state of many things to absorbed..and I'm not a sponge bob square pants...