Friday, October 29, 2010

Mat Sabu,Tian Chua & Turn Turtle

I can say that my life and journey yesterday was like cucoq udang got everything on the plate ..(salivating..:)

I was late yesterday morning and had to catch 7.20am train to KLIA instead of the usual 6.50am, so it was like a marathon walking from the check in area to gate A3, luckily it was not A11.

I board the airplane with my heart pumping so fast, saw Mat Sabu at the back of the aircraft..and I saw another familiar face searching for his seat too, look familiar, I know that he's from last I just said 'hi' to him and he replied with a big smile as in any blogs or tv..

I sat down at seat 8A and remember that the guy is actually Tian wonder there are many familiar faces going to Sandakan, election for Batu Sapi is just around the corner..people are going for campaign..we are supposed to go to Batu Sapi as well after our meeting in Kinabatangan.

We went straight to Kinabatangan and the weather was nice and sunny and the traffic was smooth as well but few meters away from the site , a car turn turtle..skided maybe and the driver was still inside the car with many people trying to help him and onlookers who do whatever they do best..watching

We finished our job under the hot sun in Kinabatangan and drove back to Sandakan after having maggi was a usual traffic until we reach Batu 19..the traffic started moving slowly like a turtle in line...
we thought that it was due to road block and Batu Sapi certain area our car did not move for more than 20 news and no car passing by from the opposite lane...

It was all question mark, cars are moving slowly with many stops and after 2 hours slow moving we finally got the news that there : 'lori tangki langgar rusa'...a guy told us..I was amazed how could a small rusa could make such a big mess..when I checked with our driver, it was actually kereta rusa, Sabahan call rusa as when they says rusa means kereta rusa, and kancil means kereta kancil..

An oil palm tanker also turn turtle on right lane from 1pm that day and was not been cleared up even at 5pm the moment we passed by this area.

It was a tiring 4 hours journey from Kinabatangan and we only reached Sandakan for our meeting 10 minutes before 6pm and had only 30 minutes for meeting...and by 6.30 we already moved to the airport and board the plane at 6.50pm to Kl.

I can't even sleep during that 2 hours 35 minutes journey..too tired

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teaching English

I heard about the news that government will be hiring 370 English expert to monitor teaching of English in Malaysia. Looks like they are really serious implementing what they have been dreaming.

But I really hope that this won't be just like any other proposal and system that they had planned previously, Malaysian ministers are well known of changing their policy and what not. Since many years we have seen numerous changes in education system, when the minister change, a new policy, system and idea will be introduced..and after 4 short years when we can't even see the fruit of the hardwork, the new guy came in and start a revolution, he also wants to complete his the end teachers and student will suffer..well done..!!

I'm not in this teaching field, but as a person and mother I don't want my childrens will suffer just because of the permanent tsunami in education system, you can bet that will definitely change it every four years..:-))

I remember when I was in Convent school for eleven long and exciting years..the teachers were so good, they pronounced the word 'the' in a proper way, the deliver it in exciting manner,..they make learning English as something interesting and made you want to learn more and more on your own..back then there was no internet to google for any word that we don't know the was just dictionary, thesaurus and magazines...

I always believe that they should train and produced a good and well verse and commmited teachers..and I'm sure they are many local experts in English rather than looking abroad...

Ohh..maybe because Kementerian Pendidikan has been given extra fund so now they can import just like what happen in our football scene many years ago..but government can save a lot if they look hard and will found gems locally...

Why waste the money on hiring someone outside and the there will be extra cost on providing houses etc for them...

I could just wait and see...hmmm

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Experience

When I was her age, I only went to tadika at Masjid Zahir for six month and later joined tabika 4B near my house, the reason my mom transfered me to other place was I always came back with drawings each day..

Last two days she spend almost 4 hours at Smart Reader not far fromour house for her trial class, a little shock at first, but the moment she joined her class, she became herself. Her teacher told me that she is independent but talkative and a little bit hyper, she loves craft but have a short term concentration..

She told me that she don't like assembly because 'kakak malu'..but this morning she has started singing that 'monkey and doctor' song.. :-P

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a quick update

Wow...its been awhile now that I've abandoned this space..busy with other stuff at home and office plus travelling around. I don't have a mood to update anything even a single line status..any extra time will be spend on the mattress for much needed rest..besides the space, I also abandoned my red high heel and brand new boot and opted for Comfit shoes more Levi's..but Scarlet jean with rubber band..

Earl Grey Tea and Scone at English Tea House & Restaurant, Sandakan....(hubby always make a joke..'dok seberang perak, tapi perasan minum english tea..'...hehe..:))
for more info you can go here

And no curry for me please..but if you serve me Western food..thank you very much.. :-P

RM2 per pack at Sandakan Market
Jeruk buah kedondong..just mix them with salt and sugar...

During my last trip to Sandakan, I went to the same market, but did not hunt for cheap crab and prawn but buah kedondong..

It's already 5pm now...I got to fetch the kids..till then..

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Of Langkawi and travelling experience

Time passed by just like a wind slapping my face at Dataran Lang last week...

I'm really occupied at this moment with work at home and office and plus travelling..and not forgetting eating here and there as long as Syawal is still mark on the calendar...

Alhamdulillah with my condition right now, travelling around is still a smooth journey except for rushing at the airport, even the ferry ride from Kuah to Kuala Perlis was not like what I expected..when I was in primary school, Langkawi is always a favourite holiday destination during school holiday,...I simply loves the smell of salt water, the white sandy beach at Kuah town ..EXCEPT for the taxi ride from Alor Setar to Kuala Perlis (there was no jetty at Kuala Kedah yet at those time) they one hour journey in an old cab with faded pvc seat was a perfect combination to puke and puke again...until today I hate the smell of pvc inside a car...

And the boat ride was far than what we have now, there was no air conditioning and the timber boat were filled with not only human but ayam itik ..and one day I saw a man with super size handset..back then it was a handset complete with a big black case and he look confident with his damn big gadget :-))

Dataran Lang..where it used to be white sandy beach and before sunset we walk on the smooth sand and collect some seashells..from my aunt's house to the seaside was just few minutes walking night, the man will hunt for kancil, and in the morning we will walk around kebun getah and collect biji getah o just play hop scotch on white sand around the house afternoon, sambal kancil was ready on the was a simple but memorable experience

I had chicken pie at Kuah jetty that day, a second option for my crave of something with meat potato and cheese...

People go places, eat fusion food and try new cuisine, walk in and out of the museums and meet people from many walks of the end its the experience that matters most, a frien asked me about Kolkata..'apa yang best di Kolkata'...and I simply told her that it was not the building or museum but the experience...

So for those who loves to travel and about to travel to any places..just enjoy the moment and travel with an open mind, don't let your pre-conceived idea spoil your journey..and don't forget your moleskine