Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vertigo...U2...and me too..

Lights go down

It's dark

The jungle is your head

Can't rule your heart

I'm feeling so much stronger

Than I thought

Your eyes are wide

And though your soul

it can't be bought

your mind can wander

...U2- Vertigo

I thought that the building was swaying..or another tremor...then I realised that its me..not the building or the floor...Almost lost my balance while walking in the office..lucky, it did not happened during site inspection..
I felt like I took a boat ride today..the doctor said it might be VERTIGO......i remember they are inside my ear..the song Vertigo..and the real Vertigo is also inside my ear...did I make you confused?....nevermind...Nirvana...



Vertigo, or dizziness, is a symptom, not a disease. The term vertigo refers to the sensation of spinning or whirling that occurs as a result of a disturbance in balance (equilibrium). It also may be used to describe feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, faintness, and unsteadiness. The sensation of movement is called subjective vertigo and the perception of movement in surrounding objects is called objective vertigo.

Vertigo usually occurs as a result of a disorder in the vestibular system (i.e., structures of the inner ear, the vestibular nerve, brainstem, and cerebellum). The vestibular system is responsible for integrating sensory stimuli and movement and for keeping objects in visual focus as the body moves.

When the head moves, signals are transmitted to the labyrinth, which is an apparatus in the inner ear that is made up of three semicircular canals surrounded by fluid. The labyrinth then transmits movement information to the vestibular nerve and the vestibular nerve carries the information to the brainstem and cerebellum (areas of the brain that control balance, posture, and motor coordination). There are a number of different causes for dizzy spells.

- from

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wishful thinking on boring Saturday afternoon...

Warning ; this entry were inspired during my boring bare with what you gonna read below...

Que Sera, Sera,

Whatever will be, will be,

The future's not ours to see

Que Sera, Sera

What will be, will be..

If I am a Bollywood actress, I would be...

Aishwarya Rai = maybe, but I won't be dating Salman Khan who always love to show off his six pack and made her cry and suffer emotionally all the time, plus he's too possessive..Anyway she's happy with Abishek now..(I think En Haffis looks like him..with your five a o'clock shadow)

Madhuri Dixit = definitely...she have an infectious smile and can dance very well..

If I were to join a modelling agency, I'll go for...(day dreaming..!! :-)

Janice Dickinson = nope..!! definitely NO..she's way too boring and very loud, she can't even dress well

Tyra Bank = right away..!! she's lovely and practical and never demoralised people

If I am an author, I'll be...

Shakespeare = I wonder how he have that talent to wrote all those great play that last forever, .."How tall is your Rosalind?"..."Tall enough to reach my heart.."...the most memorable line from 'As You Like It'

(Pic from Wikipedia )

A.Samad Said = His surrounding and personal experience during those hard time in Malaya has made him a prolific writer...reading his books is just like going down the memory lane. Every detail were so well written..until you could feel the emotional side of the character..

If I am Queen..

I won't be the Queen of England..don't want to mess my mind with internal problem, with Charles and Camillia..but don't mind being the Queen at my house.. :-)

If I am a Chef...

I will always get a good company, provide a great and warm ambience to enjoy my well planned and freshly made dinner..oo yes with a good music or entertained provide a nice setting somewhere by the no music except for the sound of waves at night..

Or a period theme dinner, Rennaissance dinner serve at a very long great oak table with chanderlier and diner's who come in

If I were choose an era to live...

I love the Renaissance..the detailing and crafts, and all the building and things created at that period..and have self potrait done by Loenardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo..they have great multi layered gown with intricate embroidery...I don't mind these extra weight :-)

A smile to remember....

If I were to go to Paris..

The first time I was at Eiffel Tower back in 2001, I promised myself that I'll bring my other half to feel the night breeze and say 'j'taime, mon cheri'...

If I have an opportunity to work in Europe..

First choice would be in Berlin where walking along the street is like flipping architectural book,..famous building designed by well known architect could be spotted easily..everywhere..Peter Eisenman, Norman Foster (Sir).. 'begrüßen Sie Deutschland'

During my trip to Berlin during spring 2001, Berlin was like a big construction site, with tower cranes everythere..and most of the prominent building and development were attached with established architect's name..

