Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Eid Mubarak

It took us a week to update this raya entry, as usual we were rushing here and there stuffed our stomach with nasi tomato and beriyani and mee 'basah'..and this the first time I did not eat ketupat pulut with rendang..first time ever, since we were married, every morning of Eid we were served with idiapum and chicken curry and korma, it surely taste good...but sometimes I do miss my usual ketupat since it was a raya staple food for more than twenty En Haffis, I'm sure you got my message here... This is my sweet little girl, few days before raya.. My little boy, who is not that little anymore : in JJusco nursing room during our shopping spree The three of us..just like sardine in a can..both of them wants to sleep on mama's lap Princess Sufiya in her royal yellow baju kurung, a gift from her Pere Ma (aunty)'s hard to snap her photo nowadays,most of her photos are candid.. :-) Hadif at his Mami's house in Penang...posing dalam bilik anak dara.. Hadif and Dada (grandpa)..his dada requested that this photo will be sent to Kolkata..right away sir . Last few days before we left for Putrajaya, we received a good news all the way from Kolkata, new member has been born on the third day of Eid, and for the first time after three years been to India, I finally spoke to Nassima in Bengali, but my vocab are very limited..just basic 'kemano aso..bhalo aachi, moina,beta..thats it..ohh forgot to mention this, she called me Bhabi..don't get me wrong, its 'sister' in Bengali, and their niece call me Khaki Ma..rasa macam dalam filem Devdas..hahaha..!!berangan la...and hubby was making funny faces while I was on the least I've tried.. Second day of last, this is the only house that served us with light food, just kuih raya and buah pala, jeruk pelam..and all things more heavy food:-) We had a BBQ open house in Alor Setar and I think when we grow older, the celebration is not focused on us anymore like it used to be, but being together with family is the most important part of Eid. I had a visit from a friend whose last visit to my house was 13 years ago and we also managed to keep in touch with another long lost friend..

This used to be my playground when I was a kid, Tok's house is not far from the sea..but before we reach the beach, we have to pass by an old cemetery and paddy field, then we have to cross the river that is flowing smoothly on a small titi kayu..


U.Lee said...

Hi Sue, beautiful photos.
Wow, I can imagine the noise and laughter at the raya gathering...not to mention the delicios foods too.
Sue ada senang drop by. Best regards, Lee.

Queen Of The House said...

Dah besar your kids! Sufiya is very sweet.

Kat kampung mana rumah your Tok tu? Lots of open space there.