Thursday, July 09, 2009

Selera Perdana

Lets learn something about tawarikh today..not tarawih ok..:-P and the art of dining

Hubby came back from UTM yesterday and told me that he brought back one special book...I thought it is an architectural book or something like that..instead he got me this interesting book of 4 former PM's favourite food; lets have fun looking at these mouth watering photos...

Demographic and cultural background play a major role in our culinary and cuisine and taste..from these former PM we can see a diversity of taste..

Front cover with royal purple

Belajar mengenal rempah ratus..


Tunku Abdul Rahamn Putra al-Haj -PM No. 1
Istana Pelamin, Aloq Staq Kedah
Taste : Malay and Fusion

Sambal belacan...pekena dengan gulai ikan temenung lemak...boleh tambah tiga pinggan nasi

One of must-have menu on Tunku's table

Gulai Ikan hubby's favourite wajib bila balik kampung, my mom use rempah Cap Tarbus which could only be bought in Kedah

And...Jus Peria...Tunku's daily diet before breakfast

Macam susah nak telan je ni..
He also loves Kuih Sepera (mcm karipap)

Tun Abdul Razak - PM No.2
Pekan, Pahang
Taste : More to Traditional Malay

Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Geram tengok gambar ikan ni...

Tun Hussein Onn - PM No 3
JB, Johore
Taste : Middle East and Traditional Johore cuisine

Air Beyh..Middle East drink with mixture of herbs and spices, exotic aroma and good for health

Kacang Pul /kacang parang -for Tun Hussein's breakfast..also a Middle East staple

Tun Hussein preferred fine dining with formal touch, influenced from his military experience

Tun Suhailah (Tun Hussein's wife)...ehemm..isn't she a beauty..we share the same name but not popularity :-P She look like a Primadona in this photo

Tun Dr Mahathir - PM No. 4
Aloq Staq, Kedah...near my house
Taste: lihatlah sindri....

Sambal kelapa..more to mamak taste :-)

Dalca..wajib dengan nasi tomato or beriyani

I bet Tun mesti pernah makan Nasi Lemak Royal and Nasi Lemak Ali..betoi dak

And guess what..roti and kari semalam are his fav too..I kid you not!!..cuba pi The Loaf

And...drumroll please...
The Chef - Kak Orkid


My lil Chef at home..tumbuk kacang goreng


Dato Seri Abdullah - PM No. 5
...tak termasuk list lagi masa ni...but one thing for sure he loves to read

Part of their collection

While Jean loves landscape..

Moi standing next to their art collection..mcm kuih pau je muka!!!

I think somebody wants me to cook something special rather than just ayam kicap and nasi nasi goreng you yang selalu suruh i masak...'udang kering lebih' .. ...So next time, when I asked you 'what's for dinner honey?', please don't just say..'apa pun takpa..'..(typical kan)...just name it..ewahh..

Syazwan..balik mai sini nanti kita pi makan nasi Arab kat Cyberjaya..minum Barbican

For further read please proceed to UTM's library or any bookstore ye..

Laparla pulak...need to go and 'buy' (not cook ye) my lunch now :-)

Bon Apetite people..


Anonymous said...

mobb tulis

'just name it ... ewahhh .. Sue , aku nak pesan eeerr .. eeerr ... beriani kambing . boleh ? hahaha
aku kena berguru dengan bapak mentua aku neh ... hehe

sue said...

kau terlambat order..patutnya bawa balik kambing dari Ireland boleh aku buat beriyani kambing spesel..

Anonymous said...

You got the facts wrong. Che Oket is not the chef, but given her supervisory role, she knows alot about the favourite foods of our previous PMs.

My two cents.

Wan said...

SELERA PERDANA terjemahan bahasa inggeris pun sudah ada bertajuk

Cuisine of the Premiers

Saya sudah membacanya. Memang berselera!