If I'm unemployed...

You'll see me at one of Mercy tent in Myanmar ...(if the Junta give us the green light)

If I have three wishes...

I wish to be a good wife and mother, wish my husband loves me forever and I gives my kids all the love and attention that they want and protect them from any harm..and hope that I pass my professional exam next year... oopss..four not three anymore..!! its never enough.....

And I wish that my weekend won't be boring anymore, so that this kind entry don't have to come out again....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guilty Indulgences

'You are what you eat'..its so true..if we eat good and healthy food it show on our skin, our body, our eyes, our blood and even our urine....

For the last one week, I've indulged myself with Hershey's chocolate - Kisses, they are small and nice to look at, easy to pop inside your mouth..therefore its hard to stop once you start kissess one of them...I could simply pop in 15 of these in one day without worrying of the sugar level or whatever inside it..

Kosher Status OUDServing Size 9 pieces (41 g)
Amount Per Serving
%DV *
Total Calories 230
Calories from Fat 120
Total Fat 13 g
Saturated Fat 8 g
Cholesterol 10 mg
Sodium 35 mg
Total Carbohydrate 24 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g
Sugars 21 g

Protein 3 g

...they are soft and smooth, vanilla ice cream top with strawbery flavoured syrup and chunk of strawberries..who could resist this temptation..? I have been consuming this sundae for two days right before my ante-natal check is hot and humid in Putrajaya, and this sundae is the best treat after a long day at site...who could blame a pregnant woman if she wants to have it every single day...blame it on hormones ...and the weather... :-)

And to top it up, Iced Milo and tea has been my everyday diet...I normally go for plain water, but lately my tastebud has change..some said this could be an indication of baby's gender..I don't know how true it is..
I went for ante-natal check up on Tuesday, that morning alone I had three full cups of tea with roti canai and kuih and two different place..and as expected my result came out with 'flying colours' everywhere...urine test -green -failed...if it happen again next two weeks I have to do the no more ice cream and chocolate..
I hate to control my diet since all my life I never have to watch or go on strict diet...just eat what I want and still under weight...but for the sake of my baby and my own health, I have to be more discipline especially this is the last month of pregnancy..anything could happen..
p/s I think that this entry is a contrast of my last entry..looks hypocrite.. :-(

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just look at their faces..

We stand, as it were, on the shore, and see multitudes of our fellow beings struggling in the water, stretching forth their arms, sinking, drowning, and we are powerless to assist them.
-Felix Adler-

Tired face....can you imagine your own child looking just like this poor kid...

I hate to look at this picture...we just threw away ours just becoz it looks inedible ..

We complaint about our house all the time...but what do they have as a shelter..?

They have lost everything....a place not to call home anymore..
...Let's pray together for these poor child...

-All pictures are courtesy of Berita Harian-

at 10.54 pm...we just felt a tremor at around 10.26pm...i was taking my my folic acid when suddenly hubby said he could felt it..and it felt dizzy too...checked with and it's true...O God..this is the first time..i'll be alone with Sufiya tomorrow until Friday, hopefully we'll be fine...and hope En Haffis have a safe journey to Mukah as well..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What the.......?

Just finished 2 hours meeting with the contractor and developer who are 'stubborn' and never understand any instruction.....even a simple order..they take everything for granted and simply change anything to suit their pocket and time.....I don't understand why and what is their level of acceptance and seems like most of the design (not only architectural) are below minimum and some are not practical...there are guidelines and design standard to follow, but these people rather show their thick skin face than flaunting their skill and professionalism...the same comments has been said out loud, not twice but countless the same person, the same Project Manager who claimed that she's among the creme de la creme....
This is how these people look like when we ask them anything related to the project...sighhh..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

...Just an outsider

Remember my friend from primary school, F...who is having a problem with her husband..? I was surprised when we smsed weeks ago..I planned to meet her during my stay in Alor Setar...maybe she could visit my newborn..and have a chat about her life...surprisingly she too will be in the same shoe...her due date will be around 21st June..few days before mine....

