Saturday, January 21, 2006


i thought that i can have a piece of mind during the weekend, with no phone calls from the client, contractor or from my too-judgemental and sarcastic boss, but hey..some people just don't care, early in the morning the contractor just call me to collect a drawing today even though i've promised to issue on Monday...most of people in the industry rushing to complete their work before Chinese New Year in order for them to claim for payment. anyway, one think that spark my mind is the way the contractor talk, especially non-malay, sometimes they say something else but what they mean is totally different, like this morning conversation:-
contractor: itu berapa tingkat ahh?
me: (i thought that he was referring to the project? which is only one storey)..1 tingkat..
contractor: office you berapa tingkat?
me: (oohh...he was asking about my office..) tingkat 13 la..
contractor: isnin i datang pukul 10 ambik itu drawing..thank u ahh... makes a lot of different when we used a wrong vocab or miss even one letter...that is why people quarrel..i guess, because they way we express are not right for that particular moment and occassion..

i remember one incident last year, when we were just few months staying together as husband and wife, there are lots of things to learn about and from each other. i was preparing lunch, and my hubby request for 'air asam' (equal to sambal belacan), so i prepared the chillis, belacan and my cute mortar and pestle..i actually didnt really like using this hand grinding tools..its almost finish and he suddenly asked what are u doing? i said : u asked for air asam, so now i'm preparing this for u..and then he said..'no, i actually asked for masak asam,(which is fried fish with sour soup- mixed with tamarind juice, sliced chilli and ginger)....he said again..'u know me'..
yaa.. i know him well now..he always jumble up everything..what to do

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