Thursday, January 08, 2009

70's Era - walk down the memory lane

My colleague brought her photo album to the office today..most of her photo were taken in the era of disco and afro and mini dress, she have another two years working with this technical department before saying goodbye and enjoy her long holiday.

I loves her black and white photo here;

This was taken in 1974 infront of Pejabat Tanah Kulim..look at those mini dress and platform to match..and she carried a bag made of fabric similar to a towel.

70's was the era of freedom....they wore mini skirt, midi..and hot pants..70's..I was still learning to eat on my own :-)

top photo : Her school sports day..most of the girls were running with a fancy hat.

bottom :the guys were handsome in tight pants and jambul berkilat dengan spek hitam, i like this particular photo coz it was kinda candid..they were not looking at the camera directly and some were giggling

Formative years...above knee pinafore..her daughter said to her>.."mak ranggi dulu".. upon seeing this photo

Yesterday once more...classroom of the 70's..masa ni ramai pakai spek bingkai hitam, and it cover half of their face..and it make a come back now, so does the fabric and style.

Looking at these photo make me realised how time passess us by and made a big change in everybody's life, it evolved from black and white to glossy and does our life.

p/s these photo were published with permission from tuan punya badan


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, waaa, these gambars during my time, ha ha.
Saya pun ada banyak hitam puteh gambars...
and ahemm, mini skirts, Elvis Preseley times, ha ha.
Have a nice day Sue, best regards, Lee.

Nong said...

Sue, 70's tu time kak nong lah tu. Time tu time bell bottom, flower power.

Rambut hubby panjang sampai pinggang, lebih panjang dari rambut kak nong.... Nostalgic pulak!


sue said...

Hello Uncle Lee..
U sure look like one of those handsome guy with Rayband and Elvis's haircut smilig at SYT ;-P

You should show us your golden years picture too

sue said...

Kak Nong,
mesti best time tu..flower power..tapi kalau kat US time tu zaman drugs etc kan..

rambt ur hubby panjang mcm mesti groovy kan :-)

p/s: i love 70's van yg kotak tu..i promised myself that 'll get em on day