Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Done but not over yet


Its finally over..after six hours battling with time and backache and stress and trying to structured everything according to the right and proper sentence and mentioning relevant clauses and flipping through those Act given was not an easy peasy task..a friend said that 'there is no royal path to success'...

I came home and the kids were attended by their aunty, that was huge relieved...can't calm down either,..the brain still processing and calculating marks which until today the examiner have not seen the paper let alone giving markah kesian..!!

Lets just forget about it for awhile...

I can now start flipping other intersting books on the shelves : The Kite Runner


Hadif practising to draw a line..next step is line with tone using 4B pencil..Ohh I'm a dreamer..

Hadif enjoying mash potato and bun at KFC Alamanda..his fav word is 'jatuh'..so its all 'jatuh' that we hear everyday..



She have many friends here with fancy name, friends that she always remember especially Amanda, who always greet and wait for her, Nasha, who she think is a trend setter (she wants to wear what Nasha wear..serious..), Chomel, a shower room's freind, both became friends due to shower incident..both of them takut mandi shower..hehe...and Hakim..the one that bite her , not a best friend but his name is always on her lips...'akim gigit tangan..' ..poor child

She was late last week and I gave a roti jagung..

Chiwi dengan bag free yang Abah collect from Carrefour's counter...she kept on saying..'tak nak ambik gambar..'

Half eaten fav roti jagung..notice her smokey eye make-up..hahah..she applied some dark blusher below her eyes..sibuk je budak kecik ni..

Andddd...drama began when Amanda saw her..she came and greet her best friend, but her best friend with roti jagung thought that she wants to pau..so the chasing gamestarted..Sufiya ignored Amanda, and walk around these tables and chairs..and Amanda cried..poor thing, she thought that Sufiya tak nak kawan...sweet.

Kedekut..even with her Abah..bab makan susah nak tolerate...

Sufiya's artwork

Yellow Fish

Big Blue Bear

I'm hoping for a good news in Ramadhan..Insyallah..whatever it is , a back up plan will be laid out..En Haffis please think about my proposal..or can you sponsor my trip to India with Elin to get those material..?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Few hours to go..

Its only few hours left to prepare for the exam tomorrow, whatever it is there is no U-Turn, I hope that I had prepared enough for the six hours exam physically and mentally...and never ever forgot to bring along the calculator.

I can feel there are many butterflies in my stomach at this moment while typing these..


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Have you ever feel like you want a revenge..a big one and when the time come..you do it all out...!!!

This is a sweet revenge :-)

But as usual it won't be perfect without this little girl interfering and gaduh dengan mak dia..berebut nak makan..she controlled everything and I had to curi-curi from hubby to get one..

A year ago, in Alor Star I could only smell them and be patient not to take any fruits that is considered 'hot'..

My sweet little girl with durian all for herself...sakit gigi tapi pulunnnn...

The King of Fruit - scientific name ='Durio zibethinus' mcm handsome nama dia. All the way from Kuantan..this is from research centre..but I don't know which type..banyak sangat species..Durian burung,Dalit,Alau,Royal Brunei,Durian Anjung Lima ,Tenom Beauty,Kekura ,Raden Mas Ayu,Diamond King

Satu biji, enam ulas je...tapi tebal gilerr...Rugi Syafinaz balik Penang awal sangat :-P

Back then during this season, we always have durian and pulut served with santan..and for tea time, its durian again but serawa durian..but I can't stand people who ramas2 buah durian dengan pulut..pastu ada satu bunyi ...so turn off..!!

I'm still waiting for my sister to come and make this durian dissapeared..I try not to eat too much, my exam is just 6 days away..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The week that was..

It's only 9 days before my written exam and yet I feel like there are so much things to revised. Seems like everyday just passed by like a breeze. I'll be away from the office starting this Monday until Friday to really (as if) focus on past year papers..our markas is still at the same place.

BUttttt..whatever it is I still take a break from books..our brain is just like a processor that need to be shut down for awhile..

-------------------Arl Powerbowl Alamanda--------------

Size 3 and 4...

