Monday, January 19, 2009

Meeting at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya Replica in ARCHITECTURE and Roman Column....

We had a meeting today at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya..the hotel is not fully complete yet, but there are few wings and portion that has been operated. The meeting was a success and so does the makan-makan session :-P..nothing to complaint when you got to dine by the lake, with a vista like that accompanied with good food and interesting people...

The design of this hotel is a masterpiece of Raja Bahrin..who is well-known for his Terengganu style architecture, heavy with carving on stone panel as well as timber works..but I personally think that it would a massive job for maintenance..

But for the sake of learning the art and architecture, one could grab a lot of experience here because they have not only Malay architecture but also Chinese and Indian, one wing of this hotel looks similar to Rajastan palace..

Timber panel with dark colour creating a warm ambience with water feature at the back gives a cooling effect

oohhh..I look so serius in this photo..waiting for my braised lamb shank which was so tender and juicy and you don't need a knive to cut it thru..the portion was not too small nor too big..there are a lot of timber works on this place as well...

View toward viewing tower and lake

Tiling work at the corridor

Another tiling work

Combination of matt and glossy finish tiles, various size (4 types of ceramic tiles here)and colours

Decorative panel at the corridor..the works of artisan- so well designed and well carved but too many things to maintain

The roof of deck area

Washroom : Wall tiles with interesting horizontal pattern

Two similar concept with a little bit of differences on the elements of timber works and colour

I think that this is a nice place to visit, to enjoy the view, to appreciate the architecture of multi culture and to have a different taste of dining experience, but architecturally it was not that original..I mean, there are too many things or element that has been copied and paste from other culture or country and they ended up like a replica in Putrajaya, some part of the buildings looks too heavy with elaborate detailing that will give a headache during maintenance work. As we all know maintenance is not a field that we really have a passion and expertise in Malaysia, people tend to take for granted this aspect.

It is true that they want to create or reflect a different or fusion architecture, but sometimes it is best to do it in a subtle way..rather than seeing a replica..we had enough of Pharaoh's heritage in this country (Sunway Pyramid) and other building that signify 'other' element that we sometimes don't really understand the 'true meaning' behind it.

Some building ..or most of them has been designed with certain objective and purposed according to their local culture and context or derived from a certain 'belief' that only that particular society could understand.

And that is why I hate roman column..!!! dulu2 orang kampung pantang tengok roman column ni...buat rumah mesti nak kena ada column ni..cantik pada depa, tapi we copy bulat2 without knowing the meaning or we never think whether that element could suit our house, or our lifestyle or not.

Parthenon - 'Temple of all the Gods'

Roman column was meant for a temple, it looks proportionately appropriate for Parthenon but not for a bungalow house in khatulistiwa :-) which as we know a house is a place for people to live in, a place to nurture, a warm and cosy and intimate...

So next time when you have enough money..or too much to spend, never ever eye this Roman column and think that they will make your main entrance looks more grand and you know the meaning of those column..? the meaning of that triangle thing (pediment)...? do you know that they are not just an architecture of the you know that they represents more than just ARCHITECTURE..!!!

They are representing a society that is controlling our life now...go is a high time we need to open our mind and eyes and observed things around us..they are they way they are right now and before on PURPOSED..A PURPOSED with big AGENDA...

Sketches and Water Confident

My first drawing lesson was when my father handed me mosquito coil box- cap ikan emas, a light yellow box with a picture of goldfish, he taught me how to draw a coconut tree at later stage and few other things around our house. From then on I started to observed ordinary things around me and made them a subject for my painting. The fist drawing competition was back in 1980- pre father and few other relatives gathered and taught me and giving support a day before the BIG was a typical Malay house on stilt with coconut tree and hens and shrubs with paddy field at the back and a small mountain..

It was a big thing for a six years old..but that was not my lucky day...

Sufiya's Bold expression...

Last week when we fetch Sufiya at nursery, she ran towards her abah with her looks like a meaningless one glance it does look like an abstract painting..she was really proud of her drawing and keep showing it to everybody inside the elevator...I'm proud of her achievement, at her age (she'll be 2 next month), she has started observing a lot of things and copied everything..good and bad...;-)

I guess this must be the feeling when my parents saw me draw..and when they saw the development and passion,..they too started pouring their support by patiently cutting beautiful pictures from newspaper so that I could copy and draw...

I've wrote few years back that even though my parents house is by the river, we never allowed to swim freely like any other kids..and that make us what we are today (but i've joined swimming class :-P )....

Yesterday was a water confident session for Sufiya at our community centre, the pool was full with kids..some with floaties and what girl was glued to her abah..but after a while she started to enjoy the water..and did try to bend down and let hte water touch her face...

She's happy...and I'm happy too looking at her having a good time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Ode to My Mother

When I have my own child now, I started to realised how this big wild world is dangerous and unpredictable, I started to worry like any other mom, thinking and praying for their I knew how my mom feel raising six...not just one or two girls..understand why she have been so protective all these years...

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to her:

Sorry for being so stubborn,
Sorry for not listening to your advice,
Sorry for using one whole 'buku latihan' as my colouring book,
Sorry for giving you much trouble buying ikan bawal for my SRT class,
Sorry for making you worry,
Sorry for making you cry..not once but many times.

I know that I made many mistakes and there is no turning back..but I would like to say thank you to you:

Thank you for being loving to us,
Thank you for reading us Tamar Jalis's Bercakap dengan Jin in the middle of the night during heavy rain,
Thank you for buying me Brownies and Girl Guide's must have cost you lot,
Thank you for taking your time cutting all those beautiful picture from newspaper for me,
Thank you for the cooking lesson even though you never let us cook on our own,
Thank you for without fail sending me money every month despite our hardship,
Thank you for making us brave and tough just like you who never afraid of anything.

