Monday, February 11, 2008

Holiday 03: Penang

This is the time that we have been waiting...Sufiya's first we thought of having it during last Aidiladha, but seems everyone were busy, we decided that 07.02.08 is the best date since it is her first birthday and also a long Chinese New Year holiday...
It's not easy to prepare a kenduri like this..too many things to consider plus our Chief Cook(MIL) were having high BP few days before the has been a tradition in the family that she will cook for all her grandchild..

15 kilos of mutton kurma.....

Doa being performed by the same Ustaz for all family occasion-
Mutton kurma, dalca, chicken in red and spicy sauce, sambal tumis ikan talang, acar buah,kerabu mangga and ice cream for the kids..(is it?)

and...birthday girl in her bright Punjabi suit complete with bangles and shawl..she has started exploring the whole house on her own..
Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly except for one small tradition that I broke...sorry..I didn't know that.. :-)
And last nite we spent almost nine hours on the road from Penang to Putrajaya...tired but relieved....