Friday, October 31, 2008

Family day : Genting View Resort

It been almost 4 years ago we've been to Genting, that was few months after the wedding, and tomorrow we are leaving for Genting again with additional two seats :-)
We are in Orange Team so the kids got to wear the same colour to create the mood of 'Family Day'.

I have to handle primary school category's game : 'lari kepit bola'..ooh how I wish Sufiya could join one of the game..she's still small, she might have chance next two years..

The theme for tomorrow's dinner night is 'Red, Black and White'..i prefer red, so i got to find something red for her, Hadif no problem at all, he already got so many red outfit..the father would go for black and white..

This is her oufit..just bought it few minutes ago, got to find red hairclips to match the pant

Genting we come

In Memory : Miss Sibert

She taught us English and poetry, she was strict..she was big and bold..

Miss Sibert during one of reunion (from Queen of the House blog)

But on the 30th October 2008 she left us with many memories

The New Straits Times of July 4, 1983 carried a caption, describing herretirement send-off as:"Miss Sibert was given a grand send-off in a beautifully decoratedtrisha - towed by Girl Guides, amid shouts of `Goodbye' from her pupils."
..I'm proud to say that I was among her student who lined up infront of the school chapel saying goodbye to her

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Progress and milestone

Alhamdulillah we just received a good news from Penang that our niece is now no longer staying at NICU, things will be better soon, only God knows how we feel.


On a lighter note: Hadif just moved forward to another level..yea!!..dah meniarap today on his own..rolled and rolled..and finally he did it, Sufiya and I were over excited rushing to get my handphone to captured those memorable moment :-)

The excitement is still the same even though this is the second one

We are always talking to Sufiya and teaching her all family member's far she could says 'dada, dadi but sometimes dida, shhhaad (irshad), min (syamim) and lah for farehah..and yesterday when I asked her where's Farehah?

she said : 'akit = sakit, with her hand on her tummy'..I gave her a big hug.

She understand a little bit now of what's going on around her

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hope and Prayers

Look at this two baby..a boy and a girl..aren't they adorable

They are very fragile..

We are leaving for Penang tomorrow morning to visit our niece who's been hospitalised with problem to PU..actually it is more than that but I don't feel like revealing everything here..not now..she's bubbly little girl and very kind..she's the one who will always care about other people..I can't say much now..speechless..

The pain is unbearable..only God knows

Please pray for her well being, hope she'll recover soon

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aidilfitri Open House at Taska One, Putrajaya

She just woke up when I arrived with her new shirt and skirt..mata bengkak2 lagi and she was like crying as usual..
She was still mamai and look confused coz there were so many people eating at their play area..

Sufiya with Zara, this girl is very friendly and talk very fluent.

Hadif didn't join the party year je la Hadif, bila dah boleh jalan

With her candy...and jeling2 at the camera

Just want to be friendly..but the boy just enjoyed his meal.. :-)

I like this cheerful with bright colours on the wall
And the food...I must admit that their's are better and variety compared to the one that we had at the office last week. All food were prepared by the staff here. We had lontong, nasi impit, mee rebus, makaroni goreng, ketupat pulut, cookies, traditional kuih, mixed fruits..muffins..etc

Eating her favourite oranges..she kept on asking this girl to sit next to her (she's Ibu Ceria's daughter, her mother is always smiling..that's why we call her 'ceria')

I met a mother who just send her daughter here, the 8 months daughter got a big cut on her forehead..a mark / gift from her babysitter's house and that kind of bruises were not the first one.

Some people thought that it is easy to take care of little baby and toddler, but the fact is the other way, some said that they love children and willing to take care (but we pay, its not free ya)but they ended up ignoring our child's safety..

I wish I could stay at home at take care of my child..but...

Workshop @PWTC

Been away for days attending a workshop at PWTC and window shopping at the Mall..oopss..that wasn't in the list :-)

I'm still fully BF right now but going out for work and leisure does not mean that I've to sacrifice my pumping session. PWTC's banquet staff were very helpful providing me a big ice box for storing my EBM, I asked their permission to put it inside their freezer, but the lady supervisor said that their's are not safe..whatever..and she was so kind and understanding, the poor staff had to dragged that damn heavy box from the kitchen to buffet area and hide it under the table. It's not hard to BF contrary to what people always think, we should not make it needs courage and determination in order to provide the best to our child.


The two days workshop on Energy Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting were interesting topic and it's not complete to understand and digest everything in two days. Might blog about it later.

