Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cabinet reshuffled

Yesterday announcement on the new team of cabinet structure was a good indication and maybe we could hope for a better service. Samy Vellu is still considered 'kebal' on his chair at this moment, not because there is no other suitable candidate, but simply because he need to clean up his own mess..All those cracked need to be rectify..So does the cracked on his head, next time around if we discover any crack or problem on any road, bridge or whatever, please don't go straight to the media, but proceed to this Samy who have promised a lot of things..Anyway I didn't remember his phone number, he said we can call him anytime..yeaaa right..
Another one pillar goes down- Datuk Kader Sheikh Fadzil- this is not a surprise for a man who didn't contribute much to nation's development,all he care was how to spend the money on entertainment. Leaving or been asked to leave is not a matter to be discussed, its good for all parties to received a new minister who are more creative and know how to do things properly and cost effective.


cyberjie said...

I am just wondering what is so different about this 'new' line up..? Only those dispensable ministers dropped..

sue said...

i don't think that this small restructured things will help much, most of 'em need to clean up their s@#&, this year will a bit tough for Pak Lah, but he definitely need Rafidah and Uncle Sam..