Sunday, February 26, 2006

Potrait of Putrajaya: Night Scene

Putrajaya has become one of places of interest among local and foreign tourist,the administrative capital has a lot more to offer from green landscape to aviary, architecturally pleasing building with Moorish architecture, international and hi-tech with intricate detailing has been well planned to accommodate administration building, hotels, government quarters, commercial complex as well as recreational area, but unfortunately it is lack of the most important substance of town planning- 'romanticism' ..Everything are so predictable until there is no more sense of surprises unlike any other town which slowly evolved from a small component. Anyway it is still something that we should be proud of, especially for the architect who had those precious opportunity to be part of this development:-
Masjid Putra night scene
bridge thru the A frame
cable bridge of Putrajaya
one of the most outstanding bridge design leading to Ministry of Finance


Anak Merdeka said...

You have some lovely photos yourself!

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that Putrajaya is a beautiful place, although sometimes the landscape can make one feel like in the middle of the desert especially under the hot midday sun.

I am most captivated by the stunning bridges seen in Putrajaya - we don't see many of these beautiful bridge designs anywhere else in Malaysia.

Which is a pity, eh?

sue said...

cik amoi,
Putrajaya is th' place for design exploration with provision of sufficient(i guess) budget..otherwise susah nak convinced the client to come out with this kind of product..