Friday, August 31, 2007



MERDEKAKAH KITA.......................?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We are what we eat...? people said that if we consumed good and healthy food we gonna be a healthy 'ikan kering'..and u'll be kurus kering..but what if we eat contaminated green leafy vege...???

All this while we were told to take more of these..good for this and that, unfortunately for us who live in Selangor..those are not the best option anymore unless u pluck 'em from ur own garden or window ledge..just like the 'Naked Chef' aka Jamie Oliver..

Yesterday's news on contaminated vegetables were not that shocking, it's known to us that the farmers used pesticides and fertilizer and what not to produced fresh and 'undisturb' vege...93 samples were tested at Selayang Market and two-third were found contaminated with at least one pesticide...!!!!

When we were small having vege with green worm were a normal treat..I was told that they are better than the one with perfect holes...
And what about GMF...modification of genetic are fine if it could help us but we need to draw a line..God has provide us the best food,..the best of everything but sometimes there are people who want to play God..'s no wonder why we are more prone to headache, stomache..cancer..u name's like an everyday news..there are no more fresh and healthy such thing unless u plant ur own..but then we also have to question about the rice, the agricultural practice are the same..more and more pesticides, certain fish are not that safe due to high level of mercury, and when the season of bird flu, no more chicken run except that we are the one who run away from ' make matter worst, our water is not that fresh, clean and clear anymore, even in Putrajaya...macam teh cair....I was told that the water at Sungai Pinang,Pg which were supplied from Waterfall used to be so clear and sweet..??oo yess that was in the 70's... and now what happened..??

Even the air we breath is no longer can we take a deep breath?? even if there is no haze or open burning in Indonesia, the air does contain harmful particles.......

Back then....

The paddy field were high enough for u to play hide and seek...and the river were so clear and it reflect the colour of the sky...every way you roam there are always greenery...

But I'm quite lucky to be able to wake and listen to the bird singing and staring at banana trees, mengkudu, nangka and pokok ceri......but that is only if I were in Alor living in 6.45am the only sound that greet me is the bus engine..and the air is of coz carbon monoxide.......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holiday Postcard.......

Fishing trip...makan buah..

Sufiya with her Nenek, Dadi, Caci and cousins in Penang

Gulai Nangka (Hubby's fav) and puri with sambal sardin..

next trip wish list:
Cucur Udang Gurney
Rojak 101
Makan Laksa kat Batu Ferringhi dgn sirap limau
Mandi Laut
Bawa Sufiya pi Waterfall

Monday, August 13, 2007


She was crying and crying...and I think I've done everything to sooth her..but it doesn't work..finally I switch the channel to Astro Ceria..and she magically stop and smiling..this channel has became a-must-watch in this house..I bet most of us only knew or introduced to all this entertainment not at this tender age...and that was black and white.

I remember the first time watching tv back in the early 80's all black and was Jaws..intai-intai at one of our neighbour's house.

When we could afford to have one, most of the programme were RTM standard..but that was good enough for kids at that time..Wazata Zain..Cumi and Chiki..are now replaced by stylo host like more rigid environment..everything are so cheerful, colourful and bright..and the kids of coz are much more open and more shy little girl..

I think kids now are more expose..celik mata..they have everything....Animax..(I do watch this one :-) Ninja Boy..,Bob The Builder, Power Puff Girl..and my fav Kampung is essential to have this kind of cartoon that featured local scene especially for those who never experience kampung life..and yes..Segah di Nusantara is also a good one..I do learn new things from it....

And when it comes to music....I think most of them knows Indonesian singer better than my friend's kids loves Irwansyah too much and they won't sit still in the car unless the mother play on the song - Pencinta Wanita..they were below 5..and they love the song as if they understand it..

One day at a food stall, the owner's son keep on singing that same song, but he forgot the we kept hearing this line.."aku memang.., aku memang.."we know it was that song from it's tune, its kinda cute, but after 10 minutes it sounds like tape rosak.....hmmm..i wonder what my own little girl would love ( I noticed she give attention to Sa re ga ma pa - Zee TV...)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Otak lembap...lembab.?

Things has change ...and I think that I've change too since working here in a different environment..different more datelines and rushing from one place to client who keep asking for drawing and keep on changing the idea...coz I'm on the client's side now..I work on day to day basis..even though roughly we have monthly schedule..but that always change......

No more adrenaline 0.4 artline pen are still inside the case..nothing to draw anymore...I admit that I miss being the one who present an idea..being critised...I don't mind, after all those are part and parcel of the job....

One thing that is progressing is my food, think about food all the time.

And I hardly read nowadays, only online news and Economist magazine in the office...maybe I should start collecting books like last time, at least one book per month..rasa macam otak lembab..or lembap?...