All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different.
-John Berger-

I thought that she had enough of him, of his wild attitude, womanizer !!...but I was wrong..we the outsider could only give advice, and as an outsider, we don't know the real situation, the real pain and how much do they hate and love each other...maybe I don't understand her and her complicated is easy for us to be judgemental but for her, it might be really hard to just walk away from that mess and pretend like nothing happen..and just go on with her life without a husband..and raising two son alone is not a small matter...

Some women choosed to keep their sadness to themselves not becoz they just can't share it with us, but maybe for the sake of their child..

I've seen a child without a father growing up with no father figure to look up one to tell which is right and which is one to join his taekwando one to share his thought... it's hard for him, and of coz the mother feels the same way too..

But having another baby with that kind of husband...? I don't know what to comment..maybe I should just accept the fact that they are still trying to mend their life...I'm just the outsider....

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.
-Langdon Mitchell-
Sometimes..marriage is just like this cactus..nice to look at..but it hurts...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sad news from Hospital Putrajaya

Tali pusat tercabut Oleh Mohd Nur Asnawi Daud dan Hayati

PUCHONG: Menyayat hati apabila seorang bayi lelaki berusia empat hari terpaksa menanggung penderitaan apabila tali pusatnya tertanggal ketika dalam rawatan di Hospital Putrajaya, Isnin lalu.Tali pusat bayi malang yang dilahirkan awal pagi Ahad lalu dikatakan tertanggal ketika berada dalam jagaan pihak hospital selepas diasingkan daripada ibunya.Berikutan itu, pusat bayi berkenaan bernanah dipercayai kesan daripada tali pusatnya yang tertanggal.Selepas dilahirkan, bayi lelaki seberat 3.65 kilogram diasingkan daripada ibunya kerana jantungnya lemah dan ditempatkan di Unit Rawatan Rapi (ICU).
Mohd Syazwan Mohd Jailani, 23, berkata isterinya, Shaheera Saad, 21, dimasukkan ke hospital berkenaan untu bersalin, Sabtu lalu.
“Isteri terpaksa menjalani pembedahan kerana gagal melahirkan anak secara normal dan proses kelahiran itu berjalan lancar.“Ketika mengambil anak untuk melaungkan azan, saya mendapati dia dalam keadaan normal termasuk tali pusatnya masih di perut,” katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Puchong Indah, di sini, semalam.Menurutnya, dia menyedari tali pusat anaknya tertanggal sehari selepas dilahirkan ketika hendak menukar lampin.Mohd Syazwan berkata, kejadian itu disedari selepas dia melihat ada kesan balutan pada bahagian pusat anak sulungnya itu lalu bertanyakan kakitangan hospital yang bertugas.“Mereka bagaimanapun gagal memberikan penjelasan yang memuaskan mengenai balutan pada pusat anak saya itu,” katanya.Berikutan itu, katanya bahagian pusat bayinya bernanah menyebabkannya sering menangis kesakitan.Menurutnya, dia bimbang kesan jangka panjang yang akan dihadapi anak sulungnya itu.“Malah, pernah anak sepupu saya meninggal dunia kerana tali pusat tertanggal ketika baru beberapa hari dilahirkan,” katanya.Mohd Syazwan berkata, dia sekeluarga mahu pihak hospital berkenaan bertanggungjawab atas segala kejadian yang menyebabkan anaknya kini menderita.Beliau berkata, berikutan itu, dia membuat laporan mengenai kejadian itu di Balai Polis Bukit Puchong, kelmarin.Mohd Syazwan berkata, dia sekeluarga bercadang mengambil tindakan undang-undang sekiranya kejadian itu disebabkan kecuaian pihak hospital.Sementara itu, jurucakap hospital berkenaan yang dihubungi berkata, pihaknya sudah dimaklumkan mengenai perkara itu dan sedang mengumpul maklumat serta menyiasat kejadian yang menimpa bayi berkenaan.

I hope the family will be strong enough..and take neccessary action..

