Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Note to Birthday Boy

Dear Hadif,

It was already 4 days behind schedule, you was supposed to arrived last few days but you choosed to remained for a while in that comfort zone with no worries. So mama decided to go to Sadiq's for nasi kandar and after a hearty meal, went straight to the bank to withdraw some cash. It was a long Q, and it felt heavy down there but there was no any sign yet.

Your Mak Tok insisted us to go to the hospital for a check up since she taught that I was ready for the big moment..and she was right...after half hour my big belly was strapped with green belt, the doctor gave a green light to proceed to the labour room.

I learned a lot from first experienced and managed to control the pain and try not to inhale ethonoks due to its effect, I did practised what I read from all those website on controlling labour pain and breathing technics as well as some simple doas...Alhamdulillah after few hours, and at 7.14pm you were born..what an easy journey for my little boy......and choosing a name for you was not hard either..therefore Happy Birthday Mohamed Hadif

Hadif and Sufiya..they make us smile and laugh and cry

Hadif : bulat mata tengok flash :-P

Arhghhh..I loves his sweet smile..my handsome boy..

Hadif: always remember that even though your Kakak Sufiya loves to teased you and knock your head..deep down inside she loves you.

-Hope you'll be a great man one day-

p/s: Abah, what did you get your son for his big day...? amboii secret secret sampai simpan dalam store tak bagi i tengok..!! hahaha

Loves, hug and kissess


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Have you ever inspired by just looking at people? Or just by their thoughts or ideas, by their expression and emotion? Sometimes meeting a complete stranger could change your whole life. The impact of their charisma, the magic of their charm and the power of words that they presents make you wants to sit down and have a good cup of tea alone and think of what you just saw and try to digest them and at the end of the day, you wish that you too could be like them...not just inspired by them but could also inspired other people.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Berani tapi takut

Back in the 80's Fun Fair and Pesta was highlight of the year, that was the time to enjoy the ride of Merry go round and kecut perut from the top of hanging cage with jagung rebus dalam tangan....rumah hantu was a must-visit to test our level of ketahanan mental and buang suara menjerit like hell upon seeing white entity with pale face by the staircase...

But my little girl experience it in a different environment..no ticket, no need to wait for bas bandaran and no need to wait for December to come..

This girl berani tapi takut..

Nak naik..tapi...

Hadif with 'Kicap' pose..anybody who watch Tom Tom Bak will know this character..but poor hubby thought that I perli my own son..isshh issh..tak kan la pulak..

Hadif..selamba je tengok his sister crying out loud..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Basic Instinct

Hubby is still in Penang and will only be back on Thursday and I hope that he does not forget to get some jeruk pelam and buah pala from Chowrasta...and if possible I would ask for cucur udang Gurney Drive..but the most important he come back to us in safe condition compared to the day he left for Penang with small cut and bruises on his right hand.

He came back last Saturday and asked about minyak gamat which has been missing since we moved here, I sensed something was wrong and he calmly explained that he fell and slipped at UTM's corridor and fell on his back...!!

My mind kept on spinning and I remembered few hours earlier I had an instinct..a bad one about him, I was in the bathroom with Sufiya and the floor was slippery and the first thing that across my mind was..'what if my hubby slipped in the bathroom...?what will I do..?'...I did not pray for worst case but just imagining the scenario...and during Asar I prayed for his safety..

Alhamdulillah it was not that bad but it sure does made me worry of what we wish for, what we think of and what we imagine...scary...

I believe that sometimes we could rely on our instinct, like the last few weeks, few days before the exam precisely, I had a hunch that I should revised on Act instead of Building Contract..and as expected I was asked 90% on Act...fuhhh...nasib baik

People said that when we have strong bonding not just like UHU glue but concrete and cement, we could feel and understand what the other person feel and sometimes there will be clue about their health and condition...it was not a clear sign but somehow we knew it...isn't life is beautiful...??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Menyambut, Menghantar dan Menunggu

There is something wrong with my PC since last few days, had difficulty to log in to blogger, could only blog hop and hop. Finally had to tumpang others..semangat nak update..


Since we move into this new house, we have been entertaining many guests almost every week, and we like those moment especially for Sufiya who loves attention from others.

Menu: keow teow sup by Kak Mumtaz..and somebody thought it was just a plain sup..so semua ayam2 ada didalam mangkuk tak diceduknya...Yang, next time kacau sikit kuah tu :-P

Hadif: "bilalah dapat rasa keow teow sup Mami ni, asyik dok makan bubuq nasi saja..!"

My in law was here for three days and once again somebody had a chance to makan banyak his favourite delicacies like keow teow sup and rassam. We went to UIA in PJ for Syafinaz registration, I had to be a co-pilot at the back of the car coz hubby went for Dragon Boat festival (which as expected they lose)...hahaha tak practise..tup tup nak join..macamana nak menang


It was a second intake registration, and the process went smoothly but the rooms are too small where four people sharing a room which has been designed for two !! And the wardrobe was only one feet wide..that's it...and they have to squeeze into a small study table...the only best part for her is, her room mates are her classmate in Almashoor..I think that is the most essential part for a girl who never live far from her family....

A small room, congested with parents and students and adik beradik dok tolong susun barang.. notice the study table and small wardrobe is next to it

Gambar kenangan

The same day, back in Penang...other members of the family had their own brand of 'family day' complete with games..Qayyumm..please arrange another gathering when all of us balik nanti..and we want bigger prizes...bagi la Correlle, Claytan ke..boleh?


