Monday, March 24, 2008

Pantun, Syair dan Puisi

'Laut petang memapah kemudi,
Payang musafir ke teluk waktu,
Selamat datang ke rumah puisi,
Seberang Takir menyambut tamu.'
.....J.M Aziz

Sometimes when we got something for free, we tend not to appreciate it or value those things as it should it living things, precious material..or precious moment and even books...last Friday was our lucky day, coz hubby found 6 books on Malay pantun which were placed on recycle bin...3 of them are hardcover...can you believe one of 'em is J.M Aziz's and the other is Aripin Said's...that person might have got it simply becoz they are working with Kementerian Kebudayaan, so those are their free copies..

One of the book even include a manuscript that were written in Jawi...
To me, those books are so precious and meaningful, they are proof of our cultural value, I'll try to find time to read to Sufiya, even though she might not understand those lovely words...but one day I'm sure she will...and those books will be kept as family treasure.. :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kindness, Belly and Teething.....

People said that Malaysians are kind and gentle people ....? not so true when it comes to public transport, they revealed their true kiasu..even when they see a pregnant lady, one of our staff were on leave for a week, she travel everyday by bus all the way from Selayang to Putrajaya, and nobody seems to care even her tummy is so visible, so big to understand her burden..they just ignore and try not to look at her or at least understand her burden..until she almost fell and suffer a sprain ankle...gerammmm folks if u happen to see any pregnant women please offer 'em ur seat, u'll get what u give...!!!

Hubby just called from Emergency unit (Hospital Putrajaya) of his friend were having breathing difficulty after heaving a hearty meal of ayam kampung..i noticed many of his friend are having the same problem..they are still young, but having this common health issue, especially with their big and protuding belly, lack of exercise...and too much 'good- free -food'..(i know u gonna read this.... :-)
And yess...finally our little girl is going to have a chance to enjoy more and more finger food as her teeth has emerged..but it started out with the upper one...some said if the upper part came first, than she'll be something like 'cakap tinggi', and its vice versa....i don't know...hope not..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Belly Touching

At 25 weeks and second pregnancy, my tummy looks like a melon and has become public property..with this protuding tummy everybody wants to long as they are gentle, that's fine with me...but this little baby is not that gentle...kicking and dancing just like the big sis..
Its time for a change...need a new wardrobe, new blog layout..and thank God its new 'Wind of Change'...oo u know what i mean... :-) we''ll see a new landscape..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

'Dapat Kaki'

When I heard this 'dapat kaki' for the first time, I thought of something else, something artificial...but it is actually when your child could really walk on her I understand...

She's exploring the whole house, even the toilet..and she thought that wc is a washing machine, and she happily throw her wet pants inside it....ewww...!!..and she loves 'helping' in the kitchen and understand well how things around her function, last nite with her own stainless steel spatula she tried to help me with the wok...this is dangerous..and cooking is not the same anymore, it's more like a battle field with bang here and there, and broken glassess...the neighbours maybe wondering why this lady cook in such a way...or facing domestic violence...

On the other side, she's more interactive now, she understand and will follow our instruction...but one thing for sure, she'll move to any kind of it MTV, commercial or even Tamil song... :-) ... cute

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chicken Pox

We had expected that she gonna get infected coz few kids at the nursery were having it, and also one in her group...and it happen at the right time when her father were leaving for Mount on Friday after rushing from KL we embarked on a journey to Alor Setar...just the two of us...she cried at first due to hot air inside the cabin but lucky the crew were helpful....

Its hard for us if we stay in Putrajaya with her chicken pox angry to came out...and its even hard to find those traditional remedy...we thought that we saw mambu tree but not that sure..I remember during trial SRP there were few red spot on my face which i thought just a pimple..unfortunately it was chicken pox...and after a week it looked juat like capati...and i restained myself from capati for quite some time...

There were actually rows and rows of mambu tree or semambu in Putrajaya..but others like bayam duri are hard to find..we prepared her bath with mixture of bayam duri, mambu leaves plus another plant which look like ginger but with white flower, just use the root...

got this photo from a website..mambu or Azadirachta Indica
The first two night were horrible, she can't sleep well...crying all nite, they said that was becoz of the coconut juice and chicken soup,..pity Sufiya..we even placed this leaves underneath her bedsheet to reduced itchiness..

She's now back to her normal life..except for some dot here and there...that will take time to dissapear ...Hope so..