Thursday, September 27, 2007

Giving back.......

“Dan janganlah kamu makan harta anak yatim lebih dari batas berpatutan dan janganlah kamu tergesa-gesa membelanjakannya sebelum mereka dewasa. Barangsiapa (di antara penjaga) itu mampu, maka hendaklah dia menahan diri (dari makan memakan harta anak yatim itu dan barangsiapa (penjaga) yg miskin, bolehlah dia memakan harta itu menurut kadar yg patut…) AQT 4 (an-Nisaa’ : 06

Alhamdulillah..with help and generosity from all staff, we have managed to collect RM860.00 in 3 days for Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah, Bandar Baru Bangi. RM 200 goes to Duit Raya, RM5 each for 40 child...and the rest were spent on groceries.

This is just a small sum that we could contribute compared to other giant company who could sponsor them lavish 'Buka Puasa' and duit raya.

-the youngest...he love to sleep on this chair-

There are 39 children living here from all over penisular and the youngest is a seven years old from Taiping..the most 'manja' kid..(he refused to join the crowd for group photo...instead asked the ustaz to cut his finger nail.. :-).. he's the youngest of a big family (of 11 sibling)'s so sad looking at their condition, dusty floor tiles, crack and stain on the wall, chipped tiles and leaking on computer room's ceiling...but the most important and essential thing is of coz love and's good to hear that they are going back to their family this Eid...for one week..

-study room-

The whole idea of doing this came after reading PiBani's blog where she have list of orphanage. A cute little face of a maybe 7 years old grab my attention, so after talking to few friends, they agreed to chip in and at last today at 1.40pm all those stuff were sent to their kitchen.
It is a two and a half storey block consist of surau, kitchen, dining hall, activity area, computer room, 5 bedroom (10 child in one room), study room and one small office. The place are now lack of maintenance especially the computer room, activity area and there is no proper dry yard

-dry yard-

So anybody out there, if you have enough time...Darul Izzah are open to welcome you..not necessarily cash, but maybe in other way that suits you..maybe spend time with them doing homework, talking to them for moral support, help clean the place...actually there are so many things that could be improved here.....Insyaallah...there'll be another trip here...

There is no wealth but life.
-John Ruskin-

p/s thank you to all JKR WPPutrajaya and JKKP staff for your generosity

Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Izzah
Lot 2191-2A, Pekan Makmur,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, S'gor
Tel: 03-89257263

Monday, September 24, 2007

Every Morning

I couldn't ask God for more
Man, this is what love is I know I've gotta let her go,
but I'll always remember
Every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses
Tim McGraw -Butterfly Kisses
This is the best to describe each morning is hard saying goodbye to her especially when she understand that she'll be away from us...She will cry and grab the babysitter's grill and look at her abah..or she will wrap her hand tight around his neck...anak manja abah ni.............. :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Al-Fatihah to adik Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.....we love you

The Game of Life

I'm just like this shadow....

Sometimes people just don't care what are the consequences that will arised due to their negligence and ignorance..talking and talking....endless food and more the end, the product are not up to the standard of acceptance..

Now I realised that it's different field ,so they play a different game and rules...should I just play along and get the same dirt...or stand strong with what I believe..?

They didn't realised that those money are not entirely their's..people are so greedy making money until they forgot about other essential aspect of is no longer priority when you could stuffed your pocket with RM....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vertical Limit

This photo was taken during site inspection, I just love this view, it should be symmetrical but I didn't composed it well.. but here it is after been edited and touch up..the orange glow reminds me of CSI Miami..notice they always have these orange background..?
One picture could be intepreted or perceived as many other things..sometimes it does look like a where..? depends on one's imagination

A view towards passageway of an apartment, in this photo I've tried to captured the horizontal lines that define the whole picture as well as the vertical dashed line that derived from the column at this middle passageway. The shade and tone create a drama..and the sharp angle gives a strong impact...
The way we look at things are differ base on our experience, knowledge and environment...but the most beautiful thing in this world could only be created by Him

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bling bling

Busy working on new sparkling thing at the moment..a girl's best friend and it's forever...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Safe journey

Things got more complicated than what I expected, she said that she's scared now..she think that she's pregnant, third child and nobody knows about it yet...but tomorrow will be the day, whether its positive or would you face this situation..? It is hard for us who hear about this but being in her shoe is totally different....

I've forward her AWAM's contact number for reference, maybe professional advice is better than emotional-friend's opinion.

Hopefully He will light up her path, so that she could find her way...a safe journey


Sufiya is 7 months and 8.3kg now..she loves her rice porridge mixed with green peas, potato and fish or chicken..and one thing for sure she's now more manja-manja with her abah rather than jealous..

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan to all...semoga semua amalan diberkati.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I wish him suffer ...the worst that one could imagine...don't let him die fast...let him feel the pain slowly..

She was thrown onto the floor and slap last Sunday...this is the first time he did this but this is not the first fight,....for 13 years she have been living in hell...with this bloody husband who can't resist the temptation of seeing other it somebody's wife or a young fresh woman....

She went for check up at GH, and all that they did was making a report without checking her thoroughly..of coz the bruises wont appear within 24 hours...she's confused now, even the pejabat agama didn't gave much help...'balik bincang'..that is what they always advice.

I asked her to take a photo of her body, which area that shows the evidence, go to private clinic for full check up...and asked for fasakh...maybe I'm not the best to person who should consult her, but we have known each other since standard four, that was in 1984....all of her sad and bitter stories are in my head, all the secret, all those dark corners in her life were shared with me...this is so sad...after having two kids and long the end this is what happen, a man like him should suffer before he die...!!!!!!!

She said the moment she went to the pejabat agama, she went blank..confused..uncertain

Can any of you help her by giving any info...what to do, where to go..who to meet..