I need to go to Alamanda right now to get few things for the kids Open House at their nursery today..I guess that will be fun.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pantun Gundah Gulana

Puteri menangis menunggu bulan
Bulan tidak bersinar indah
Hati yang rajuk kerana tuan
Inilah akibat tidak diendah

Menunggu sang puteri ditepi kali
Sambil menyusun sibunga melati
Apa difikir berkali-kali
Mungkin nasib diduga Ilahi

Bunga melati cantik berseri
Disemat puteri ditepi sanggul
Makanlah hati berhari-hari
Memang begitu orang yang sugul

Sanggul disimpul berhati-hati
Sambil mengunyah daun sirih
Apa disimpan di dalam hati
Tiada guna hati bersedih
Daun sirih memanjat tinggi
Dipetik disusun bersama pinang
Doa dan hajat didengar Ilahi
Berputik semula hati yang tenang

Hati siputeri umpama tasik
Tiada ombak mengganggu tebing
Walaupun tenang tidak terusik
Sekali berombak hancurlah tebing

Ombak yang datang berlalu sudah
Ikan ditasik kembali berenang
Tidak dipinta tidak ditegah
Apa yang lepas usah dikenang

Ikan ditasik berwarna-warni
Mencari makan dicelah batu
Putera puteri berbisik harmoni
Hati yang retak kembali bersatu

Hak cipta terpelihara

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan terima darjah Melaka bawa gelaran Datuk

Shah Rukh Khan terima darjah Melaka bawa gelaran Datuk
Oleh Amirullah Andi Nur

MELAKA: Artis Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, menerima anugerah Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) yang membawa gelaran Datuk sempena sambutan Hari Jadi ke-70 Yang di-Pertua Negeri, Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, hari ini.

Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri Melaka, Saadon Basirun, berkata penganugerahan itu sebagai menghargai sumbangan Shah Rukh Khan terhadap perkembangan pesat industri filem Hindustan di rantau ini, termasuk Malaysia.

"Bagaimanapun tarikh majlis penyampaian anugerah itu belum ditentukan lagi," katanya pada sidang media di Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh dekat sini, semalam.

Selain Shah Rukh Khan, tiga artis veteran tanah air pula menerima Darjah Seri Melaka (DSM). Mereka ialah Goh Eng Boon atau lebih dikenali Henry Goh; Jantan Osman atau lebih popular dengan panggilan Ali Mamak dan penyanyi keroncong, Mariam Ahmad.

Saadon turut mengesahkan tiada pemimpin dan ahli Umno disenaraikan untuk menerima anugerah tahun ini kerana Kod Etika Pemilihan Umno tidak membenarkan anggota parti itu dianugerahkan darjah dan pingat kebesaran negeri.

Apalah bangang punya idea!!!....dalam banyak2 orang SRK juga yg dapat perhatian, hampeh betul la,...don't they have a better reason. Malacca is unique in its own way and well known 100 years before SRK and Ali Rustam was born, so what T H nak bagi anugerah kat dia..awat tak dak orang lain ka yang patut dapat..macam veteran perang yg bermandi peluh jaga kedaulatan negara (ke? (SRK mandi peluh juga di set) la Malaysia Boleh!!

sila baca statement ni:

'Setiausaha Politik Ketua Menteri Melaka, Saadon Basirun, berkata penganugerahan itu sebagai menghargai sumbangan Shah Rukh Khan terhadap perkembangan pesat industri filem Hindustan di rantau ini, termasuk Malaysia.'

Perkembangan pesat filem Hindustan, bukan filem Malaysia!!

Dah la banyak kes kena tipu nak beli title Datuk ni, bila nak anugerah pulak, anugerahkan kepada orang yang tak layak, sebenarnya apa kriteria penganugerahan ni? Sepatutnya individu yang bakal menerimanya perlu yang ada membuat sumbangan dlm bidang2 yang membantu ekonomi, agama, politik,kesihatan,pendidikan dan budaya. Filem memang boleh membantu menaikkan industri pelancongan dan meletakkan nama negara dalam peta pelancongan, tetapi berapa minit sangatkah Malaysia dipaparkan dalam filem Bollywood? are they potraying positive image of Malaysia or just one second shot, sampai orang tak perasan pun locationnya kat sini. And why SRK...Man!! artis Malaysia dah ketandusan? U-Wei juga bagus, filem yang bukan komersil atau lawak bodoh.

Pening makan banyak ketupat dan lemang kot...tak faham betul

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

S.H.Alattas : Rahsia Mengenal Diri

Just bought this book last week, the front cover looks interesting but the contents are just simple with few typo error. This 368 pages book consist of guidelines on reading and understanding meaning and 'secrets' behind human face and features.

