Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Was in Perlis yesterday and it was s frustrating sight and site..!

And today, when I discovered few things at the office, its even frustrating..

Sometimes I feel like I can't trust anybody here, they have their own agenda, they know this people and that company. They twist and turn things the end of the day it turn out to be so bad.

Now I know that I can't trust few from the bottom and few at the upper level..

Hope my pink form will be here soon..I'm ready to go to a new place..even though the problem might be the same..

Monday, December 20, 2010


Its been seven years..

Thanx for being with me

Thanx for the lovely and cheeky kids

Thanx for your support and encouragement


Sorry for being so stuborn

Sorry for not being a perfect housewive who clean and make the floor shine all day

Sorry for not knowing how to cook a proper korma ayam

Sorry for the last minute information on my outstation date and such :-)


Healthy and loving family

..(pssstt...kalau dapat iPad pun bagus juga... :-))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple Life at Kampung Air, Sandakan

I was in Sandakan yesterday for official matters..and two hours before departure, we headed to Kampung Air, Sim Sim in Sandakan not far from Swiss Inn Hotel

I'm still tired and lazy..just photo blogging today..

Kampung Air or floating village is a unique culture in Sabah, where houses were built on stilt using kayu bakau with concrete stump and timber panel for the wall..and their toilets are au naturel..enough said..

Small girl playing at the verandah..and Astro dish complete the picture..:-))..some houses have more than five..yes..5..!!

Empty lot ..if you need tobuilt one, there'll be proper procedure to follow to obtain the approval from local authority.

Simple life..simple tools for survival..jala ikan


Some will go extra mile..not so simple life..

Look at the chanderlier..and colour..and the sofa..and the carpet..and all thing Vantage...hmmm..this is inside one of the house, it looks like any other landed house..clever..except the whole concept

Cushion cover with bling bling on red sofa..talking about personal touch..move over Eric Leong..

..and here come their corner decoration.. I won't say much..its up to individual..
Compared to other houses here, this is the most outstanding and lavish interior..rumah tauke soto

Orchids and other potted plants hanging and swaying...Some of them have an initiative and enough money to decorate their verandah

At the end of the walkway, buut maybe by next year, there'll be more houses blocking this vista towards the island

I like the vibrant colours of the houses..maybe the local government should support them by providing different paint for these houses..each will have their own character..and it'll be great for tourism..or at least in a photographs..:-))

Images of Kampung Air Sim Sim in Sandakan

Our driver's daughter..sweet little girl

Sunset on the way to the airport

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Macam bagus...

Mentang-mentang senang-senang je dapat,...mulalah buat tak kisah..kalau tak mau, bagi je kat orang lain yang mampu buat..menyusahkan orang..!!!

Yang disini pun satu..corrupted...!!!...

Bagi kat kawan-kawan..!!

Last-last jadi tak ketahuan...!!


Buat pening kepala...!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lower back sprain

I'm in second trimester now..almost 20 weeks in few days time..time flies just like a breeze from the moment I saw two lines on the 31st August until now..

There was a power distruption at the office last week and I had to climb the staircase from basement one to the ground floor..and I was informed that I could used the level four...!! helloo people....the moment I reached the ground floor, there was a pain on my back

And on Saturday evening, it came again but worst especially when I tried to changed to upright position ..had a trouble touching the floor and put the pressure on my right feet..

Dr Maria told me that it was pregrancy induced 'something-neuro-pain' ..that means the pelvic bone is expanding to acommodate the growing baby..especially if this is gravida three..I was given pain killer and a cream to sooth the pain..if its getting worst then I'll be referred to specialist which she told me nothing much could be done due to pregnancy..worst case I'll be referred to physiotherapy..

Hopefully everything going to be fine...