Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fatty Chemical Methanol Tank Explosion

Methanol tank exploded killing two workers and two badly injured at Fatty Chemical(M) Sdn Bhd factory in Prai this morning around 11.00am. During the explosion the factory was shut down for maintenance work which is under a contractor: San-Q.It is believed that workers were doing some weilding work near methanol tank. According to one source, the body of the victim was found at level four of the factory, it show how strong the explosion was. One of methanol tank tank has exploded and it caused the cover/ lit to be thrown away to the other tank.
For info, here are some definitions of Methanol as extracted from few sources:-
Methanol (methyl alcohol). An alcohol used as a raw material in a wide range of industrial and chemical processes.

Methyl alcohol. Wood alcohol. The simplest alcohol. Methanol is water soluble and has a flash point of 54°F and explosive limits of 6% to 36.5%.

A colorless alcohol that is very toxic and extremely flammable. It is used to produce a number of products including MTBE, fuels, and solvents.

The source of explosion as reported is still under investigation held by DOSH (Department of Safety and Health). It looks like DOSH are in spotlight since last year after too many accident happen at workplace. In Fatty Chemical incident, it is quite a surprise for a company who have a good track record on safety and health. (This is just a brief info- do not consider this as a good reference, for further detail, please wait for DOSH Investigation report),or maybe the ministry will ask CIDB to investigate as what happen in Hartamas.
Maybe there are other things that people overlook or maybe it's just their time... Sometimes things happen the way it should be even though we have consider all safety requirements or comply to any law, but it is fate that will make a different.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Potrait of Putrajaya: Night Scene

Putrajaya has become one of places of interest among local and foreign tourist,the administrative capital has a lot more to offer from green landscape to aviary, architecturally pleasing building with Moorish architecture, international and hi-tech with intricate detailing has been well planned to accommodate administration building, hotels, government quarters, commercial complex as well as recreational area, but unfortunately it is lack of the most important substance of town planning- 'romanticism' ..Everything are so predictable until there is no more sense of surprises unlike any other town which slowly evolved from a small component. Anyway it is still something that we should be proud of, especially for the architect who had those precious opportunity to be part of this development:-
Masjid Putra night scene
bridge thru the A frame
cable bridge of Putrajaya
one of the most outstanding bridge design leading to Ministry of Finance

Friday, February 24, 2006

5 % Work

Maybe because it's Friday, maybe the flu and the headache..Or maybe I'm just being lazy today. I only received one phone call from site office, one SMS and faxed one item to the COW. How boring it is today when we are used to a hectic life with many things to complete and datelines to meet, and suddenly the environment changed. This is dangerous; no work means no productivity and this will lead to nothing. I should have complete a submission drawing for Bukit Tinggi but then still waiting for that one more item to add in. Everything are sailing slowly, slow progress means slow payment..This is not good for me.
I thought that since I have ample time for 'me' time, I could read some books on 'Project Management' or 'Contract' but then I don't have the motivation, flipping few pages then I get bored. I know that I should prepare myself now, sharpen my skill, gain more knowledge and experience and read more books, attend seminar and keep up to date with latest technology at the same time...fuhhh...That's quite a long list..There is no easy way to be successful, the journey is far way too long for me..Or maybe there is a shortcut that I have not trace.. I would give myself another two years to complete my log book and sit for the Part 3 exam (actually I haven't fill up anything..)Hopefully by then I have equipped myself to take on the next challenge but with this 5% work how far can I go...?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Halal and Non - Halal Food

