Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Circle and Steps

I loves taking photo...nature, people, cars, building, babies..and myself.. :-) I was the one in school who always have a camera with me, but those were just cap ayam auto kamera which was bigger and heavier compared to this age digital camera.

Breakfast at Presint 9..overlooking a courtyard..the seat and drink were bad, but at least I got this view.

Self potrait - in a bathroom during mock-up inspection.

I don't have to rely on digital camera anymore since I'm using Nokia N82 which comes with good quality camera- 5MP/ Xenon's so easy now I could snap anything anytime..

Back then when we went trekking to Gunung Tahan and crossing rivers, I had to put my camera in a plastic bag and secured it with rubber ban and when we stop at any camp, I have to open the plastic bag again,...and covered it up again when the journey begin....

Step by step I follow this track because it was raining...I took this photo after I wnet to nursed Hadif at KTAK.. look at the lines- horizontal and vertical.. - going up-

-going down-

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Monster

My Ayah Not (grandpa) was a tukang rumah and everytime we visit him, the layout of house was always different. At one time the timber staircase was on the side of half brickwall and timber plank but on the next visit, the staircase was no longer there. He was a traditional tukang rumah who used simple tools and building only small houses with small pay unlike a big contractor who build mega project and using big and heavy equipments. I remember watching him mixing the sand and cement and it looks like a small grey mountain with a lake on top..sometime I tried to hold pahat and ketam and amazed by the look of those.

When I grew older,I started to noticed the existence of other constractiion was no longer just pahat and ketam...they were actually more than that. My house is not far from JKR's almost everyday we saw a 3 tone yellow track, back hoe and other big yellow machine which I don't even know the name.

I like looking at those big monster and admiring it's skeleton..there are so many joints, bolt and nut and long and sturdy metal...maybe one day I could try climbing up one of this monster..and try to manouvre it...hahah..what a blast..nope...what a dream..!!..but I'm sure I will, if just for few second to snap a photo :-)...I think that's safe enough..

6 Wheel Tracktor..If you take a closer look, there are actually so many parts joining together

Rear view

Front view...juxtaposition of metals

Back hoe..look at the side support, metaphor of crab's leg..?

I did managed to snap Lori Hantu yet..their face looks not so scary but square and harsh and stiff..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Growing up

If we have a choice, most of us would rather stay at home and take care of our own child, to be able to feed our child with our own hand, to bath them and to hug and kiss them all the time. But not many of us have the ability and freedom to choosed not to work due to many factors like financial (mostly), social interaction and the list goes on. Working means leaving the kids on their own even though we sent them to babysitter's house or nursery or mom's house. The care and love given by other people to our child could never be the same like mother's own love and protection.

We fetch the kids at almost 6pm everyday and normally there are only few kids and babies left waiting for their parents, but on that particular day there were about four parents talking and one lady was crying while holding her son who is same age with my daughter. At first it wasn't clear what they were talking or discussing but as soon as I reached the landing, I heard her saying..' ni bukan kali pertama, dah banyak kali Zahid kena gigit..!!' that point I realised they were not just talking but looking at that poor child who has been biten on his cheek...not one but two..and his skin is so fair and that bite mark look fresh.....that lady was still crying and demanding to see the supervisor...I understand how she feel..

Tired at the office and when you fetch your child from people that you trust, your child is not in good condition. It must be hard for her seeing her precious child with bite mark all the time.

Sufiya used to get those marks too on her hand..we did informed the supervisor but we didn't know which one of those active and naive kids did it.

In this kind of incident, should we blame the nursery, the kid or the parents for not teaching their child to behave well, but what can we expect from a child who don't understand which is right and wrong.

I was talking to one of Hadif's group 'Cikgu' and she told me that they always get complaint from other parents that their child too has been biten and when they investigate it turn out that there is only one kid who is the culprit and this boy just joined in last few months. Previously he was taken care by his Bibik....and to my surprise, that little boy has been brought up in a harsh way by this we can imagine how a child at that age will react when they mix around with other kids. Luckily her mother got the hunch to put on kinda 'nanny cam' in their house, that was when she knew the truth of her child's harsh behaviour....

Its terribly wrong to raised up and expose a child with those negative elements, no wonder he can't behave himself..and he's making other people's life miserale without knowing it...I feel sorry for Zahid and of coz for this little boy wasn't entirely his fault..

I knew Zahid for almost a year now and he is a soft boy..compared to his peer..that means easy to be bullied...his mother must be worried all day at the office..

I was told that if that boy still continue with his biting act, he'll be kick out by end of this month...!!

Where would he go, how will he try to mix around with a new group of people, will he be better..??..maybe his mother is worrying about these too

Monday, November 10, 2008


Our eyes and mind could play trick on us..sometimes we see what we want to see or what we perceived..

I thought that she threw her favourite orange..with no glasses, my eyes makes me see something else

It is actually her orange ballon from 'Family Day'

When I look at the table, her orange is still in the house..

I need a new glasses and she need to stop throwing things..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family Day : Genting View Resort 08

We left Putrajaya at almost 11am due to half and hour waiting for some people who woke up late and still lalala to the conggregation point. The journey took only one hour and we stop by at R&R Genting Sepah for quick lunch at McDonald..

Our schedule was pack with activities, therefore the kids also need to catch up with the list..

Sufiya comforting Hadif while I prepared their outfit,she's a big sister now, trying to do everything on her own.

Who could resist playing with water...

Coloring and drawing contest, but she was not qualified to entered any of the contest, but being a kid, she definitely wants to join the she was lying on the floor sketching something..:-) The boy next to her was in other category, I noticed that he drew using a pencil and a ruler..I think he will be an engineer one day, coz architect sketch without using a ruler as a guide unless it is a construction drawing, I right En always draw your mechanical stuff with a ruler :-D

Dinner (Theme : Red, Black & White)

The kids wore red and white..Some family were all red from top to nice, but I spotted green as well :-D

We were entertained by our office talent..Karaoke Competition, they were good singing, it was not like a Karaoke but more like singing competition coz most of them h ave a great voice and our Big Boss shows his skill by singing Main Syair To Nahin- from Bobby....syabas..

This song and overall event during that nite made somebody had a wild imagination of perfoming duet next year..Hindi song pulak tu...hahaha..I know you got the skill of dancing in public.. ;-D

Second Day : Sukaneka

We started our day early with breakfast, being typical Malaysian, we had nasi lemak for breakfast and Miss Fussy Eater just ate her corn bun.

Little girl admiring the bubbles..I like this photo's background..

Cathing bubbles..she had great fun and we had memorable time as a family too

Tarik tali: daddy's little girl..tak nak berenggang with her abah. We were in Orange Team, so the I arranged the whole family to wear the same colour for every occasion, orange for the Sukaneka, red for dinner, light blue for first day activity and last day was theme at all

"Pemenang tempat ketiga 'Lari dalam guni' jatuh kepada En Haffis suami kepada Puan Suhaila"...Bravo..!! Sufiya was crying all the way while her abah running a gunny sack and people were looking at her during the macth coz she just wants to be with her abah..

Hadif posing for the camera..on the way back to Putrajaya..he's a big boy now

We came home safely and with refreshed mind and both of us are looking forward for the next year's Family Day..I thought that I was the only one who had that dream..