Friday, February 17, 2006

Samy Vellu and sms nightmare

Last two days he can't sleep until 4 in the morning,receiving almost 2600 sms..he woke up and thinking that this is the most terrible nightmare and a bad decision, so next time he know that he should not be too defensive until he let people enchroached to his private moment by giving hp number in national tv.But he always want to twist here and there by saying that those 1000 sms were just from people who congratulate him...hmm..i doubt it.Maybe any phone company could come out with solution to overcome a problem of receiving too many sms that can damage our phone as what Samy said last nite...'sekarang phone saya pun sudah rosak, banyak sangat sms masuk..'whatever..he always put the blame on people, on nature and now on technology..buta teknologi ke..? JKR pun kena upgrade nampaknya, just like upgrading our sim card..;-)
This incident should be a turning point or as a precedent to all minister, to be more cautious, calm and compose when handling sensetive issue or when being bombarded questions.


cyberjie said...

Ha..haa..he bluff. Jst ignore him. Why don't he keep his mouth shut? . He has nothing intelligent to say .

sue said...

he should read 'how to answer to media for dummies'..