Friday, October 22, 2010

New Experience

When I was her age, I only went to tadika at Masjid Zahir for six month and later joined tabika 4B near my house, the reason my mom transfered me to other place was I always came back with drawings each day..

Last two days she spend almost 4 hours at Smart Reader not far fromour house for her trial class, a little shock at first, but the moment she joined her class, she became herself. Her teacher told me that she is independent but talkative and a little bit hyper, she loves craft but have a short term concentration..

She told me that she don't like assembly because 'kakak malu'..but this morning she has started singing that 'monkey and doctor' song.. :-P


Pearl said...

Amboi Suffiya....

so sweet la Kak Sue :)

sue said...

Hello Pearl,
she really loves pink, semua benda nak pink

i dulu at one time tak suka pink..LOL