After 6 months of not going to linggi by myself, at last today I have to drive alone. The meeting is scheduled at 2pm, so I have ample time to prepare and surf the internet. Driving to Linggi is not that exciting, the road is too winding and there are only few car passess by but I hope everything gonna be ok. The last time I drove there was last year,it took me almost 2 hours from Putrajaya. I took the coastal road which I thought would be more interesting, but then it's just the same.
The site is situated far inside a kampung area adjacent to Linggi river and it's gonna be really hot like usual. The worst thing about this area is there is only one food stall at a bus stand infront of the site. I have no other choice, or else go to the other side the yard, which sometimes I can't take the food, worry of the cleanliness. Other alternative is going to Kuala Sungai; a small town with only two row of an old shophouse. There are also few Malay stall, the rest are Chinese which they claim halal! Even when I asked the Malay stall operator about the Chinese restaurant,they said confidently that it is 'halal'. God, how can they simply said that while clearly there is this big 'praying counter'(i don't know what they call this)inside the restaurant and it fills with the smell from colok!..Besides we don't know what happen in the kitchen, the might used the same wok, same plate..hurghh..scary. This is what normally happen when all the contractor and the consultants are non-Malay, and you are the only one who have to think not just twice but many many time about your food especially in this remote area where choices are not available. And to make it worst, no matter what I have to follow their car since we go car pool. Some people they are more considerate, they do think about others sensetivity but there are some who just don't care since they are the one who pay or maybe due to the lack of knowledge. Who's to blame in this situation but I have found my ways to overcome this problem. Each time after the meeting I will always insist to go to that small stall infront of the site or to Pengkalan Balak- by the beach few km away but worth it.
Looking back at this halal issue, I think that it's time for Muslim enterprenure to seriously venture and promote halal food. What happen now is we are too depending on non-Malays food supply which they definitely don't have a clear idea of what halal is. It seems like we don't have the control of our own life, of what we eat and what we buy. The list could be too long, from koay teow, chilli paste, vege, bean curd, junk food and drinks are supplied by them. Even asam boi or in Loghat Utara we call it 'asam ko' manufactured by them. I noticed nowadays most people are no longer concern of what they eat daily, what are the ingredients, who prepare the food and whether it's halal or not. We have to consider all these things; what we eat will be our blood that will run through the body which supply the oxigen to move the whole system, eating non-halal food is just like having a contaminated chemical in the blood vessel, it could spoil the system slowly. I read somewhere that we have to avoid eating food prepared by non-Muslim' it's the 'air tangan orang kafir' issue. Keberkatan is what we are looking for in our everyday life, at least if Muslim are the one who prepared the food he might started off with 'Bismillah' or any other doa, at least everybody will get the benefit. Just imagine; one non Muslim guy working as a Chef, who used to drink and only used a toilet paper instead of water prepare your meal. It might taste good, superb but imagine what happen before it; he might used the same hand to open Carlsberg can, the same hand playing at the casino, and the same hand eating pork! Its not a matter of physical thing, he as a Chef will definetely wash his hand before cooking, but this is more spiritual. We are what we eat...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Behind a happy eyes..

Last week my friend from Utm and I went to visit our former housemate who just gave birth to a lovely baby girl. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and driving under the hot sun was not a pleasant journey plus the jam which create more chaos in my head.We finally arrived at her mom's place, and there she was waiting for us with her baby on her arm. The house still look the same as I went almost a year ago, the only addition is the cute baby, while her father is outstation. It was almost like a mini gathering for us, I used to be her room mate but I don't really know her much until her wedding day. Only on that big day I knew who she is and what made her to be the way she used to be. She has gone through many obstacles in life, study, financial and social I was so ignorance at those time, I couldn't see the reality right infront of my eyes. It took me almost 2 years to discover the truth, the sadness and the struggle behind that happy cheerful face. And last Saturday I heard another sad story of her; since the husband wasn't around, there are no one that she could rely on except for her parents, until today she have to go to a clinic by a bicycle, just imagine how a woman who've went thru 9 months carrying a big tummy and hours of labor pain have to suffer another episode of challenge. The nearest clinic is few km from her house and the house itself is quite isolated. How would it be if there's an emergency or the baby sick?..All they have is just an old bicycle, but how could we depends on that alone...From her face we know that there are many things crossing her mind, thinking about her baby, her parents, her husband and at the same time about moving to another state following her husband. It is like keep on coming, one after another, my only hope is she will be strong enough to face all this. Just how lucky we are staying in a comfortable house with decent car to take us anywhere while at the other corner of the world there are a lot of people who suffer and only God knows. May peace be upon us.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Potrait of Putrajaya: Sunset

when the sun goes down, the day end..but not the memories..

view towards Masjid Putra from Precinct 16

ALLAH Almighty..