S.H.Alattas included famous public figure and international political figures as well as Bollywood and Hollywood actor and actress as example where some of them make a good reference. His explaination is simple to digest,but the graphic and illustration are too plain.

Every single part of our body and even lines indicate some sort of sign that could be 'read', I wonder is this a reason why some people would go all the way to 'rectify' anything undesirable just to have a better 'luck'. Recently in Iran, there is a trend to have a smaller nose, as we all know Iranian have a big prominent nose which God have created with a good reason, but they prefer JLo's kind of nose which is small and nice to them...what T H!!

Anyway, we had an Open House makan-makan at the office yesterday and most of us came in colourful and bright outfit that created the ambience of Syawal. What we wear could reflect our personality and the colour that we choosed could enhance our beauty and sometimes it could also gives a wrong signal..I used to loves BLACK so much, black pants and t-shirt, black tudung with black eyeliner and mascara..but I'm no Black Metal fan...

3 inch heel with transparent cover.. barely there type of shoe..what does it mean?

The owner of this pointed shoe came with a trimmed and groomed face..I like this type of shoe because they have been designed with safety factor in mind, it's not good for body posture or what not, but can be used as a weapon...boleh cucuk-cucuk!!

Whatever the sign of our body could potray, it is meaningless if we just keep on complaining and feeling unsatisfied, why don't we just accept the fact that we were born this way and appreciate and enhanced the beauty and cover the flaw..human being comes in various type and shape....the inner beauty that will last longer than a beautiful exterior :-).. cheers and have a nice day

Monday, October 13, 2008


I just came from Nandos with En Haffis..and noticed my stat : 6666
I'm not fanatic about numbers or figures but this number reminds me of 80's or 70's movie when I was in primary school..I think its Omen 666

Child Labour and new haircut

We were thinking of hiring a helper so that I could spent more time with the kids and do some revision for the Big Exam...but on Saturday nite, we just 'found' a new kitchen helper who loves pestle and mortar so much.. :-)

'Orang dapur': preparing nuts for kuah kacang, she prefer real things than her colourful toys

In her baju kurung - ready for first open house with abah, ooh..many thought that she's 3 years old

She have a soft and curly hair but some part were a bit messy, this is her first haircut, it was hard to get her to sit still, but it works just a few minutes with candy on her hand..have to! the fringe is senget but that's ok for now..might need to trim later..her abah sms me this " :( mcm boy...
She looks different, but nevermind..we don't have to worry about the hair 'dok cucuk mata pagi2' anymore..
Don't worry her hair will be better and your little princess is always sweet

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Eid Mubarak

It took us a week to update this raya entry, as usual we were rushing here and there stuffed our stomach with nasi tomato and beriyani and mee 'basah'..and this the first time I did not eat ketupat pulut with rendang..first time ever, since we were married, every morning of Eid we were served with idiapum and chicken curry and korma, it surely taste good...but sometimes I do miss my usual ketupat since it was a raya staple food for more than twenty En Haffis, I'm sure you got my message here... This is my sweet little girl, few days before raya.. My little boy, who is not that little anymore : in JJusco nursing room during our shopping spree The three of us..just like sardine in a can..both of them wants to sleep on mama's lap Princess Sufiya in her royal yellow baju kurung, a gift from her Pere Ma (aunty)'s hard to snap her photo nowadays,most of her photos are candid.. :-) Hadif at his Mami's house in Penang...posing dalam bilik anak dara.. Hadif and Dada (grandpa)..his dada requested that this photo will be sent to Kolkata..right away sir . Last few days before we left for Putrajaya, we received a good news all the way from Kolkata, new member has been born on the third day of Eid, and for the first time after three years been to India, I finally spoke to Nassima in Bengali, but my vocab are very limited..just basic 'kemano aso..bhalo aachi, moina,beta..thats it..ohh forgot to mention this, she called me Bhabi..don't get me wrong, its 'sister' in Bengali, and their niece call me Khaki Ma..rasa macam dalam filem Devdas..hahaha..!!berangan la...and hubby was making funny faces while I was on the least I've tried.. Second day of last, this is the only house that served us with light food, just kuih raya and buah pala, jeruk pelam..and all things more heavy food:-) We had a BBQ open house in Alor Setar and I think when we grow older, the celebration is not focused on us anymore like it used to be, but being together with family is the most important part of Eid. I had a visit from a friend whose last visit to my house was 13 years ago and we also managed to keep in touch with another long lost friend..

This used to be my playground when I was a kid, Tok's house is not far from the sea..but before we reach the beach, we have to pass by an old cemetery and paddy field, then we have to cross the river that is flowing smoothly on a small titi kayu..