Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Price Hike

It is a tough year for everybody globally now..the political tsunami..the food crisis..we had to faced and accept these fact and last nite it hit us..we have been using Frisolac for about 8 months now and the supply were nothing to worry about. The problem started to surfaced last few week when most major store don't have enough stock..we were running here and there to search for this brand...different shopping complex will come out with different marketing strategy plus a game trick planned by the manufacture...

The price different is quite big, almost RM6.00 per can...

One place at Putrajaya have no supply at all for last week, when they do, the price tag is a new one with the increased of almost 45%, the other one at Bandar Puteri are still at old price but out of stock due to their J Card sale,...we are lucky the last one in Puchong are clearing the old price stock before the manufacture send a batch with higher price tag...so we bought 6 can of Frisolac...its hard to provide good and healthy and comfortable life, but we will try our best..a child is a precious gift...

this make me determine to fully BF my child after this and to continue Sufiya with BF as well...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shopping Spree

Sunday was a Shopping day at Sogo and that means more $ were spent this month...There was a big Sale with discount from 20% - 70%..Our adventure started at Sufiya's department, it was raya shopping since it will be too late if we wait after my confinement, due date will be on the 26th June (maybe.. :-), so minus 60 days, that means I'll have September to start hunting for her cloth, that will be a crucial time especially with newborn and active little girl and other unexpected things...

En Haffis got what he've been planning to buy..Bonia shirt and long sleeve for office wear, Sufiya has been his abah's good companion, won't let her abah go anywhere..she followed even in the changing room.

What do I got for myself...? Lets see...I've spotted a nice and chic Bonia bag with 40% BIG Tag on it..but when I took a closer look, the price is actually RM500 plus..fuhhh..for a medium size bag with lovely decoration and colour..skip..!!!

At Sembonia's, my eyes stuck at this one pointy high heel, dark brown, nicely design, very sleek..and at good bargain...but maybe not now...wait until August when my body are fully recovered...So what do I get...? Nothing at last...tukang pegang baju, komen2 sikit..that's it..

And Sufiya was at her very active level yesterday..and been very cheerful and friendly to everybody.

My mission is still not accomplished..have a long list for yesterday:

Gulattis - KIV

Euro Moda - KIV

Jln Tar -KIV

So, En Haffis : please take note...I need to get these things done before I masuk dock...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Good News

Alhamdulillah, I've got what I've been waiting for, even though I didn't have high expectation..This is for my kids...as people said...'rezeki anak'...

this is Sufiya's latest photo with her nursery bag..act like a big girl now..big sister

...Have a nice weekend..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

E & M*wi World

I'm not his fan..or voter..never...and I never have any interest on any reality singer or 'star'..even when my friend was one of the finalist in the first season of those menuju puncak programme.

But last nite I saw on tv that this lucky dude from Felda gonna have a new programme with his own famous name on it..it's something like..'-.i didn't remember th'name... -mawi world'....

Not bad for somebody who is still new in the industry..dah macam Kak Nita pulak dia..

I don't know why are so many people go crazy over him, is it because of his singing ability? (i don't think so - his die hard fan gonna hate this statement..! :-), his bald head? his charm ? or simply because of his background..

I think that younger generation's perception and expection are different compared to my generation, back then we don't have all these reality show, easy access and download from the www thingy... but we were served with almost the best in the industry...maybe some of older generation singer are melancholic or too ballad or too soft for this young and extreme batch of listener and viewer...

I like P.Ramlee for his multi-talent and entertaining jokes and great voice, Search for their grear song (it was the 80's....), Metalica and Scorpion...and yesss..Sheila Majid, petite with international voice..

..Or maybe the reality is I'm to old too catch up with this genre of entertainment...duh!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Penyair Laut..JM Aziz & Sudirman

'Anak muda berlagu sayang Di Batu Remis melepas rinduAdik ketawa di Rantau Abang

Penyu menangis siapalah tahu
Penyu menangis siapalah tahu'....

There was a segment on Sudirman's life on Majalah 3 last Sunday...a true patriotic singer with huge talent and great voice, his songs are about our life, love and country..he was an entertainer and far from any so called 'celebrities' that are featured in our media today...most of his songs are so dear to our heart..'Apa khabar orang kampung, sudah lama tak berjumpa, kirim-kirim lah berita...', or 'sebak dadanya sebak, tak tahu, adik tak tahu..' Wathing that segment made us realised that we lost a star..not just a one hit wonder kinda star or any reality star...but a bright and shinning star that put Malaysia on a different level...When I heard his voice, JM Aziz's Penyu Menangis will cross my mind..how could we forget the song...

In this book - Intipati dan Falsafah : Penyair Laut JM Aziz by Abdul Mubin Ismail ; we will be introduced to his early life in Seberang Takir , about how his suffering and struggle as teenager, fisherman and his life as lepers patient (kusta), and his early involvement in Syair writing.

This 212 thick pages are worth for people who wants to know more about this poet, and his way of writing, technic,and vision in writing, of how he used his inability and sensitivity to great use..JM Aziz might be physically live in darkness...but he sees beyond our ability. The ocean is his life, sampan and nelayan are in his heart.

There are also list of his published work from the 50's until 90's and also unpublished work, JM Aziz's works are like a documentation of Terengganu's history, there are many interesting places that he repeatedly significantly used. His work is also a dictionary of Terengganu dialek......

'pitis di bawah pitis

diburu cinta

pitis di bawah pitis

selalu berduka'......

(daripada Pengantin Laut :38)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Colours would brighten our life, jewellery will brighten womens smile..and colourful bangles is a perfect and easiest way to accessorize our appearance..