Friday, February 17, 2006

Samy Vellu and sms nightmare

Last two days he can't sleep until 4 in the morning,receiving almost 2600 sms..he woke up and thinking that this is the most terrible nightmare and a bad decision, so next time he know that he should not be too defensive until he let people enchroached to his private moment by giving hp number in national tv.But he always want to twist here and there by saying that those 1000 sms were just from people who congratulate him...hmm..i doubt it.Maybe any phone company could come out with solution to overcome a problem of receiving too many sms that can damage our phone as what Samy said last nite...'sekarang phone saya pun sudah rosak, banyak sangat sms masuk..'whatever..he always put the blame on people, on nature and now on technology..buta teknologi ke..? JKR pun kena upgrade nampaknya, just like upgrading our sim card..;-)
This incident should be a turning point or as a precedent to all minister, to be more cautious, calm and compose when handling sensetive issue or when being bombarded questions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Civil servant and birocracy

I was called again today to brief about the project which is still pending approval due to political issue. I have tried my best to get things done accordingly but as usual this is Malaysia, the system is totally different, we are no longer been served by the civil servant. Sometimes we have to treat them like they are above everything, most of them are getting too demanding while their service are still at below public satisfaction. Just imagine to get a letter out will take them almost two weeks, let alone getting it signed, which definitely will take another week or months. Too much birocracy lead to inefficient service that will lead to slow development. I fully understand their work system and heirarchy but they as a body who serve the public should have the awareness to improve and be better each day. everybody in the authority...no not everybody actually but most of them have personal interest, when we have this kind of attitude we will tend to mould things to suit our own need rather than standard requirement or By-Laws. it is really frustating going up and down MPSJ almost everyday just to get a piece of paper of approval, they are just buying time...this scenario happened due to developer's greed and people inside that particular body who are looking in a different perspective on how this project could benefit them. 'kawtim' is the most terrible word not only in contruction industry but in many fields in Malaysia. People have been shadowed by money,they were thought that money could buy you everything even dignity. It's hard to change the system where the big player has started these tradition or giving money and gift, we are just a small fish in small pond who are looking for some algae....chain reaction..

Cabinet reshuffled

Yesterday announcement on the new team of cabinet structure was a good indication and maybe we could hope for a better service. Samy Vellu is still considered 'kebal' on his chair at this moment, not because there is no other suitable candidate, but simply because he need to clean up his own mess..All those cracked need to be rectify..So does the cracked on his head, next time around if we discover any crack or problem on any road, bridge or whatever, please don't go straight to the media, but proceed to this Samy who have promised a lot of things..Anyway I didn't remember his phone number, he said we can call him anytime..yeaaa right..
Another one pillar goes down- Datuk Kader Sheikh Fadzil- this is not a surprise for a man who didn't contribute much to nation's development,all he care was how to spend the money on entertainment. Leaving or been asked to leave is not a matter to be discussed, its good for all parties to received a new minister who are more creative and know how to do things properly and cost effective.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stuck at menara summit

Tomorrow will be my 2 years anniversary working with this company, after so much hardwork,sacrifice,complaint, heart broken and argument, I'm still standing here..or maybe I should say stuck..! Yeah..Maybe right, I'm stuck with the same type of project-resort and resort again from 1997 until now, it's not that I don't like resort architecture, it's just too much for me.i need to move on, develop my skill, be more creative, dealing with more challenging design technology and constraint. to make things worst is the client who keep on chasing us to finish up all the :-(!@#@# drawing in a very short time but ended up throwing everything away and start all over again from scratch..They said they have the budget, then they said the management wants something 'cheap but nice'..Where got..?We can't comprise on quality and aesthetic value.its a relieve when last month these development has been handed over to another guy, but I'm still involved with the rest of the masterplan..Well I'm just an employee, if that is what been given, I have to deliver my job..Sigh..
another commercial complex which I took over last few months are not moving at the moment, that is why I have so much time for blogging and blog hopping ;-)
this is another headache, I don't know why I always have to deal with sick project. But this one is very political, where too many people have personal interest and this is what make my job harder, I have to juggle things at the office and at the same time need to tackle all political issue wisely and fast..gaji tak nak banyak pun....The boss expect me to 'visit' MPSJ everyday, he said "once a week is not enough! U have to go everyday, belanja them drinks, get to know the officer..bla bla..macam boleh claim..
anyway enough of complaining, life goes on, tomorrow might be better..I will do my best and at the same time looking forward for a better chance..

