Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Have you ever feel like you want a revenge..a big one and when the time do it all out...!!!

This is a sweet revenge :-)

But as usual it won't be perfect without this little girl interfering and gaduh dengan mak dia..berebut nak makan..she controlled everything and I had to curi-curi from hubby to get one..

A year ago, in Alor Star I could only smell them and be patient not to take any fruits that is considered 'hot'..

My sweet little girl with durian all for herself...sakit gigi tapi pulunnnn...

The King of Fruit - scientific name ='Durio zibethinus' mcm handsome nama dia. All the way from Kuantan..this is from research centre..but I don't know which type..banyak sangat species..Durian burung,Dalit,Alau,Royal Brunei,Durian Anjung Lima ,Tenom Beauty,Kekura ,Raden Mas Ayu,Diamond King

Satu biji, enam ulas je...tapi tebal gilerr...Rugi Syafinaz balik Penang awal sangat :-P

Back then during this season, we always have durian and pulut served with santan..and for tea time, its durian again but serawa durian..but I can't stand people who ramas2 buah durian dengan pulut..pastu ada satu bunyi turn off..!!

I'm still waiting for my sister to come and make this durian dissapeared..I try not to eat too much, my exam is just 6 days away..

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