Saturday, May 27, 2006

T. E. S. T

N I L E - F A I N T

Thursday, May 25, 2006


My mother call me today at 11.14am telling about my sister who is still on mc until today..she is supposed to be at the office by today,but seems like she need extra rest. To make things worst, we can't even call her handphone due to coverage problem in Jitra and her mother in law telephone is also the same..nobody pick up..when it comes to her, a fever is not just a normal fever..that is what made my mom worry..and there is still no news of her condition from her side.

Thalassemia is a disease which could not be cured, some kind of blood disorder inherited from either one of the parent who carry Thalassemia Minor. We discovered about this just few years ago, I think that was when she were hospitalised at Hospital Langkawi.

At early stage we didn't know anything about this big 'T',but she looks pale and sometimes suffer bleeding nose and has been hospitalised at tender age but the doctor could not trace anything..just doing test and more test.

The first time she had blood transfusion was in Langkawi, according to the doctors it was quite a surprise because normally patience will need regular supply.

I know that she is relying on Homeopathy treatment now, regularly goes to a clinic at Tanah Merah, Jitra..she needs to take care of her food intake, spicy food should be avoided as well as sour..iron is important but not too much of animal internal organ.

I don't know, I will try again to call them and hopefully my family back there could arrange to see her..All I could do from here is pray for her well being..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

$ 3 \ / E 1\1...things to do

Nothing interesting to share this weekend, just plain and boring way of spending time alone at home..thought of going for shopping spree at Isetan..need a pair of those pointed shoe, i lost the black one..couldn't figure out where, been searching for it since last month..
hubby is still busy with his class,so forget about shopping, even a walk to Alamanda(few minutes away)is a hard task..
I have a long to-do-list but only few that i have started working on:-

1-Fill in my log book - 0.5 %done..
2-Painting project - awaiting for inspiration..;-(
3-Mini Research of Sbg Perak- 30% done, need more fact and info..
4-To buy a square pot - dreaming of having my own spice garden(ala Jamie Oliver's kitchen)
5-Books- to finish up : Fountainhead & Snow falling on cedars
6-Facial - i had a bad experience during my last session, the lady was too harsh and the cream got in my eyes and nose..what a painful experience
7-Travel - need to be by the beach..maybe Langkawi (kasi Simah jeles sikit..)

Its Sunday, seven minutes to seven o'clock and here I am, dreaming of a great escapade...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Balls and more balls...

..The game that unite the whole world, forget about the war, about racism, about palestin..the time has come- thru a sport that bring us together..?or making us (married couple)drifting apart (for a while).

The football fever has started..and usual people are celebrating, promoting, making money and planning event that relate to it.

Last nite hubby told me that he and few of his friend has agreed to watch the final and celebrate the moment of victory with big crowd..not in Berlin but at mamak restaurant in Putrajaya, which will be at maybe 3 am..hmm, One of them even jokingly planned to wear office attire during the match coz for sure it's going to be a long event..teh tarik, watching the game, teh tarik again, finish, then discuss about the game..that will dragged their time..

There will be another important final match between 'Myteam' and Malaysian team end of this another day of staying alone enjoying vanilla chocolate ice-cream while watching the same match..and trying to catch a glimpse of him..mana tau..kot kot lensa kamera terfokus kat depa...

When I was in secondary school, girls were into Gary Lineker (not sure the spelling), I think he played for England..then during Piala Malaysia and during the victorius season of Hijau Kuning team, names like Radhi Mat Din and few others were famous.
'Hijau Kuning' song were everywhere.."keeedah..kedah pantang kalah, walau sakit jatuh dan rebah..bangun lantas semula gagah..mujur lalu melintang patah.." ni macam terus rebah...tak bangun bangun dah..those were the days where green and yellow outfit will be a perfect combination and one would not feel ackward but full of pride...I was there back in 1993 at the airport wearing baju kedah and bunga manggar waiting for the player..hampeehh..

Time pass by and new faces replaced the seat specially brought in or bought from oversea : Adigoon and few other who I can't recall, the strategy was to inject a better combination thru these imported players.

As for international player, there were only few thatt catch the attention not because of the skill Alexandro Del Piero of Juventus and Henry of France, I wasn't into David-Spice-Victoria..too commercial..(p/s: to hubby-sorry dear if you read this).

