Thursday, January 27, 2011




Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People come and go...

January is coming to the end complete with colourful event. Times flies without warning, in 12 days Sufiya is going to celebrate her 4th Birthday dan Hadif will be 3by end of June and by that time as well Insyallah we'll be familay of five.

January is not only a month for planning ahead but also to contemplate of happenings around us.

Sometimes our life is just like a newspaper, full with articles or news that make us smile and sometimes make us sad.

It started with my former employee passing, and then my uncle who I blog about last year who have been bedriden for many months and finally laid to rest. Al-Fatihah to both of them.

And last week, another friend whose known to many as Pak Din or Chip has been admitted to HKL due to blockage in his brain, he is now not being himself anymore, he could only open and close his eyes without giving any response. He had prepared cakes and cupcakes for big office's event..but now all he could do is just lie down. No operation that could be done yet due to his condition but only treatment to reduce the blockage..

Due to this condition, another boss who is also living alone has given 'mandat' to his staff, just incase anything happen to him or if he collapsed, just give him water with diluted sugar...

And today, we received another sad news of TKP's father who passed away at 2pm..Al-Fatihah..

People come and go...Seeing ang hearing all these make me worry of TIME..and I wish that I could be better, wiser and spend more time with my family, because time flies....and please don't take it for granted..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bunny time

I don't really into soft fur and fluffy animal but since Abah has been thinking about buying rabbits for them and constantly checking out his friend's blog which selling US breed rabbits, I just grab the opportunity when a friend offerred to give away her one month old rabbits..

A day before the 'transaction' (FOC actually)..I google about the food, cage, and what not..inclusive of Pet Shop in Bangi but later that day we found one pet shop near our house at Diplomatic Enclave..

Here are our three little bunny and friends for the kids..Sufiya has been asking for pink rabbit, she watched to much Play House Disney especially Dibo the Gift Dragon..(and I really hate that nagging and self conscious pink rabbit..!!)..Oh no..I've been affected by cartoons as well I guess ..:-))

We don't have a name yet for them but I just call that one brown little thing as Brownies..after its colour..the rest we will decide later..

The three siblings used to live in an apartment, so now is the time for them to explore and have fun like what rabbit should do. They jump and went straight for my potted plants..and at first they were choosy eater just like Hadif. They only eat the kangkung leaves and after that decided to finished the whole stalk

The only thing the worries me now is Hadif who constantly open the cage, throw stones and charcoal in..He has strated doing nasty things to these poor cheeky..

Hazif from next door joined the fun...

Well I guess its not a bad idea afterall having this cute fluffy thingy..the only thing is somebody need to clean their tray, feed them etc..I'll do that chores later, maybe in August..:-))

Monday, January 17, 2011

Outing :Putrajaya Wetland and JJ

Sufiya wakes up everyday and ask me of what day is today..she's expecting its always Sunday..and I wish for the same thing too :-))

This weekend is a bit different now because they have no one to interrupt anymore :-) ..She told me that ..'Abg Qayyum muka mcm sedih je..Abg Farooqi muka happy.." :-)) observation...

Taman Wetland Putrajaya, I like the well kept landscape here and there is one big open field call Padang Semarak and perfect for kite flying. And their public facilities like camping ground,toilets and wakaf are well designed and so ergonomic.Even my child knows how to complaint about design nowadays.

They ran around and sing their current favourite song.."mama ,papa bolo bolo.."

A group of uncivilised people..they came, they collected pebbles..and they thrown those pebbles to the white swans...annndd they seems so happy with what they did..!!

Later that day we went to IOI Mall Puchong and they had a chance again while I went shopping stuffs for 2 and a half kids :-)

It was a tiring day for me at this stage..walking and screaming..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Takziah - Ar Hj Zulkifli Sudin

Life is a journey that if we count by days and hours and minutes it might be a long journey but if we used other scale it might not be as long as we thought.

I was reading Board of Architect's bulletin and today the Obituary section caught my attention..I normally just skip this column.

My former employer - sole propreitor of Arkitek Zul is no longer with us..he passed away on the 16th Dec 2010.

I remember him as a good and kind hearted person, he gave me an opportunity and believe in me even though I was just started working after graduation. He gave me freedom in doing my job without interference on design aspect as well as management.

I will always remember his grey hair, his smile, his struggle to maintain the office and such.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Wishful thinking...again

Day by day it is becoming apparent that we need to switch our path in order to reach our destination and goal. Sometimes its tiring passing thru the same route and facing the same old and lame problems.

