Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trip to Penang and Kedah..part1

last week we had many occasion to attend and many activites had been planned for both family back in Penang and Alor Setar. we've decided to left Putrajaya on Sunday afternoon instead of earlier to avoid traffic jam on highway. we were quite lucky coz i heard from my neighbour that he had to drove for 10 hours all the way from Putrajaya-Penang on saturday.
anyway we had a news that my hubby's uncle just passed away that morning around 6.15am, he was scheduled to undergone an operation on that particular day.Al-Fatihah.
the journey went smooth along North-South Highway except for three accident, i couldn't snap any pic coz we were on the right lane. the traffic at Penang Bridge were even worst, we had to wait for almost 45min just to pay the ticket. i think Samy Vellu should come to Penang during this season where people are heading to Penang more than usual and the existing bridge can't accommodate this high density user.
so after almost an hour on the bridge we headed to Taman Abidin to visit the jenazah. it was a sad environment, but i couldn't look at his youngest son who look so calm even though once in a while he will wipe his tears, while his three sisters still crying with their mother. at that moment i realised how i love my hubby so much.'people come and go....'

the next day we left for Alor Setar via ferry, afraid of yesterday bad traffic we choose to relax on this romantic journey.i always prefer travelling by ferry instead of driving across the bridge, i really like the smell of salt the wind blew my face..hmm, besides, the ferry itself was one element in my final year thesis- Revitalisation of Penang Waterfront-Weld Quay,so its kinda sentimental to me..

even this rope look interesting to me...;-)

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