Monday, October 13, 2008

Child Labour and new haircut

We were thinking of hiring a helper so that I could spent more time with the kids and do some revision for the Big Exam...but on Saturday nite, we just 'found' a new kitchen helper who loves pestle and mortar so much.. :-)

'Orang dapur': preparing nuts for kuah kacang, she prefer real things than her colourful toys

In her baju kurung - ready for first open house with abah, ooh..many thought that she's 3 years old

She have a soft and curly hair but some part were a bit messy, this is her first haircut, it was hard to get her to sit still, but it works just a few minutes with candy on her hand..have to! the fringe is senget but that's ok for now..might need to trim later..her abah sms me this " :( mcm boy...
She looks different, but nevermind..we don't have to worry about the hair 'dok cucuk mata pagi2' anymore..
Don't worry her hair will be better and your little princess is always sweet


Anonymous said...

alahai ....
pakai baju kurung
macam kak nam la
he he


sue said...

abah dia yg excited pi beli baju tu..mcm makcik2 la pulak..

Anonymous said...

jangan pakaikan kain batik
kang dia berkemban pulaks .. hehe