I had a thought this morning, a thought that will give a big impact but need to be meticulously crafted so that it won't be a disaster.

I had a big smile while thinking of this...

Sometimes its not worth it defending something just because of our ego and other people's expectation or view....Self satisfaction is far more important.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


I heard this term almost everyday ..and it su#ks...especially when it comes from that person...

'Pelan' in architectural /engineering terminology means plan = drawing, be it building plan for construction, mechanical or whatever related to drawings.

In Kedah, 'pelan' means slow..and 'buat pelan-pelan' means doing it slowly..or quietly..

Sometimes its ok to take our own sweet time finishing one task, but when it become a habit ..then ada yang nak kena 'pelangkung' sebab dok buat pelan-pelan.

I'm facing this particular person who always give me numerous excuses and whenever I comment about his work, he will said :' takpa puan , kami buat pelan-pelan'. The problem is in construction the word 'pelan-pela' is not applicable to all task or work. If your dateline is next week and you are behind schedule, you should speed up..instead of 'buat pelan-pelan'...

I called him yesterday morning and I could hear bubbles..and I knew that he went fishing..!! fishing while his project dah nak lingkup..and he admit that and told me that he was at site a day before until 4am..Oh come on I'm not a newbie...and when I called his big boss, I knew that he was not at site, but in Padang Besar, entertaining some government officer..gth..gth

Few weeks before, the background was sora ayam itik..I wonder why we always end up with kontraktor cap ayam yang pi memancing ikan..???

And during meeting, he received a call and dengan selamba badak, jawab phone and he was talking about dedak burung..goshh...

They've test my limit..and I've done my part, appropriate letter has been sent to relevant authority..puas hati aku..jangan main-main...

I guess, this contractor should change their company name to something that is related to aym, itik, dedak burung and ikan..!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walking on the same path....2011

End of 2010...

Handmade birthday card for abah's birthday on the 30th Dec..collage (from old Cleo magazine and poster colour on sample board given by accoustic panel supplier :)...

New Year
New Year passed just like any other day in our life but we managed to spend the time together more than usual. We did not join the celebration even though the kids was excited about 'bunga api' in Putrajaya, unfortunately celebration was held outside and they just saw the sparkling 'bunga api' on tv and Sufiya told me that she likes 'bunga api kerajaan'..coz its more beautiful compared to 'bunga api i-city'...(note: bunga api kerajaan means the one that was held at Dataran Merdeka :-)

We went to Ikea on New Year becoz somebody with big belly but no baby inside craving for Swedish Meatball .. :-P

Had a trouble with my little boy who used to be so shy..BUTTTT...on new year with his skinhead..he suddenly became too friendly..way to friendly especially with girls..not any kind of girls..but those pretty amoi at Ikea cafe...hmmmm is it DNA thingy or what..?? :-P

...look at his cheeky face..Hadif as usual won't sit still and will always slot in coins anywhere possible ..we even found Thomas and Friends's cd inside the bonet..

Left the kids at Ikea Playground for one hour..while we do our shopping

We also had a Craft Day at home during the long holiday..its 'Recycling Handmade Craft Day' I would say, coz we had few photographs , frames and cheap clock that was not working and need to many paper bags from exhibitions and conference..

Paper bag that was cut for our old Ikea clock..we used the Islamic pattern for the clock background..all Bofa set and compass was used that day..

Matrade paper bag for our family photo, I used the black paper for the background, we are cheap skate, so we don't spend much on buying manila card or coloured bag..besides we should go green..!! :-)

Family hall with old and recent photos.. the frame at the bottom was actually chipped and to mminized the cost of decorating , I just used black marker and applied it and with naked one would notice that chipped edge..jimat

Clock with recycled paper as a background..jimat lagi

We went to P16 swimming pool on Sunday and was very fortunate becoz kids has started school session and the pool as not crowded at all. Sufiya was confident and she don't need a float anymore except for her inflatable armbands..she had a splashing good time in the water on her own and we don't have to hold her hand anymore..and I for many months had an opportunity to deep in as well even..(luckily my swimsuit can still accommodate this expanding tummy..)

They had a good sleep that night before a new session at their pre-school the next day..As for me I did not have any resolution for 2011 and even last year, I don't have one...I'll continue what I'm doing and we'll see what will happen ...