No medal ..so a picture of bowling balls will do

Participate in bowling tournament last week to socialize and built some muscle (post pregnancy had change the firmness of our bicep)..
It was just a moment to relax my mind from serious stuff so as expected main tak balik modal..


Went to KL again last week to review our result of trial examination..basically for paper one most of us passed but for paper two which is tougher, some need to study hard and smart , including me...Sifu commented that I gave too many mere assumptions..right answer but wrong justification..hmmm...maybe women think alike coz my best friend did the same..we loves to make an assumption in our daily lifes too, that is why women's are much more complicated than men..

Boys will always be boys...

Wan Nini with his monkey jump while Wan Norsha look like a Monk trying to dance..:-P

Nash and Shahrom joined the crowd for another attempt..these guys are way advanced..study siang malam..

Mobb: I will only make lompat katak after the exam :)

This exam has changed our life so much, a lot of sacrificed has been made, kids has been abandoned for sometime, going to KL for study was like driving for short distance to Alamanda...better be once and for all....Insyallah


Meanwhile..it has been hazy since last week and the API index has reached a level that is worst each day. No more sunny day and clear blue sky..no more fresh morning breeze in Putrajaya...

View towards Parcel E, the buildings are covered with harmful particles

Roundabout near our house

-------------Handing Over & makan-makan-------------

Went to Presint 17 this morning for handing over of apartment project which has been delayed for quite some time. I should not comment on the design as it might go against code of ethics but the workmanship would make anybody annoyed. I hope they had really make good every defects.

My Big Bos who loves Hindi song

And..tadaa...manggis dan pulasan yang sangat fresh dari kebun mana tah...instead of typical dessert of watermelon and oranges they served this local fruits..


And finally..my life won't be colouful without these kids..

Happy kids : playing and measuring the steps..Sufiya with stress ball and Hadif with big eyes and wide smile

Sufiya missed her abah so much...hai orang Kuantan, cepat la balik..

Have a nice weekend everyone...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Selera Perdana

Lets learn something about tawarikh today..not tarawih ok..:-P and the art of dining

Hubby came back from UTM yesterday and told me that he brought back one special book...I thought it is an architectural book or something like that..instead he got me this interesting book of 4 former PM's favourite food; lets have fun looking at these mouth watering photos...

Demographic and cultural background play a major role in our culinary and cuisine and taste..from these former PM we can see a diversity of taste..

Front cover with royal purple

Belajar mengenal rempah ratus..


Tunku Abdul Rahamn Putra al-Haj -PM No. 1
Istana Pelamin, Aloq Staq Kedah
Taste : Malay and Fusion

Sambal belacan...pekena dengan gulai ikan temenung lemak...boleh tambah tiga pinggan nasi

One of must-have menu on Tunku's table

Gulai Ikan Talang..my hubby's favourite too..menu wajib bila balik kampung, my mom use rempah Cap Tarbus which could only be bought in Kedah

And...Jus Peria...Tunku's daily diet before breakfast

Macam susah nak telan je ni..
He also loves Kuih Sepera (mcm karipap)

Tun Abdul Razak - PM No.2
Pekan, Pahang
Taste : More to Traditional Malay

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Geram tengok gambar ikan ni...

Tun Hussein Onn - PM No 3
JB, Johore
Taste : Middle East and Traditional Johore cuisine

Air Beyh..Middle East drink with mixture of herbs and spices, exotic aroma and good for health

Kacang Pul /kacang parang -for Tun Hussein's breakfast..also a Middle East staple

Tun Hussein preferred fine dining with formal touch, influenced from his military experience

Tun Suhailah (Tun Hussein's wife)...ehemm..isn't she a beauty..we share the same name but not popularity :-P She look like a Primadona in this photo

Tun Dr Mahathir - PM No. 4
Aloq Staq, Kedah...near my house
Taste: lihatlah sindri....

