Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Monster

My Ayah Not (grandpa) was a tukang rumah and everytime we visit him, the layout of house was always different. At one time the timber staircase was on the side of half brickwall and timber plank but on the next visit, the staircase was no longer there. He was a traditional tukang rumah who used simple tools and building only small houses with small pay unlike a big contractor who build mega project and using big and heavy equipments. I remember watching him mixing the sand and cement and it looks like a small grey mountain with a lake on top..sometime I tried to hold pahat and ketam and amazed by the look of those.

When I grew older,I started to noticed the existence of other constractiion was no longer just pahat and ketam...they were actually more than that. My house is not far from JKR's almost everyday we saw a 3 tone yellow track, back hoe and other big yellow machine which I don't even know the name.

I like looking at those big monster and admiring it's skeleton..there are so many joints, bolt and nut and long and sturdy metal...maybe one day I could try climbing up one of this monster..and try to manouvre it...hahah..what a blast..nope...what a dream..!!..but I'm sure I will, if just for few second to snap a photo :-)...I think that's safe enough..

6 Wheel Tracktor..If you take a closer look, there are actually so many parts joining together

Rear view

Front view...juxtaposition of metals

Back hoe..look at the side support, metaphor of crab's leg..?

I did managed to snap Lori Hantu yet..their face looks not so scary but square and harsh and stiff..

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