Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aidilfitri Open House at Taska One, Putrajaya

She just woke up when I arrived with her new shirt and skirt..mata bengkak2 lagi and she was like crying as usual..
She was still mamai and look confused coz there were so many people eating at their play area..

Sufiya with Zara, this girl is very friendly and talk very fluent.

Hadif didn't join the party year je la Hadif, bila dah boleh jalan

With her candy...and jeling2 at the camera

Just want to be friendly..but the boy just enjoyed his meal.. :-)

I like this cheerful with bright colours on the wall
And the food...I must admit that their's are better and variety compared to the one that we had at the office last week. All food were prepared by the staff here. We had lontong, nasi impit, mee rebus, makaroni goreng, ketupat pulut, cookies, traditional kuih, mixed fruits..muffins..etc

Eating her favourite oranges..she kept on asking this girl to sit next to her (she's Ibu Ceria's daughter, her mother is always smiling..that's why we call her 'ceria')

I met a mother who just send her daughter here, the 8 months daughter got a big cut on her forehead..a mark / gift from her babysitter's house and that kind of bruises were not the first one.

Some people thought that it is easy to take care of little baby and toddler, but the fact is the other way, some said that they love children and willing to take care (but we pay, its not free ya)but they ended up ignoring our child's safety..

I wish I could stay at home at take care of my child..but...

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Ain said...

Slm, cantik betul taska ni. Bleh tau kat precint brp? Ada contact no dia x? Thx...