Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pendekar Kecil & Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Hadif is already twelve months and celebrated his first birthday at this new house, he has started to walk for six or seven steps and few months from now his boundary for exploration wil be wider and that means more eyes will be on him to ensure his safety, people said that boys are more naughty and adventurous compared to girls..lets just wait and see.

And few years from now, he'll be running freely and by that time I just wish that I could enrolled him for martial art class..see mama have a BIG plan for this young man.. :-P

Not just any martial art but preferably 'Silat',..

My father has teached us (six girls) simple basic steps, but no further lesson on advance stage..and there was also no proper gelanggang except for our small living room, no bunga-bunga silat and pasang kuda-kuda. I grew up watching one of my relative used to teached a group of youngster infront of my house. The gelanggang was made up of guni tepung cap sauh and the area was light up by lampu gaslin...from my house I could see shadows with sharp movement and at that moment I wish I could join them.

And Pendekar Bujang Lapok is my all time favourite movie..

'Pendekar Mustar teaching Pasang kuda-kuda..'

I think one should not forget their roots no matter where they are, I love being a modern mom but deep down inside there is still a traditional part in me.

As for my husband's side, the kids can't depends on me to teach them of their Dada's culture therefore En Haffis please speak Benggali or Tamil with your child, I could only utter a few words which might sounds weird and lead to different meaning..Ayo..that's dangerous kan..! This last few weeks Sufiya has been watching this talent search program on Zee TV and there is no chance for us to switch channel, she just loves watching the kids singing in Hindi..:-) and everyday we have to make sure that only track no.12 song played in the car, she keep on asking for that Chaya Chaya song..the one that Shah Rukh Khan dance on top of moving train...

Have a great week a head people and don't forget your root :-)


Naz said...

love your new banner. Crop sikit yang sebelah kiri tu....perfect! :D

Nong said...

Happy belated birthday to Hadiff!

Enroll them when they are young. They learn faster. All my kids joined Tae-kwan-do when they were in primary school.

I was a black-belt silat gayung some 30 years ago...

sue said...

Kak Naz,
yg tu old banner, masa kat rumah lama, love that view

have a nice weekend

i notice astro dish tu kacau gambi, nanti i crop :-P

sue said...

Kak Nong,
thanx for the wish..

i pun nak diorg start awal..melentur buluh kan..

Kak Nong ni memang superb..semua boleh

Anonymous said...

mobb tulis

waa .. Hadif mata makin bulat .. hehe .. Pendekar mustar ni , kegemaran enche Rufi dgn Marul neh .. mas doulu doulu kat UTM ... waa kenangan lah

sue said...

enche Rungfi mesti sukerr...pendekar Mustar tu keturunan dia jugak