Sambal kelapa..more to mamak taste :-)

Dalca..wajib dengan nasi tomato or beriyani

I bet Tun mesti pernah makan Nasi Lemak Royal and Nasi Lemak Ali..betoi dak

And guess what..roti and kari semalam are his fav too..I kid you not!!..cuba pi The Loaf

And...drumroll please...
The Chef - Kak Orkid


My lil Chef at home..tumbuk kacang goreng


Dato Seri Abdullah - PM No. 5
...tak termasuk list lagi masa ni...but one thing for sure he loves to read

Part of their collection

While Jean loves landscape..

Moi standing next to their art collection..mcm kuih pau je muka!!!

I think somebody wants me to cook something special rather than just ayam kicap and nasi goreng....eh nasi goreng you yang selalu suruh i masak...'udang kering lebih' .. ...So next time, when I asked you 'what's for dinner honey?', please don't just say..'apa pun takpa..'..(typical kan)...just name it..ewahh..

Syazwan..balik mai sini nanti kita pi makan nasi Arab kat Cyberjaya..minum Barbican

For further read please proceed to UTM's library or any bookstore ye..

Laparla pulak...need to go and 'buy' (not cook ye) my lunch now :-)

Bon Apetite people..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Memerah otak

I woke up this morning with heavy head and mind..I slept a early but my mind keep on processing info and this one particular word keep on passing even when I closed my eyes - TACP...Town and Country planning Act..TACP..TACP...I've tried not to think of any of those but it was hard just like a CPU or keyboard yang dah hang...! Maybe because I haven't really studied that one, and they came haunting me..

That is what happen when you spend six hours in non-airconditioned hall answering two papers and each papers came with 7 questions and calculation..we only had hour hour break...I forgot my calculator and had to depend on my HP but of coz it can't display a large figure so I had to do it manually...not only we crack our head, our hand also had to take the pressure writtig for six hours and my back feels like I've been doing strenous exercise...!!

And it was just a trial exam yesterday..the real one is three weeks away, so I still have time to brush up on areas that I know I jawab cukup-cukup makan...


We had Hadif's birthday celebration night before my trial exam..just a simple do..he loves cheese cake so much, keep on cucuk the cake and lick the cheese on his finger..but as usual Sufiya nak sibuk jugak.

For now, I just want to relax my mind and body without worrying about that exam..and I wish time mcm ni dok rendam kaki kat Titi Hayun...sejukkkk

Titi Hayun, Yan Kedah

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pendekar Kecil & Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Hadif is already twelve months and celebrated his first birthday at this new house, he has started to walk for six or seven steps and few months from now his boundary for exploration wil be wider and that means more eyes will be on him to ensure his safety, people said that boys are more naughty and adventurous compared to girls..lets just wait and see.

And few years from now, he'll be running freely and by that time I just wish that I could enrolled him for martial art class..see mama have a BIG plan for this young man.. :-P

Not just any martial art but preferably 'Silat',..

My father has teached us (six girls) simple basic steps, but no further lesson on advance stage..and there was also no proper gelanggang except for our small living room, no bunga-bunga silat and pasang kuda-kuda. I grew up watching one of my relative used to teached a group of youngster infront of my house. The gelanggang was made up of guni tepung cap sauh and the area was light up by lampu gaslin...from my house I could see shadows with sharp movement and at that moment I wish I could join them.

And Pendekar Bujang Lapok is my all time favourite movie..

'Pendekar Mustar teaching Pasang kuda-kuda..'

I think one should not forget their roots no matter where they are, I love being a modern mom but deep down inside there is still a traditional part in me.

As for my husband's side, the kids can't depends on me to teach them of their Dada's culture therefore En Haffis please speak Benggali or Tamil with your child, I could only utter a few words which might sounds weird and lead to different meaning..Ayo..that's dangerous kan..! This last few weeks Sufiya has been watching this talent search program on Zee TV and there is no chance for us to switch channel, she just loves watching the kids singing in Hindi..:-) and everyday we have to make sure that only track no.12 song played in the car, she keep on asking for that Chaya Chaya song..the one that Shah Rukh Khan dance on top of moving train...

Have a great week a head people and don't forget your root :-)