Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's hard saying goodbye.....

"A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it."
Frank A. Clark

Today is his last day at Taska One, I let him spent time there instead of staying with bibik so that his teacher dapat melepas rindu.

He was there since two months old, still need extra attention from everybody, never want to be alone and need to be cuddle all the time. And now after six months he became an active boy who crawled all over that babies room and need less attention..he recognized everybody around him now, starting to play with his friend even though it was not that socially advance...but this is a hard decision for me..

They have seen him developed from a small baby to a boy who likes to smile with his big round eyes.. :-)

I know that it will turn out with drama air mata but I've promised them that I will send a copy of Hadif's photo and video in CD.

Hadif with Cikgu Yati who is in London now...Cikgu Noor is on the left in purple t-shirt, she was the Hadif's former cikgu, but she went back to Indon and never came back....but I like her, I like the way she talk to kids, the way she take care of them..she is soft spoken and Sufiya likes her very much and selalu mengekor sampai ke kitchen...

With Cikgu Twin...she have a sister who look exactly like her but they are not twin..but I like to call them twin anyway :-)...senang nak ingat

Cikgu yang jaga Hadif..Cikgu Along..who cried bersungguh-sungguh petang tadi..I could not look straight into her eyes..

The girls are so helpful sacrificing their weekend to take care of Sufiya and Hadif during my course in KL..I will always remember their help, attention and love to Hadif

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Beginning

Today is the first day I am back at the office, it feels different after two weeks spending time traveling from Putrajaya to KL..no more rushing and leaving the house at 6.30am and leaving the kids while they were still in dreamland.

But in our life everyday is a new one, new experience with colourful event. I left the house with Sufiya and her abah while little Hadif stay with her bibik..it was a hard decision but we have not much option, therefore hiring an assistant or helper is what we need at this moment.

While I'm writing this, hubby has reached Penang and might be enjoying teh tarik at Kapitan or nasi ganja or he might have cucur udang Gurney...jelesnya i...please tapau for me..kuah asing!! and don't forget my rojak 101 and jeruk campur-campur for nursery too....

I am very over protective at this moment, maybe this is a new beginnning leaving your baby with someone else, a strange in your house without knowing their detail and true colours...I just pray for their safety wherever they are...my heart is always at home no matter where I go...

We have decided that Sufiya will continue with her nursery since she has started joining a class..she had fun singing and learning and mingle with her friend..and she have a new friend - Amanda...now there are Nasha, Comel and Amanda...
I think that small kids could understand or more sensetive towards their surrounding, especially emotional part...maybe they could sense it...and that is what happen to her...she was sad last week and keep hugging her teacher...therefore we have to change our plan for the sake of her happiness and educational development..but the best thing is still IF I could take care of them all by myself...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Abode

This will be our third house..our new nest for the next few years.

The first house that we rent was a walk up apartment in Puchong, it was just a small house for two people and we started our life there, knowing each other as husband and wife..we learned a lot of marriage up and down..

Eight months later we moved to 'rumah kantor' as what my bibik said yesterday..a government quarters in Putrajaya..an apartment with 1200sqft area and big enough for us to received and entertained family members from Penang and Kedah. Last three years we had 45 people (came in one bus) at this house..it was packed but the worst part is when they left..it felt so empty..and both of us decided to returned to the house only when we could accept that there will be only the two of us when we are home....that is why waiting for Sufiya was a precious moment.... :-)

The ladies room a night before my brother in laws wedding..the room was packed and some of them slept upright..no space to lie down

Sufiya was four months old..and centre of attention and our pride and joy


Maybe we could have housing warming together with birthday celebration :-P, next month...hint hint...

Double frontage house ...

Terrace where my roses will bloom...

There are some design failure especially the layout and space accommodation..but we can't do much, I've been to this house many times before for CPC Inspection..and now its a different experience

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tamat Sudah..

It ended pretty well, the exam and the closing ceremony. We had fun clowning around especially my group who were so hyper active even though we were not the best group, maybe because of the chemistry but one thing for sure, when we are in group like that we have to blend in and try not to overshadow anybody ang just be ourselves.

The two week course were attended by all officers from all over the country, therefore in that short period we learned so many things especially the language and their dance...everybody has mixed up their language..no proper Bahasa anymore...some tried to speak Kedah but end up like cakap Siam..and some of them tried to speak like Sabahan but sounds like an actor from Astro Kirana.

'gambar lompat'... banyak kali kena try baru jadi
The crazy side of us....I would have jump higher if not because of my baju kurung

Next week will be different..no more sleeping late and alarm clock at 5am...no more craziness....need to do revision for another BIG exam...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

5.30am Post

Its 5.30am now..they are still in the dreamland and here I'm supposed to be reading or doing last minute revision and at the same time pumping for today's suppy of EBM for Hadif...but I could not really doing serius stuff at this moment, distracted by some funny and tergeliat lidah posting at a far away land in Maloy..

