Thursday, April 24, 2008

E & M*wi World

I'm not his fan..or voter..never...and I never have any interest on any reality singer or 'star'..even when my friend was one of the finalist in the first season of those menuju puncak programme.

But last nite I saw on tv that this lucky dude from Felda gonna have a new programme with his own famous name on's something like..'-.i didn't remember th'name... -mawi world'....

Not bad for somebody who is still new in the industry..dah macam Kak Nita pulak dia..

I don't know why are so many people go crazy over him, is it because of his singing ability? (i don't think so - his die hard fan gonna hate this statement..! :-), his bald head? his charm ? or simply because of his background..

I think that younger generation's perception and expection are different compared to my generation, back then we don't have all these reality show, easy access and download from the www thingy... but we were served with almost the best in the industry...maybe some of older generation singer are melancholic or too ballad or too soft for this young and extreme batch of listener and viewer...

I like P.Ramlee for his multi-talent and entertaining jokes and great voice, Search for their grear song (it was the 80's....), Metalica and Scorpion...and yesss..Sheila Majid, petite with international voice..

..Or maybe the reality is I'm to old too catch up with this genre of entertainment...duh!


simah said...

yup! ur old! hahahaah just kidding!!

sue said...

heheh...kalau tua, tapi hati nak muda boleh kot..?