Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick update ...

Everything went back to normal...Alhamdulillah but we still need extra precaution and safety measure due to human factor pulak..we need extra padlock with sensor and whatever technology in the market..

I'm very busy at this moment,just four days before the Big Exam..going to 'markas' for some discussion and revision..the more we read, the more we feel like we don't a lot pf things..sigh...

The kids are behaving well..but Sufiya keep on asking about her abah who is in KK now, he just came back from Penang and spent only few hours at home and the next morning flew to Bintulu and the following day he is in Sabah and only be back by Saturday...I think she understand the situation coz she keep on saying ..'abah kija'..but Hadif as usual did not realised that abah is not around but he moment he sees his father, he will cry out loud and from that moment he'll be on his abah's lap..tak lekang..

They like to buli each other..tak bagi chance kat kakak dah..previously Hadif was the one who always cry..but not its vice versa..

No matter how busy, we still need to spend time with them especially outdoor, she always asked me to go out..'jom, tengok pokok..'..or..'nak jom' the moment she sees he abah in different attire.

Will update later..I need to go to 'markas' now..please pray for me..this is really big thing and very important for my whole journey in this field..

Monday, May 04, 2009

Home Scary Home

A home is a place for people to live in, it is a habitable space fill with laughter, joy and pride..BUT...they are sometimes OTHERS who wants to share your comfort space and try to just pass by or make their own Home Sweet Home too...!!!

Remember any horror movie, the scene is always dark with dim light, and your heart was beating fast the moment the sun came down, the best part of that movie started when the film turned dark...that's how I feel at this moment, we go about our daily life and enjoy being at this new place for the last two weeks but things started to change last week when the kids started crying at night non-stop, the second night it was Hadif's turn, I was preparing to perform solat and hubby was sitting at the side of the bed not far from Hadif, and suddenly he cried and his whole body was can tell that that kind of crying is not a hunger cue...he looked shocked, I was shocked too, so does everybody, but Sufiya, luckily she was sleeping and his brother's cry did not bother her..I informed my father in Alor Star, both night we have to made a midnight call and disturb their sleep..

I woke up the next day and stand at my entrance door, I realised that our house is facing a small lane, a 10 feet green that divided two rows of house, it is good for cross ventilation but...I don't know maybe my mind have been working so hard remembering all those lines and pages from Tamar Jalis's book.

The same day at about 5 pm, I was alone in the bedroom and everybody was downstairs tired from trip to Banting, the bedroom door was ajar and suddenly 'somebody' keep on 'playing' with the door knob...all of sudden semua bulu roma tegak berdiri ..I remained silent for awhile..then I called bibik, konon-konon suruh angkat sampah...I tried many times checking the doorknob and try to simulate what if it was just the wind that pushed the door, but confirmed it should not affect the knob...
So I went downstairs and did not tell anybody especially my sister :-P (Kinat jangan takut pulak nak mai Putrajaya)

I called another friend yesterday who husband could treat this matter, he did mentioned that IT was from other place, not the ONE that stay there..same like my father told me..but I don't want to share the space with them.

I was told to prepare 1 kilo of lengkuas, pepper and salt and ibu bawang putih..hmm never came across or heard about ibu bawang...