Call me freak out...I don't care..but as a mother and a patient who will be using their service, I'm a little bit first labour and delivery experience at this hospital last year were perfect...I just pray that this time around Allah will give me courage and strength and hopefully it will be a smooth and safe experience...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nature in Black and White

Nature's jewel..
Fan Palm Tree : wonderful detailing on its fan-shape leaf..and they make an interesting sound a clapping sound
Jejawi tree at Beranang Light Industrial area...the roots sprawled all over these area..I like the feel or ambience that this tree could create especially when they are matured..kind of spooky..remind me of my hometown, where there was this big tree and the roots covered one big almost flat boulder..and we used to think that 'nenek kebayan' lives there...
Info : Jejawi (ficus microcarpa)

Hedges: shredded part of the leaves gives character when exposed under sunlight

Rating system

Opened my blog this morning and noticed there's new feature on every entry at the bottom part..I remember I haven't change anything or add new rating system or whatever...or maybe Blogspot update this automatically...?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stone and Beauty

WARNING : This entry might be way too boring for some people..!!
This is another entry on 'Beauty'..but this one got nothing to do with make up, facial treatment or anything like that or even Salma Hayek..but it is still related to 'figures'...but not 34-26-34..more like 300x300x10 or 2' x 2'kinda thing..polished/unpolished..etc etc..

All this while there is a BIG misconception or understanding of this material..we always thought that ceramic tiles is a bit lower in terms of quality compared to homogeneous tiles..we thought that the water absorption on ceramic are higher and they are easily chipped off...blame it on marketing people who came and see you and didn't give a clear picture of their thing for sure, they always send 'Leng Loi' to your office to do the talking..but in reality we just don't want to see a beautiful faces..(I mean the tiles and of coz the supplier) but also the detailing part, spec and everything (tiles ..not the supplier :-)

The reality is ceramic and homogeneous tiles are the same thing, ceramic is a product and it could be divided into two category - glazed / unglazed (Homog. tiles, porcelain, terracotta etc)..the different is on the composition of the material and durability...lets take a toothpaste as a metaphor: we have Colgate as a toothpaste, but the manufacture came out with different range from whitening, to gel type, kayu sugi mixture and is the same with ceramic tiles...

Glazed is suitable for wall tiles and unglazed more on flooring, but of coz they are other criteria to look into before we decide which type goes to which area..

Beauty come with a price..there is no doubt about want to look good, therefore you need to take care of your face, choose the right moisturizer, toner, foundation, compact powder, lipstick, eye shadow...but unfortunately it's not that easy, you are not gonna look like Gisselle or Scarlet Johansson or Salma Hayek just becoz you use the same is the way you apply it and the way you take care of your face....therefore, there is no point buying imported expensive cutting edge design tiles but the moment your contractor installed it, they just do it their own way..without following manufacturer's instruction...

Crack on wall tiles..due to poor quality and installation..

The point is choose the right one, installed it properly and the most important thing is maintain the beauty of your hard earned money...

Friday, May 02, 2008


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. ~John Muir

I had coconut lempeng with well cooked sauce today at the same place just outside Putrajaya gate..but ordered ice Milo (less ice)..unfortunately the Indon lady who served us gave me a good not drink too much ice water when we are pregnant coz it will make our baby grow big (macrosomia ...? )..and hard to deliver, and she told me that she didn't even sip any cold drink during her confinement period...and guess what ..she consumed 9kg of home made jamu in 44 days..her slim and well proportion body is a good testimonial...9kg..!! its not a joke..I think most Indonesian are very discipline when it comes to treatment and rules during confinement..I could not finish my Nona Roguy pill last year, even in small dose..

Most Indonesian are concern about their beauty and health especially after giving birth, that is why they could still fit into their pre pregnancy kebaya..unlike others who have to change their wardrobe..and size..hehehe..

I came across this Javanese idiom 'Ngadi Sarira' -to maintain the body to be always in perfect condition is of prime important.

Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine of various type of plants eg leaves, root, flowers or barks and it comes in different form : powder,pills, liquid etc..and it is believes could cleanse our body an bright out the inner shine..