MRR2 and Samy Vellu statement..

MRR2 is another case of improper planning, design failure and poor implementation and management as well as 'things that I can't discuss here'..As a Minister, last nite statement was not appropriate, how can we simply blame on nature when things does gone wrong.he's kinda giving public his another 'putar belit' statement, one same statement has been twisted to save his ass...It a shame for somebody who have a vast experience in construction to give those kind of feedback. Maybe its time for him to give way for fresh new leave...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trip to Penang and Kedah...part3

Majalah Wanita December 1976:

while helping wan sorting and removing all furniture and books, i discovered this 30years old magazine published in December 1976 underneath many old and dusty books and newspaper.it's interesting to see how things has develop from plain graphic and low quality printing to glossy and better quality cover with more refreshing subject matter.at that era, traditional value were still important and people were proud of it and it shows clearly on this cover.

one of competition segment

during school time, we always make fun and laugh out loud looking at this kind of column in a magazine, especially the haircut with big bun infront. haircut as well as fashion were influenced by a lot of forces, i think the worst fashion era was in the 80's where people go for big hair (Cindy Lauper..) and colourful and vibrant outfit. during those time with less communication technology, people depends on printed media to express, seek information and looking for new friends and life partner.there were times pen-pal was a big thing, everybody at school will keep on comparing who got the most. unlike in this era of technology we are no longer need to send our photo which will only be published after two months.books and magazine are the best documentation item, where it will be a reference in the future and at the same time as a valueble artefact.

Trip to Penang and Kedah...part2

Kuala Sala, Kedah:
it's been one month we haven't been to wan's house, so this time around we decided to gather in Kuala Sala for lunch and help with the house renovation.everytime we come to this house there will always be minor extension whether front portion or back with no proper planning. but this latest work looks more well composed even though i don't like the arch- looks so Roman...
after lunch we managed to go fishing at a small river lead by my mom..who share this passion with my father, my hubby and all of my cousin. we have to cross the bendang/sawah which were too dry, so we were lucky otherwise we have to think about leeches..yuck..so here are some snapshot:-

by the river
the best thing about Kuala Sala is we have have almost all element at one place except for highland, there are rivers flowing running across the bendang(kedah term for sawah=paddy field) and separating the beach. even though the beach are not sandy it still gives a spectular scenery.

the many faces of Kuala Sala

Trip to Penang and Kedah..part1

last week we had many occasion to attend and many activites had been planned for both family back in Penang and Alor Setar. we've decided to left Putrajaya on Sunday afternoon instead of earlier to avoid traffic jam on highway. we were quite lucky coz i heard from my neighbour that he had to drove for 10 hours all the way from Putrajaya-Penang on saturday.
anyway we had a news that my hubby's uncle just passed away that morning around 6.15am, he was scheduled to undergone an operation on that particular day.Al-Fatihah.
the journey went smooth along North-South Highway except for three accident, i couldn't snap any pic coz we were on the right lane. the traffic at Penang Bridge were even worst, we had to wait for almost 45min just to pay the ticket. i think Samy Vellu should come to Penang during this season where people are heading to Penang more than usual and the existing bridge can't accommodate this high density user.
so after almost an hour on the bridge we headed to Taman Abidin to visit the jenazah. it was a sad environment, but i couldn't look at his youngest son who look so calm even though once in a while he will wipe his tears, while his three sisters still crying with their mother. at that moment i realised how i love my hubby so much.'people come and go....'

the next day we left for Alor Setar via ferry, afraid of yesterday bad traffic we choose to relax on this romantic journey.i always prefer travelling by ferry instead of driving across the bridge, i really like the smell of salt water..eh?..while the wind blew my face..hmm, besides, the ferry itself was one element in my final year thesis- Revitalisation of Penang Waterfront-Weld Quay,so its kinda sentimental to me..

even this rope look interesting to me...;-)