Thursday, March 31, 2011

At last...

Hello..I've been caught up with many things at home and workplace and don't have a time to upload these lovely photo from a memorable event in our life.

It was a five years waiting for him..and for us..after spending most of his weekend at Gurney Road, juggling is time for us and his study and finally it was all worth it.

We left for JB on Saturday morning and managed to stayed at Pulai Springs Resort..But since it was considered peak season, the rate is higher but I prefer this hotel anytime..with its spacious room, beautiful and picturesque landscape, beautifully designed swimming pool and contemporary interior is a perfect palce to stay especially with small kids who always need extra space.

We spend most of the evening by the pool, my sister and I just sat down and watch the kids and their abah in the pool.
I like this urn and palm trees with cobalt blue tiles..serene..:-)

Having a splashing good time

My sister and the kids..please ignore a soiled diaper next to Hadif...sapa la yang tak boleh pikir tuu pi tingal suka hati jeee..

We had dinner at Singgah Selalu..macam selalu :)..but with Hadif on his lap, sleeping and skip his dinner

He had to leave early for registration on Sunday morning, but Hadif woke up at 6am and was up and ready and cheerful..and left early at 6.30am and we continued our sleep and by 8am head down for breakfast, they were eager to go to the swimming pool again, but I won't take the risk of being late for their father's event..

By 10.40am we were a;ready at FAB's parking..and it brings back all the memories of those years :-)

Few roads were closed and we had to climb the was tiring and Hadif keep on complaining..sakit kaki, seluar ketat etc....

The front area of Dewan Sultan Iskandar and the mosque were full with people and of of flowers in various colours and were excited selecting bouquet of roses.
Little girl with bouquet of roses for her father

It was only 15 minutes waiting before the ceremony end, I can't imagined what will happen if I arrived early with two kids and with my big tummy...:-0

Family photo near Dewan Sultan Iskandar, we had bidan terjun photographer that day..

Hugs and kissess from the kids..

I'm relieved that all things went smoothly as planned..Syukur..

'Pose-merenung-masa-depan' infront of the mosque..Congrats dear..

Next year will be my turn okay..:-)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011




Friday, March 18, 2011

Ghost in High Court

I'm not a big fan of ghost story, Ann Rice and such but I love Tamar Jalis's Bercakap Dengan Jin, it was a great book during rainy night with heavy rain pouring on our atap zink.

Lately I have not watch horror or any movie from that genre except for Hantu Kak Limah, which is very entertaining (and don't compare that movie with any Korean movie)


I received a phone call today about our project in JB,...they told me that there's a news about this office in many newspaper and online..I thought that its going to be like any other project because since last week we have been bombarded with many problems on site..

So I checked Yahoo Malaysia News and found out that it was reported that paranormal activities occurred there

That building was built in the 90's and that particular floor was not occuppied for more than ten you can imagine who and what lives there with a nice view towards Singapore..:-))

After one of my site visit there, I came back to Putrajaya and noticed a big mark on my thigh..I believed that I did not hit anything ...:-)

Luckily during four months of construction period, we did not 'see' or 'hear' anything but the toilet is kind of spooky as well as their corner office..

Hope they will do something about it..:-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full Blood Count

Each pregnancy is a unique experience, first time experience was a smooth journey especially when I had the opportunity to just stay at home starting from second trimester (read: quit my job :)..It was all me and my growing tummy, cakes, chocolate, ice cream and beriani gam...

Second one was accidental pregnancy like most of us had....still it was smooth right from the start, no morning sickness..

This third pregnancy is a well planned but conceived at the moment of chaos at workplace, but still I was given strength and courage to travel from the beginning until seven months plus. But with previous experience and fatigue and biological condition, this journey is a little bit different.

There are too many facts and figures written with red pen in my up and the next month one down..and it won't go up again..

Its been like four months that by hb is low..its border line even though I consumed double hematinic each day, eat bayam putih bayam merah, but I don't go kerang and organ I have to depends on other source...

And at next appoinment, I'll be doing this FBC thing..full blood count test..hopefully no major problem and hope by that time my hb level will be at least 11.0g..

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It started with a removed blog and then no access to email account due to 'unusual activities that has been detected'..

And finally it was all well..and I found out that someone or virus or whatever has been sending numerous email to jkr staff from my email account...grrrr...

I thought that these whole memorable thing will be lost forever or terselit celah2 cyberspace..

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Body and Soul

People say that we need food for our body and soul. I need both in a large quantity and dose.

Work wise everything are moving at a slow pace, which is good for me because I'm not in a mood of being productive anymore :)..(well, sometimes it does not pay off when you really work hard, stand with your principles and such) for now, I just take it easy, finished whatever task that need to be done and won't take it too hard the end of the day, peace of mind is more essential.

Our Langkawi trip was a successful short trip especially when we did not really planned it, we just had an easy holiday..strolling along the beach waiting for the sunset and also enjoy the morning sun, the white sandy beach was smooth on their delicate feet.

I'm currently reading The Kite's Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Brida by Paulo Coelho. Bought these books a year ago but only managed to read Khaled's since last month because Paulo's always occupied my time on board or when I was alone at night in a hotel room. And now both are my company during ante natal check up at Klinik Kesihatan.

Reading can be therapeutic but sometimes it can also be a bit disturbing especially for me who always drowned myself in any plot..Halfway through reading The Kite Runner, I already lives with Amir,Hassan and that half German boy..and the scene from that alley keep on coming and disturbing my mind..

Same goes to Paulo's By the River Piedra I Down And Wept..the story, the plot, each words and each description on the location made me feel like I'm with the character along their journey..

Talking about the power of words and mind..some politician in Boleh Land are afraid of this thingy :-))

Okay, enough of that...whatever food that we need, either for body or soul, it should be a wise choice..have a great week ahead