When we went to India, there are thousand of bangles to choosed from, be it plain and simple bangles to the most glamourous one. Bangles are essential in Indian culture (they called it Kangan in Hindi) and one will not look complete without them, and they don't wear it like we do...instead they wear a whole set..and they always have variety design to match their saree. In one house in Calcutta, we saw an interesting collection of bangles in one of the girls room..bright and sunny..I didn't know much about bangles except from the movie, where the male sometimes pull the girls hand so hard and broke all the glass bangles..there will be blood every where..a dramatic scene.. :-) , I was told to go for a glass bangles coz it makes a lot of sound which to them are attractive..maybe it is the culture...

Before Sufiya's akikah we managed to get her two sets of bangles in KL, purple with all those glitter and a simple set of black bangle..she loves it so much especially the purple set with small bell...(its in the blood...:-) But now after almost four months she can't wear both...too small for her hand..

So I'll be hunting for a new set of bangles for my little one and for a friend's little princess in far away land, as a small gift when we have a chance to meet one day...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sustainable Design

People all over the world are concerned about the golbal warming, ozone layer and shortage of food supply, the world will be facing a big trouble in supplying basic neccessity for population that are increasing every minutes....but we sometimes tend to forget about it, especially people in construction industry...or is it just another dilemma...ironic..

We try to design the best thing, come out with the best contemporary design with elegant feature, we said that they gonna be sustainable design..but at the same time we are destroying the world..we specified timber floor..parquet or timber strips, we have various range to chhosed from, we have reask, cengal batu, keruing, merbau etc etc..we want premium quality, and we clad our wall with decorative stone..marble for the floor...we built a yatch club, marina and floating chalets just to impressed the tourist...each project is a disaster in their own scale...

It took more than 20 years for a tree to matured but we took one day to chopped them down, we told the public that it is going to be a controlled development with nature and flora and fauna in our concern list, but those are just on paper, how many people really study the EIA report, and how many people are dare enough to challenge..am I feeling guilty..yess...but maybe I'm also a hypocrite.

During our trip to Pulau Redang last two years, we've seen a death zone at a marine park, there are tone of skeleton (dead corals) and it was scary to look at. On the other side of the island, tehre are one mega resort doing some extension, but whatever the scale is, one we brought the barge in with all those heavy equipment and construction material, we killed the coral and its marine live.

I was involved with a resort development two years ago, and its supposed to be so called-'back to nature' kinda concept, with manmade lake and stream running thru the whole site, it should be a green concept, but at the same time we destroyed the palm tree, we destroyed the habitat of wild birds..and at the same time we harm all those marine life at the nearby river which finally flow to the Straits of Malacca.....

I love timber house...but I also love the environment, but we can't have both...

'..room with a view'...This is timber casement window made of cengal batu, we got something and we lose something, at the back are what left now..where it used to be nipah trees with big brown bird that made a scary sound.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Website Design

When we have the opportunity we should grab it before it passess us by..and this is what happen to me now, I should have learn it six years ago..not now when time is crucial..the main reason was too caught up with studio works..and now I have to learn from scratch...

I've been looking for tips and idea of developing a website from the internet, there are too many info and too many good things to absorbed..

From my brief research yesterday, the main point is to get the domain name (thru a registrar or hosting provider) and find a good host...how to determined a good host, what criteria should I look at..? It seems like I should not hurry on this..better take it slow..

There'll be 2 days course on this but doubt that I could attend it since my last application for another one day course has been rejected by the management...sigh...

But its never too late to learn new thing...!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I don't really know what happen, maybe becoz of the hormone, or maybe due to other unexplainable reason..ooo..maybe I have so much time customizing and updating this blog layout..and I keep on changing the colour..The truth is I've been planning to change our feature wall which is currently painted in red..its been four years staring at that bold and striking wall..it's time for a change..until now we haven't have any conclusion of the choice and when to start this small project.

Base on research done by psychologist, people with dark skin tone are tend to go for bright colour..that's explained why the African loves red,green and yellow..remember the reggae stuff, Bob Marley..? and yess..Indians as well loves to indulged in rich and bright colours, just watch their movie and you'll see more than hundreds colours...when we were in India, I felt normal wearing bright orange blouse because everybody are wearing the same hue or even daring..but back here it's kind different..anyway I've spotted one red Sembonia pointed shoe at the Pavillion..but sadly no size la pulak...(that will be my gift after confinement..), I'll reward myself ...Hint!Hint! ye En Haffis...jgn buat2 tak faham .... ;-)

p/s : this new blog header got nothing to do with Angkasawan..or Dr SMS

...new blog on my hometown ---> http://sbrgperak.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 07, 2008

Another special day...

He told me not to go to for site inspection today...i was curious, why not..since its my job..thought maybe becoz he's worry about my condition lately..

At 11.45am, a lady came with a bouquet of RED roses..with a lovely card from hubby and sufiya..a birthday gift from two precious people in my life..

Frankly speaking I didn't expect anything special, it is enough if he loves me and provide me with loves, cherish our life with trust, security and happiness......

Thank you dear..please pray for me and our baby...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Penyair Laut..J.M Aziz

Jiwa Merana...name that is synonym with him..the sea, fish and Seberang Takir are his cirle of life..that is the best to describe him..

Just started reading a book on his early life and his creative works...it is true that our environment and surronding will mould our life and add with hardship that is hard to explain to others who never experience it...

J.M Aziz is an example of prolific poet..with all those challenges he rised as someone special in his own way..still remember Sudirman's song..something about penyu menangis..? it is his poem..

- - - - - will update more on this book - - - - -