Wednesday, July 03, 2013


What a long silence for this blog, been very busy with so many things. FB is distracting me from jotting down anything here..blame it on FB..haha Anyway, its been more than seven months from my last post. We are now at our new abode, not far from previous house. It depends on perception and experience whether its far or not, coz for those living in Klang Valley, long distance definition is different from people in Alor Setar :) 2013 started with a exam result for me..but the kids were adjusting with their new school, new environment and expectation. I notices that early education if harder now in Malaysia. The expectation and effort from teachers and parents are way much different if I compare with my time. Even a requirement to enter certain schools come with a list that looks like a resume or portfolio for job application..grrr Time changed, so does the system, expectation and standard. I hope that my kids are able to cope with all these and I need to make sure that their childhood should be full of colours, not only stuck with books and homework..:)