Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome and Good Bye

Just like a green leaves..when the time will turn brown..

Its 8 and a half hour left before we leave the year 2007..and Welcome 2008

Its been a year full of event, laughter and tears..lets see what we have achieved..the biggest would be having Sufiya, Mak pi Umrah, a new job which is very very near to my house and I could see the building from my balcony...and...CARRYING THIS 14 WEEKS PLUS BABY INSIDE ME....Alhamdulillah..

I won't flash back any bitter memories should be left behind, or hide it under the's like that..No new resolution..just continue past year's..and try to be better, when we were young New year will be much awaited, with countdown and celebration, but as we get older and doesn't matter anymore, what matters most is how we gonna cruise along effectively..

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R....!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salam Aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha..semoga semuanya diberkati..
Tomorrow will be a very special day for all Muslim plus a double celebration for us..its been 4 years now..
To my dear husband...Happy Annivesary, love you so much...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Made in China

Just came back from a product brief, it was suppposed to be a product proposal, but seems they failed to produce any certification from relevant authority..we gave them a red flag..KIV...come back later when you have enough support document..!

Most of the product in the market now are design and made in China, and most of them are not up to the standard and requirement...yess..they are cheap, they have glossy catalogue, some even have various design...but when it comes to quality, we would doubt it..

China is booming, many giant companies are looking forward to invest there, due to labour quantity and cost, which is cheaper..but sadly to say, it comes with low quality...maybe they are some that is acceptable...I'm not being bias here, but based on experience,...I've encountered many time it was the floor tiles..the colour fade just after one time cleaning using a machine, and sanitary fittings that doesn't work after two years..
We as a consumer need to be more cautious when it comes to electrical appliances..don't need to go for the cheap one just to save the buck, some of this product are really new in the market (local) and has not been tested and endorsed by relevant board in Malaysia, and we don't even know whether they have done a thorough research on that product or not..maybe they did, but for how long..?

So, be wise and selective..even on local product, read the label..get the information........but in this case if the other party go the 'higher level' to get a support to used this product...I can't do anything..but if anything wrong after two years warranty, we'll be blame....and it's duit rakyat...this is Malaysia afterall....its Bolehland..anything Boleh..I don't know...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Everybody were talking about it yesterday...about the revision of Hari raya date...but nobody said that they actually heard it on tv announced by the Penyimpan Mohor Besar.....or whoever have the right to say so....some like it...and don't even mind at all....but for me if they change it just because to follow Arab Saudi decision...that will be a trouble....there are only two days left for me to enjoy my annual leave since I joined here in June, so I got 15 days instead of 30 days...

Been channel switching last night..kot kot ada latest news or announcement.....

And the end..tarak...

So we'll be leaving on the 19th, as planned earlier..I'm looking forward to have asam pedas and ulam raja during this coming holiday...can't wait..

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Update

It was a perfect bright and sunny Sunday morning to lie down at the white sandy beach...a good day to just not doing anything except enjoying the waves, feel the breeze while having home cook nasi lemak...and followed with rojak...

the sand were too hard for her tender feet...

not a rescue mission..but a water confident session

That was a much needed break since...maybe last year..nothing is more rewarding than touching the water and left your footprint before it wash away by the waves........definitely there'll be next time...when Sufiya is brave enough to enjoy it..