Thanx Kak Naz...buat mata i buka luaih-luaih pagi pagi ni...:-P

I have another 3 and half hour for the exam...legaaa

Updated at 12.07noon 27th March 2009

I submit my paper and took photos of my fellow friends...saja kasi psiko sikit , that guy in brown shirt was labeled- perfect melancholy...

Loretta and me...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jungle Trekking : Ampang Pecah

Last week's programme...

It was a much needed therapy for me after so many years..the track was only 3 km and two and half hours journey from the base camp..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Donut

Masuk kandang kambing mengembek..masuk gomen ikut arahan pekeliling

I'm now attending my compulsory two weeks course in order to be confimed in service. The best part is I don't have to stay all day and night compared to last few batch..what a relieved for me who have to attend two kids and still fully BF.. the worst part is I left the house at 6.30am and both of my precious were still in their bed...that was tough..and could only see their face and be greeted with 'mama, mama'..at almost 8.00pm or 9.00pm..that's even worst..

And today is the fourth day and we had a baaaadd start..the breakfast menu was prepared by a person who don't know how to cook or bake or uli tepung sampai lembut or how to bancuh teh tarik..!!!! marah ni..professional course with food that is only fit for dustbin

look at these donut that drived me nuts!!..the cook must be nuts too

I woke up at 5.15am and left for the course at 6.30 with empty stomach and it was too early to digest any food..and I have to switch a few mode of transportation in order to reach the destination..and breakfast were only served at 10am...su#k...the boring lecture started and ended with rumbling tummy and at one point I had to say it out loud to the committee that 'hungry person is an angry person'....so we were dismissed and headed to the buffet table and to my surprised two tray of oh-so-lovely-donut berlambak-lambak tak disentuh!!

Nak tak nak we had to eat pulut inti with hot tea..thats it..and being Aries, I could not just sit there and keep my mouth shut...poor pakcik caterer had to listened to my bebel and so does the PSM committee...

And due to that complaint, tea break at 5.00pm we were served with much better food and pleasant presentation of sandwich, goreng pisang and kuih kacang...and no more cucur kodok hitam yang takdak rupa cucur kodok and donut malas..!!

I need to find info for public speaking session ..ada yang bagi topik Evolution Dragonball, World War 3, Mega Project, Integrity, Privatisation and Maintenance of Road..mengada-ngada betul bagi topik bombastik...kalau aku yang dapat pasal Evolution tu how arr???

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When he's not around

The kids were good and well behaved this morning and not much drama from Sufiya plus the weather is pleasant. I packed their two bags since last night and let them play in the bedroom since 9.30am, earlier than usual so that I don't have to carry the big sister. Luckily she did not wake up in the middle of the night and cry..'nak nak abah..'

Hubby left for Kuantan on last minute arrangement for site inspection and we were left with hug and kissess and nasi kandar kuah kurma :-) Sufiya really loves it and it was not enough for the two of us.

Few years ago,when the kids were not in the picture yet, everytime hubby went for two or three days outstation, I always wished that I have someone accompany me especially at night. We were staying in Puchong back then where it was a walk-up medium cost apartment and the wall was not that thick. I did not really sleep because I will woke up each time my neighbour open their grill or door,it was a sleepless night..and one day i woke up to the sound of my upstairs neighbour pushing their furniture in the middle of the night..or was it something else..??

During one of the night I was shocked to see a black figure at my bedroom door, the room as dark..my heart was beating so fast than a runner and sweat were all over my body..my mind went wild thinking of those misteri nusantara..and when I took a closer look, they were actually hubby's pants hanging there..citt!!!...

And now with two kids keeping me company, I'm no longer worry with those images at my bedroom door. But my little girl sometimes talks to someone at the balcony..that make me go grrr...she said..'ambik ambik'..while holding her bread.

Tapi takpe..hubby is coming back tonight..he has promised me to come back..habih ke tak habih he'll be back..hooray!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Precious moment with the kids

We enjoy Monday morning watching our roses blooming while the sky was grey..Sufiya loves the flower and also the camera..each time when I snap her photo, she would asked me,..'tengok..' and insist on taking more photo by saying..'mile, mile..' (which means - smile)

She could make a sentence now..'mama nak ayak', 'Hadif..!! NO!!',..or she would praised me every morning..'cantik, lawa' with her smile...

I loves the effect of lighting from this sheer curtain on her face..might turn it into black and white photo

These was taken last week, every weekend their father will be away, so the three of us will play with the camera.. :-P if we don't watch Little Einstein, or MMouse Club House...

Hadif is eight months now and tengah lasak keliling rumah and his favourite place is behind the TV rack where all the cables are, and he's not afraid of a vaccum cleaner at all compared to Sufiya who will cry upon seeing the black hose :-)

Sufiya's jubah and Hadif's are courtesy from their Mami Zainab...in one photo, Sufiya looks like orang Arab but in the other photo she looks like a Bhutani just like her Dada always calls her..or maybe Manisha Koirala...hehehe

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bunga, Mandi Bunga dan Mat Bunga

I woke up this morning and it was hazy..the sky was grey but my rose has bloomed the smell was so nice and fresh, so does my jasmine. Yesterday it was the size of 50 cents coin and today it double the size...The colour match my baju kurung today...

