Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FRIM Canopy Walkway

A little adventure in FRIM, Kepong Being with nature is one of the best therapy. It's the environment that affect our sensory, trigger our emotion, build our stamina and character. And FRIM, Kepong is one of the best place so far as it is safe for kids. We tried the canopy walkway when the trek leading to the check point was still free to enter without any guide. It was about 30 minutes hike from the trail head, considered as easy trek but the trek is not bad, many types of trees and shrubs along the way, clear path but can be slippery after the rain.
This was taken along the trek and at the starting point.
Gambar ni before pokok tumbang dan terkena canopy walkway ni..lepas pokok tumbang, walkway ni tutup for few its open but u need to hire guide. Will definitely come again. Cheers -Sue-

Almost towards the end

Hello.. helloo...anybody homeee... Its been so long. But not forgotten. Been very busy with many things. Cheers Sue

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Like a snail...

It,'s been more than 3 weeks of Ramadhan but i feel like i did not really full fill the requirement and what not. Been sick and the whole house had viral fever for a week. Tarawikh was not like last year. So sad that it ended this way. Meanwhile for my PhD progress, it's also a very slow progress..sigh.. Caught up with many things.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Road trip June 2015

Our road trip started on thev2nd june from BB Bangi.
Perkara paling best bila road trip ni adalah driving tengok tempat orang, singgah makan dan discover new unexpected things, especially di tempat yang tak popular macam kampong-kampong yang ada rumah-rumah tradisi, gerai makan sedap yang belum viral dan lain-lain.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Slow moving journey

I did not realize that i abandoned this blog since last year. I thought that i already updated something here. And now with this challenge to revive blogging, i shall start writing again together with writing my thesis. My PhD progress is a bit slow. Doing part time is ain't an easy task, I try to allocate few hours for reading and at least one hour for writing but always carried away with other tasks. My next report submission is end of this month and i just revised my research scope and need to redo my framework. Indeed, PhD is a lonely journey but i have friends who just graduated and family support. After all life is about depending on HIM.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Its been three months since I registered as PG at UTM, and the progress is considered slow according to my benchmark. There are times that I need to sit down and flip through books and google about many things esp terminology and terms in research. Even simple words to some like construct, hypothesis, standard deviation, correlation, conceptual framework, theoretical framework..for me, I still need to understand all these before I proceed with Literature Review. These are the foundation and its okay to walk slowly than just wait and see..
Doing PhD is not an easy journey, there are so many obstacle to face especially when it is part time mode. We need to juggle between family, work and research. Sometimes questions like "am i doing the right thing?", "why i do phd" etc will emerge. But we have to face it..

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's been a year now ..and I can still remember every details from Observation Ward to ICU and that cold and lonely corridor to x-ray film which shown his lung full of infection. People always says that life goes on..but life goes on..surely..on a different pace now

Friday, September 26, 2014

Asthma Attack

Its a bit cold now with heavy rain this few weeks. It's a bless coz we can save electricity bill :) But the kids are sensetive to cold weather, both of them had asthma and we were stranded at Emergency Department for six hours where the observation ward was also full. Pead ward was fully occupied as well. The good thing is the environment of that asthma bay is proper and not congested with equipment unlike certain hospital.