All I could do is enjoy the experience, the memory and now just accept the fact that this moment only happen once every four years...lets get the jersey and the banner...!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Che Mah..

She were the best, the most understanding and open minded among all teachers. She open up a door to the unknown for the student in all girls school. She teached Maths, but the best moment spent with her was during Girl Guide session, camping or other outdoor activities. A plump lady with simple headscarf and a very big eyes..that is my Cikgu Che Mah..the best teacher one could ever have at times where rules are too strict and boys are monsters...

She was like a mother even though she was single, we..the girl guide look at her as if she is an angel..every Girl Guide activities are an opportunities to escape from boring classroom, mundane routine, snobbish prefect, sleepy history class..and the list goes on..I learn a lot from her, learn about the art of surviving out there, the harsh world..learn about social skill and communication..

In the late 80's, activities that include boys were considered a taboo..strictly a no no..(we were in Convent school)..then there came Cikgu Che Mah who lets the bird fly freely..its not that we want the freedom, maybe it was just human nature, curiosity and anxiety..the line has been drawn when we organise Kemporeka ( camping, contest, BBQ, Camp fire),but of course there were some who tried the cross the border..and that has became a target from more senior teachers..who then would complained about our so-social-activities..hmmm...

Our relationship with her extend beyond school hours, her terrace house infront of Istana Anak Bukit was the place to hang out and during Aidilfitri that was a must visit house.

The last time i talk to her was back in 1997 through friends who help me to find out about her and she was teaching at special school..and now the feeling of missing has come again. If i have a chance to see her, all I want to say is 'thank you'...and a big huggg..

Happy Teacher's all teachers out there who put their heart and effort and sacrifice..especially for those who are dedicated teaching deep inside the kampung..far from comfort.

Others who are still in my memory:
-Pn Rogayah - BM teacher aka mak datin - stylo, big hair and more into music than teaching..heheh..(Nurshila amin, ramlah ram..), her favourite word - 'lah'..
-Mr Lau -Art teacher - thank you for letting us used the studio as a hiding place
-Mrs Sharmala - the one who knock our head..@#@$#..;-D
-Mrs Tan - English teacher - how to pronounced 'th'..the front row will always will be showered with her 'air liur'..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

h O o d h o t e r m - the code

Scene 1: That busy ant is feeling sad and left out despite her busy day juggling work task, from one place to another. She have been trying to be a Queen and start her own colony with a perfect mate..Until now her dream is just a dream..Everything are fine, so what is wrong with this ant..Maybe she should stop worrying about her work..Or maybe she need to take a break..Wait for another season for perfect timing to build her own nest...

Sometimes we think that life is not fair, the world is not fair..We expect things come our way just easily with no obstacle..Just closed our eyes and the wish will be granted..How simple and easy life could be if its just as simple as that. I believe that there is a reason of all this..Even though deep down inside I hope and hope everyday that one day that good news will be mine. Everyday is a countdown..The clock is ticking, time passed by..And its just the same..

Precious gift will come at a perfect time planned by Him, no matter how well we try to make it happen.

Maybe I need to look in different perspective, look into spiritual side rather than physical, anatomy, medical or psychology..Pray harder and be positive.

I'm lucky to have him who are supportive and understanding..

Monday, May 08, 2006


A group of ants just come out from their hiding place and are now busy working around collecting stuff for the new season. The leader of the working group is cracking her head to come out with a better and effective plan to speed up their work..she work and work until she can't fall asleep and if she did, it was just a short one after the first few hours interrupted by nightmare....

That busy ant is me with thinking hat..been so busy since last month juggling too many things at one time...its the time of the year where things are moving faster than before,project which were so slow last year are now speeding up..not one but almost all..driving every week to Malacca has made me an expert tour guide..Alor Gajah, Bukit Katil, Bukit Beruang, Old town, Linggi, Ramuan China Besar, Pengkalan Balak..tiring but its worth it to see all those hardwork, effort and idea are now become reality, not only nice to look at on paper..(I wonder how the master designer of Giza felt upon completion of that masterpiece..?) ...they just want us to keep on wondering about their creation..clever..

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I just need a good sleep................