One of my friend was interested with a pot of jasmine the other day but due to her husband's pantang larang, she had to just admire the beauty and smell the flower.

Some people especially Malay, believes that fragrant flowers like bunga melur/jasmine, kemboja, sundal malam and kesidang should not be planted near the house coz when the night came, there will be visitors from the other world due to the smell or fragrant from those flowers.

I don't know how true it is and don't have the intention to cakap besar but I do loves all those sweet flowers. There are many ghost stories that has been associated strong smell like flowers...when we were in secondary school, every Friday morning we will wake up much early to go for jogging from Seberang Perak to Air Pancut (infront of Balai Seni)and we normally took a short cut, that means we have to passed by a graveyard..and there many kemboja flowers on the ground with various colour and the smell was nice but passing by in between batu nesan was like a very long journey...it was indeed a journey to remember...but never a horror one

There is another species of flower that for me, too hard to take care of is pokok kera nasi, the smell is much stronger but the flowers are half the size of jasmine. We need to build trellis for them to crawl and they need ample sunlight and enough water..and they make a good centre piece for dining table..just let few float on a transparent bowl and you don't need Ambi Pur in your house :-)

These are the flowers that normally been used for mandi bunga and sirih junjung. For mandi bunga, one need to find seven types of flowers or seven colours and limau purut..normally it will be held at bomoh's or dukun's house and there will be berasap for whatever reason...many years ago, I accompanied my friend for this mandi bunga at one old lady's house, the room was small and dark with no window, we sat on timber floor which were covered with old and faded tikar mengkuang...she recited mantera and holding a small cup with kemeyan and the session of berasap started ..it was scary for me, dark and smoky room with no ventilation...if she is not my best friend I think I won't be there at all....

After she made few circles in front of my friend's face with that kemeyan, she was led to the bathroom for mandi bunga..

It was an important event in her life before she got married..but mandi bunga did not help much, she ended up with a whirlwind marriage....and I was scolded when I informed my mom that I accompanied my friend for mandi bunga :-P

(Anyway according to Hukum hakam mandi bunga untuk mendapatkan jodoh is Haram!!)

Whatever it is, I don't like Mat Bunga, the one that write letters (dolu-dolu) with ayat cintan cintun meleret-leret and end the letter with 'pecah kaca, pecah gelas..' ... Pecah gelas, I buang lerr... Peace

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blog not Block

Life changed and keep on changing everyday..so does things around us.With www things are just a click away, everything are fast and our vocabulary need to be updated and downloaded and upgraded continuously.

20 years ago life was so easy, we go for vacation with automatic boxy and cheap camera and a roll of Kodak or Fuji, snap here and there and it turn out that some were over exposed, so the holiday photo that could be kept were only 20 instead of 24 pieces. Pictures were meant for special occasion...BUT not with blogsphere and FB and whatever is coming..photos and camera are human being most essential item, must-have-things-in-handbag..!!

We go for lunch, we wait for the food and snap 3 or 4 photos before the ceremony. We go shopping and we brought not only shopping bag but also numerous shopping photo from One Utama to Sogo..

They are all for the sake of BLOG...but I was so blurrr last night before the bowling tournament for our BLOCK...see...they sound similar to my ears..

I met a blogger at Alamanda and they just finished a game there,while talking to her she asked me 'akak ada blog?'..and my brain that moved at slow pace last night send a different message to my mouth and I thought that she was referring to my house Block..dush dush!!

Sorry Miss DianaK, if I make you confused..anyway nice meeting you.

And talking about bowling, my dear husband has won the grand prize..d'engan jatuhan pin 460 lebih-lebih, johan tahun ini dengan tidak disangka, jatuh kepada En.Haffis'..nasib baik i tak jalan kaki balik rumah..kalau tak i sure miss that precious moment.. :-)

Johan bowling BLOCK..not BLOG..heheh

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Have you ever feel like you just want to be emotional and not being rational..? and just let that feeling control you the whole day and night.

That was how I felt yesterday..it was all dark and gloomy macam awan mendung lepas tu panas lit lit...

Hubby told me to calm down and relax but I feel better if I go with the flow..

And today I woke up with strength and determination...I'm wearing baju batik pink karer with lots of labuci..we are supposed to wear batik on Thursday anyway..but I don't want to follow the rules...it does lifted and cheer up my mood.

Sakit la mata tengok lip lap lip lap ni :-P

Therefore in order not to be emotional, less motivated and all those negative thoughts, I need to really concentrate and put aside other 'main-main' stuff...

So..'which Clause i was reading just now...?'