Tomorrow is your 55th Birthday...there is no better gift that I could send to you, but I always pray for you and Ayah and for our family..

I wish I could have been a better daughter to you,
I wish that you don't have to work so hard anymore,
I wish I could pay back all your love, your suffer to raised me,
I wish you A Happy Birthday...

Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan usia

Thursday, January 08, 2009

70's Era - walk down the memory lane

My colleague brought her photo album to the office today..most of her photo were taken in the era of disco and afro and mini dress, she have another two years working with this technical department before saying goodbye and enjoy her long holiday.

I loves her black and white photo here;

This was taken in 1974 infront of Pejabat Tanah Kulim..look at those mini dress and platform to match..and she carried a bag made of fabric similar to a towel.

70's was the era of freedom....they wore mini skirt, midi..and hot pants..70's..I was still learning to eat on my own :-)

top photo : Her school sports day..most of the girls were running with a fancy hat.

bottom :the guys were handsome in tight pants and jambul berkilat dengan spek hitam, i like this particular photo coz it was kinda candid..they were not looking at the camera directly and some were giggling

Formative years...above knee pinafore..her daughter said to her>.."mak ranggi dulu".. upon seeing this photo

Yesterday once more...classroom of the 70's..masa ni ramai pakai spek bingkai hitam, and it cover half of their face..and it make a come back now, so does the fabric and style.

Looking at these photo make me realised how time passess us by and made a big change in everybody's life, it evolved from black and white to glossy and does our life.

p/s these photo were published with permission from tuan punya badan

Midnight Entry

The kids are sleeping and so does hubby, I could hear him snoring from where I sit at the moment..CSI are watching them instead of the other way round...I'm tired but still need to be connected to the outside world..I mean the other world..bukan Mawi World tau.!! its blogsphere lerr...

Bloghop to certain blog, reading their latest entry and comment while waiting for the machine to's endless job from morning till midnite...

I need a holiday, a short one will do...hubby suggested that I go for body massage and spa..hmm, thats a good idea, but I want to be away from Putrajaya, nak tukar angin...Malacca would be nice..i love to walk along Jonker Street and stand at the bridge looking at my own reflection and drop a small stone in to Malacca river or just wait for the sunset from there...I used to do that back then..but now holiday with two small kids on tow will be way much different. I should stop dreaming..better go and check up my washing machine now..

Its 12.23am now in Putrajaya..tired,backache and serabut....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Air penerang hati

Macam yoyo oh je letak this photo...kalau tak pass malu besar la aku..

Those are in my reading list..not just that three but there are another 5 to go..I'm so nervous and I had a headache now..not that I read too much maybe I need to make an appoinment with more vision 2020 (o-o)

I remember when we were small and anxious and worry about standard 5 assessment or Mak(Tok) and Mama will say that we need air penerang hati..those were prepared by some Ustaz to make us able to remember what we learn . Maybe I need those too..haha

But I believe the best cure for those is Al-Quran..for better physical and mental well being, I went to MPH (again)today looking for Iqra to teach Sufiya, its about time to start her with something new instead of just her "EAO,EAO" (Old McDonald..) and her 'hani hani ah ah' (ABBA Song..)..can you figure out what song is this..? Ni MamaMia fever tak habis lagi in this house ;-)

Our reading area and Sufiya's chatting corner with her favourite chair...when she miss her aunty, she will sit on that chair and said to me "mami mami...cepat" while pointing to the telephone..that means she wants me to call her mami(aunty)in Penang.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Panic Button

There are many things that await us in 2009, big events and BIG Exam..and I'm still at this stage of not getting everything inside my head, I read and read again the Clauses, Acts etc..and still did not fully remember and understand or digest them. Too many terms and sections and pages to flipped everyday, I need a panic button now..! or a magic wand..five months to go..8 items to digest..

I've laid a plan for this purpose but it seems like I need more than just a study plan, I need people to discuss with me pertaining contractual issue that I've left behind since I joined this new place..I think my mind and my brain is just like a besi tumpul now..or worst like besi karat..

Anyway..2009 started off quite well....lets see :

-We've cleaned up the rooms and chuck out everything that we don't need anymore

-Bought a new contemporary wardrobe for the kids

-I cut my hair..actually I did it myself, got a scissor and a mirror..and in few minutes it was all done..! It's lighter now and I don't have to worry about wet hair in the morning anymore

-I managed to finished sewing my son's pillow and bolster cover..they are handmade :-)

-And I just finished reading one Act..and it is nothing to proud off, but at least I've start with something..okay need to complete one more painting for a friend

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year 2009

New chapter...but same author, who try to write a better stories from her own experience and from her own perspective. Sometimes she mumble and write rubbish and nonsense with grammatical and many typo error but she will keep on writing for her own satisfaction.

Her new book need to be thicker this year because like a growing tree, new branches are coming out, green leaves sprouting and flowers are bloomming....but the roots need to be firm on ground.

She did not intend to be Shakespeare or Anais Nin....her writing is a reflection of her life and other's life around her..her books could not be catergorized by genre coz she tend to mix up everything and while she composed and write she keep on changing her radio channel from her favourite Jimi Hendrix to James Blunt..and from ABBA..'honey honey..' to Yesterday Once More..or sometimes she drowned herself in Ganges River with her Taal song

2009 started off quite well and her first page were written very briefly as introduction..

Happy New Year everybody..hope all of you enjoy this journey