Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trip to Penang and Kedah...part2

Kuala Sala, Kedah:
it's been one month we haven't been to wan's house, so this time around we decided to gather in Kuala Sala for lunch and help with the house renovation.everytime we come to this house there will always be minor extension whether front portion or back with no proper planning. but this latest work looks more well composed even though i don't like the arch- looks so Roman...
after lunch we managed to go fishing at a small river lead by my mom..who share this passion with my father, my hubby and all of my cousin. we have to cross the bendang/sawah which were too dry, so we were lucky otherwise we have to think about here are some snapshot:-

by the river
the best thing about Kuala Sala is we have have almost all element at one place except for highland, there are rivers flowing running across the bendang(kedah term for sawah=paddy field) and separating the beach. even though the beach are not sandy it still gives a spectular scenery.

the many faces of Kuala Sala


Anonymous said... so nice.
where is this place actually?

Anonymous said...

what a place...... very nice