Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People come and go...

January is coming to the end complete with colourful event. Times flies without warning, in 12 days Sufiya is going to celebrate her 4th Birthday dan Hadif will be 3by end of June and by that time as well Insyallah we'll be familay of five.

January is not only a month for planning ahead but also to contemplate of happenings around us.

Sometimes our life is just like a newspaper, full with articles or news that make us smile and sometimes make us sad.

It started with my former employee passing, and then my uncle who I blog about last year who have been bedriden for many months and finally laid to rest. Al-Fatihah to both of them.

And last week, another friend whose known to many as Pak Din or Chip has been admitted to HKL due to blockage in his brain, he is now not being himself anymore, he could only open and close his eyes without giving any response. He had prepared cakes and cupcakes for big office's event..but now all he could do is just lie down. No operation that could be done yet due to his condition but only treatment to reduce the blockage..

Due to this condition, another boss who is also living alone has given 'mandat' to his staff, just incase anything happen to him or if he collapsed, just give him water with diluted sugar...

And today, we received another sad news of TKP's father who passed away at 2pm..Al-Fatihah..

People come and go...Seeing ang hearing all these make me worry of TIME..and I wish that I could be better, wiser and spend more time with my family, because time flies....and please don't take it for granted..

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