Thursday, October 23, 2008

Workshop @PWTC

Been away for days attending a workshop at PWTC and window shopping at the Mall..oopss..that wasn't in the list :-)

I'm still fully BF right now but going out for work and leisure does not mean that I've to sacrifice my pumping session. PWTC's banquet staff were very helpful providing me a big ice box for storing my EBM, I asked their permission to put it inside their freezer, but the lady supervisor said that their's are not safe..whatever..and she was so kind and understanding, the poor staff had to dragged that damn heavy box from the kitchen to buffet area and hide it under the table. It's not hard to BF contrary to what people always think, we should not make it needs courage and determination in order to provide the best to our child.


The two days workshop on Energy Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting were interesting topic and it's not complete to understand and digest everything in two days. Might blog about it later.

I need to go to Alamanda right now to get few things for the kids Open House at their nursery today..I guess that will be fun.

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