Thursday, May 20, 2010

Demam panas & asam pedas

I'm on emergency leave today, both of them are not feeling well, little princess is down with fever ..38 degree, and she is so weak.

We were ready for a visit to Dr.Halim's and suddenly she came to the bedroom asking for lip gloss and eyeliner..but she insisedt on MAC (of coz she don't know the brand , just the casing) and refused to used celak Mekah..:-)

Its good being at home even though tiring with two sick kids and house chore, cloths are piling up, flor that need to be clean and shiny before the King arrived..and some reading for the kids and some write up myself...but whatever it is being with them is the best phone calls from #$#$ silly request from !#@$&&...and no BULLS&*t...hehehe

I cook asam pedas nyonya style today after thinking and salivating reading Kak naz's status on dried chilli, no buah keras..but still menjadi...ikan senangin sekor habis dimakan sorang -sorang...puas hati...

Friday, May 07, 2010

Simple Things

Simple things in life that make my day:

A smile from those kids

'how are you today ?' from hubby

Smell of grass and soil after the rain

Dew drops on hibiscus leaves

Rain drops on banana leaves

Sunshine thru the leaves after the rain

Tubes of colours on a palette

Have a great weekend everybody...and Happy Mothers Day to all with or without the little one

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Venting out

I'm moving on, but I never give up...

I vent my frustatiion with the system in a different way

I choosed a different medium to expressed it

So that no one will get hurt

So that my kids are safe

So that I got my RM at the end of the month

But I still play the game

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The game has started

Its time to play the with your rule and my of us will be the winner, but if I lose I'll make sure that you walk away with no trophy...but once in a while I'll kick your weak leg and give you a heart attack and make your by-pass block again...!!

So lets play the game...