Friday, January 27, 2006

My express lunch

I had a simple lunch today, just a cup of Lipton tea and mushroom soup, not that I'm on diet or what coz I'm skinny but not as bad as Jodie Kid. Sometimes it's hard to choose a place to eat in Summit. It has been two years and we have been dining at the same old place with the same dishes and the same waiter. It looks like this building are dying slowly, all space has been converted to restaurant or food kiosk and mostly are Chinese food. The only decent place are Secret Recipe, Starbuck and Black Canyon plus three fast food joint.
Back in Alor Setar, I could spend only RM3.50-RM4.00 on a big portion mixed rice including drink, but here that amount is nothing...I can't wait to go back this weekend, nasi tomato and roti arab kapitan plus rojak padang kota are waiting for me...Happy holiday and Awal Muharram

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