Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walking on the same path....2011

End of 2010...

Handmade birthday card for abah's birthday on the 30th Dec..collage (from old Cleo magazine and poster colour on sample board given by accoustic panel supplier :)...

New Year
New Year passed just like any other day in our life but we managed to spend the time together more than usual. We did not join the celebration even though the kids was excited about 'bunga api' in Putrajaya, unfortunately celebration was held outside and they just saw the sparkling 'bunga api' on tv and Sufiya told me that she likes 'bunga api kerajaan'..coz its more beautiful compared to 'bunga api i-city'...(note: bunga api kerajaan means the one that was held at Dataran Merdeka :-)

We went to Ikea on New Year becoz somebody with big belly but no baby inside craving for Swedish Meatball .. :-P

Had a trouble with my little boy who used to be so shy..BUTTTT...on new year with his skinhead..he suddenly became too friendly..way to friendly especially with girls..not any kind of girls..but those pretty amoi at Ikea cafe...hmmmm is it DNA thingy or what..?? :-P

...look at his cheeky face..Hadif as usual won't sit still and will always slot in coins anywhere possible ..we even found Thomas and Friends's cd inside the bonet..

Left the kids at Ikea Playground for one hour..while we do our shopping

We also had a Craft Day at home during the long holiday..its 'Recycling Handmade Craft Day' I would say, coz we had few photographs , frames and cheap clock that was not working and need to fixed..plus many paper bags from exhibitions and conference..

Paper bag that was cut for our old Ikea clock..we used the Islamic pattern for the clock background..all Bofa set and compass was used that day..

Matrade paper bag for our family photo, I used the black paper for the background, we are cheap skate, so we don't spend much on buying manila card or coloured bag..besides we should go green..!! :-)

Family hall with old and recent photos.. the frame at the bottom was actually chipped and to mminized the cost of decorating , I just used black marker and applied it and with naked eyes..no one would notice that chipped edge..jimat

Clock with recycled paper as a background..jimat lagi

We went to P16 swimming pool on Sunday and was very fortunate becoz kids has started school session and the pool as not crowded at all. Sufiya was confident and she don't need a float anymore except for her inflatable armbands..she had a splashing good time in the water on her own and we don't have to hold her hand anymore..and I for many months had an opportunity to deep in as well even..(luckily my swimsuit can still accommodate this expanding tummy..)

They had a good sleep that night before a new session at their pre-school the next day..As for me I did not have any resolution for 2011 and even last year, I don't have one...I'll continue what I'm doing and we'll see what will happen ...

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