A girls best friend is not only a diamond like it always been associated and commercialised...and yesterday a best friend whom I last met was like 6 years ago gave me a call and in less than 20 minutes she and her family was in front of my house..it was a moment that we have been waiting for, we used to be in the same place, same hostel, same moment in our formative years..and yesterday we met again but in different environment, but her wide and warm smile is still the same..

Mimah's son..the last time I saw this handsome boy was many years ago..dulu2 I thought of naming my son Adam Iskandar..tapi hampa dapat dulu, anak Mimah pakai Iskandar and anak Lela pakai Adam...so I had to choosed other name :-)

My feature wall is still plain without any bright colour and wall deco..jom pi Ikea..

The best moment with Mimah was during rekrut..ingat tak Mimah...? She was the girl who always gives people her smile even though dok kena tengking dengan Pegawai Waran or Sarjan...and during latihan menembak she will cry each time she pushed the trigger...hahahha...betulkan Mimah...and we shared a breathtaking view on top of Gunung Tahan back in 1995...and Amir was there too... ;-P

But somebody got confused yesterday, the moment I told him that Mimah is coming, she imagine Simah..wooww..Simah all the way from Turkiye

I had a great time even though it was just a short stay..hope to see you again time balik Seberang Perak..kita ajak Lela sekali


On a heavier note..I'm still nervously and anxiously waiting for my Exam result, most in KL received theirs yesterday...Ya Allah bagilah aku pass exam ni....


UPDATE @4.45

ALHAMDULILLAH...DAH PASS....Just received that precious letter from Board..thank you to hubby for your support and to all family and friends..BUT The journey does not stop here, I have to prepare for Written Exam which will be held on the 27th July..

Macam poyo..tapi nak jugak tampal kat sini..Alhamdulillah...kena posa esok

p/s: Mobb, aku nak ambik gambar lompat lepas ni..hahahah

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Balik Kampung

What would you do after a long stressful week stuffing your head with words and figures and sections and clauses..? I simply choosed to drive back to Kedah and enjoy the scenery along the highway, especially around Perak where hills are covered by mist after heavy rain, but the landscape are changing due to some blasting for marble I guess, but the moment we entered Jelapang padi territory, a refreshing flat green of paddy field greeted us with small hills as a backdrop but the majestic Gunung Jerai was a bit shy to greet us and she was hiding behind a thick jerubu..

Enough stuffing my brain, it was my stomach's turn that need to be filled with Gulai Nangka and ikan temenung lemak, Laksa and Mirinda oren, Mee Sharif and Nasi Lemak Ali..all accomplished in two days...leeegggaaaa

Its been many years I haven't been to a waterfall, the last time was three months a go but that was just like nothing because I just sat by the edge and let Hadif dip his feet in the water..therefore last week I managed to let my in law and family to take care of my kids while I enjoyed myself berenang-renang ke tepian di Titi Ayun..leeggaaa sekali lagi..

Sufiya had a splashing good time too, so does Hadif but I think I was the one who over indulged..sorry En Haffis, didn't informed you earlier about my mission..

No photos taken at Titi Ayun due to my mandi manda and guess what I did take any lunch that day sebab sibuk berendam.

Sorry Aishah coz I did not call you to exchange plants that we promised, my schedule was damn pack..nanti I balik kampung kita arrange okay?

Even thou our holiday was just four days and we have to rushed to Penang, I managed to attend my friend's wedding whose uncle is my late uncle's friend and their aunties are my mom's friend..belit-belit....the bride and groom are actually tiga pupu, kes kawin sedara mara..

It was all Bollywood with splashing bright and colourful sarees, lenga suit and panjara. The wedding was filled with Hindi songs and the house was decorated with typical Pakistani wedding deco. It has always been an exciting wedding to attend when it comes to theirs, I remember about 20 years ago it was just the same ambience, there are colours everywhere and the food are lavish and people speak Pakistan everywhere...Irshad can confirm this :-P

Cik adik ni dok cari 'akim' all the the time..that's an ice cream in her hand

By 5pm the same we were already in Penang and hubby already spoilt me with pulut durian, popia basah and pasembor plus burger for supper after his usual 'meeting' or 'punch card' at Kapitan with Ahmad, his BFF....mcm high school la pulak

Sufiya got no problem this time around except for Hadif who just want to be with us especially his abah,...so Dadi and Dada had a hard time to manja with cucu sorang ni..

We travelled back to Putrajaya on Sunday but before that we had majlis akikah to attend at Flat 100, the ceremony was for little boy who I can't recall his name..Sorry Abdul, panjang sangat, tak sempat nak ingat nama dia..anyway he was so good just lie down on his pram without making any fuss..

It was supposed to end in a good mood, but it turn out the other way, Sufiya was running around on a concrete floor but to her it was like a green fielld..and she slipped and fell back...I was nervous, but angry at the same coz someone kat blok D Dosh tu dok scolded me for not taking care of her..hello cik abang, can you explain the tersepit jari kat keta incident, and jatuh berdarah bibir di Jusco..?? At that particular moment I felt like I just want to fly back to Putrajaya without him..sakit hati..I repeat Sakit hati tau..!! you can't simply point your finger in that situation, what you should do is take a look at your child whether she bleed or check for any bruises..pls don't make it worst.....hmmmmmm...leeggaaa sekali lagiii

Okay I have let it all out...BUT I'm still nervous, I don't like this waiting game, the result will be out in 3 weeks..3 killing weeks. I've done my part and it's up to Him. I'm doing this not merely for personal achievement but for my family, so that I have a choice, added value and better opportunity...