Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bunny time

I don't really into soft fur and fluffy animal but since Abah has been thinking about buying rabbits for them and constantly checking out his friend's blog which selling US breed rabbits, I just grab the opportunity when a friend offerred to give away her one month old rabbits..

A day before the 'transaction' (FOC actually)..I google about the food, cage, and what not..inclusive of Pet Shop in Bangi but later that day we found one pet shop near our house at Diplomatic Enclave..

Here are our three little bunny and friends for the kids..Sufiya has been asking for pink rabbit, she watched to much Play House Disney especially Dibo the Gift Dragon..(and I really hate that nagging and self conscious pink rabbit..!!)..Oh no..I've been affected by cartoons as well I guess ..:-))

We don't have a name yet for them but I just call that one brown little thing as Brownies..after its colour..the rest we will decide later..

The three siblings used to live in an apartment, so now is the time for them to explore and have fun like what rabbit should do. They jump and went straight for my potted plants..and at first they were choosy eater just like Hadif. They only eat the kangkung leaves and after that decided to finished the whole stalk

The only thing the worries me now is Hadif who constantly open the cage, throw stones and charcoal in..He has strated doing nasty things to these poor thing...co cheeky..

Hazif from next door joined the fun...

Well I guess its not a bad idea afterall having this cute fluffy thingy..the only thing is somebody need to clean their tray, feed them etc..I'll do that chores later, maybe in August..:-))

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