Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Ode to My Mother

When I have my own child now, I started to realised how this big wild world is dangerous and unpredictable, I started to worry like any other mom, thinking and praying for their I knew how my mom feel raising six...not just one or two girls..understand why she have been so protective all these years...

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to her:

Sorry for being so stubborn,
Sorry for not listening to your advice,
Sorry for using one whole 'buku latihan' as my colouring book,
Sorry for giving you much trouble buying ikan bawal for my SRT class,
Sorry for making you worry,
Sorry for making you cry..not once but many times.

I know that I made many mistakes and there is no turning back..but I would like to say thank you to you:

Thank you for being loving to us,
Thank you for reading us Tamar Jalis's Bercakap dengan Jin in the middle of the night during heavy rain,
Thank you for buying me Brownies and Girl Guide's must have cost you lot,
Thank you for taking your time cutting all those beautiful picture from newspaper for me,
Thank you for the cooking lesson even though you never let us cook on our own,
Thank you for without fail sending me money every month despite our hardship,
Thank you for making us brave and tough just like you who never afraid of anything.

Tomorrow is your 55th Birthday...there is no better gift that I could send to you, but I always pray for you and Ayah and for our family..

I wish I could have been a better daughter to you,
I wish that you don't have to work so hard anymore,
I wish I could pay back all your love, your suffer to raised me,
I wish you A Happy Birthday...

Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan usia


Anonymous said...

the best wishes that a mom could get. Pray hard 4 her

sue said...


thanx..she's always in my heart and in my prayer :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sue, your Mom is a never ending song in your heart of comfort, happiness and being.
You may sometimes forget the words, but you always remember the tune.

And one good mother is worth a hundred chegus.
Many happy returns to your Mom, and lots more to come with good health always.
Happy birthday Mom.

You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

sue said...

Uncle Lee,
thanx for the warm wishes..

we could never give them an equal love like what they've gave us

have a great weekend to you too

sue said...

Yong,sama2 kita doakan kebahagian mama dan ayah dunia dan akhirat..
kak cik..