Sunday, July 05, 2009

Memerah otak

I woke up this morning with heavy head and mind..I slept a early but my mind keep on processing info and this one particular word keep on passing even when I closed my eyes - TACP...Town and Country planning Act..TACP..TACP...I've tried not to think of any of those but it was hard just like a CPU or keyboard yang dah hang...! Maybe because I haven't really studied that one, and they came haunting me..

That is what happen when you spend six hours in non-airconditioned hall answering two papers and each papers came with 7 questions and calculation..we only had hour hour break...I forgot my calculator and had to depend on my HP but of coz it can't display a large figure so I had to do it manually...not only we crack our head, our hand also had to take the pressure writtig for six hours and my back feels like I've been doing strenous exercise...!!

And it was just a trial exam yesterday..the real one is three weeks away, so I still have time to brush up on areas that I know I jawab cukup-cukup makan...


We had Hadif's birthday celebration night before my trial exam..just a simple do..he loves cheese cake so much, keep on cucuk the cake and lick the cheese on his finger..but as usual Sufiya nak sibuk jugak.

For now, I just want to relax my mind and body without worrying about that exam..and I wish time mcm ni dok rendam kaki kat Titi Hayun...sejukkkk

Titi Hayun, Yan Kedah


Naz said...

Hehe....tengok Hadif senyum....sweeter than sugar!

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Sue,

Kenapa dgn 172? any problem...?
if u need anything, plse let me know.

p/s: Aishah akan pindah rmh baru another week sebab this week ada kelas di Ipoh.

take care,

sue said...

Kak Naz,
they are our sugar and spice..

sue said...

Hi Aishah,
i tak baca TACP tu yg dok teringat2 rasa bersalah pd diri sendiri

selamat masuk rumah, muat tak dining table tu..?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sue, minum a nice glass of Milo, iced tea or whatever, go smell your roses, just relax. Don't even watch TV....or go sit in your garden watch butterflies.
Watch the sun go down, you'll feel better.

You have to empty your mind of previous work, like you delete your stuff in your pc, then boleh la masuk info baru.
Wish you all the best....

but just for your info, there's a young mother with 3 kids at home, she presently o/seas alone studying day and night for her P.hd finals.....and her youngest daughter sakit di rumah.
Phones her crying, "mak, saya sakit...",I can imagine her stress.
To study and anak 7000 miles away, sick.

Best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Sue,

Dining table dah cancel and now....BIG PROBLEM, my neighbours turn their house into hostel for nurses, mentang2 dpn hospital...Aishah tension sgt2 sbb bygkan 1 rmh ada 20 bebudak misi yg gedik & paling penting BISING. Mcm manalah Aishah nak Study mlm2?

menyesal beli rumah mahal2, mcm duduk rmh stinggan plak...


sue said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
I now enjoyed watching the full moon while cooking, it is a nice view from the kitchen...

ya la..need to delete some files from this brain..too much spam i guess..


sue said...

haha...what to do..tapi takpe ada solution for that

u need retaining wall for that..just joking

tanamla pokok chinese bamboo yg daun halus tu kat pagar as screening, pastu enhance dgn shrubs and hedges...u dpat nice garden and block the view from nurses yg gedik2 tu :-P

u might want to replaced the chainlink with half wall, pastu tanam pokok mcm i ckp tadi, kat wall tu u buat water features to distract sound pollution from next door...

what do u think..

Anonymous said...

Budget please.........

But honestly I think I want to get a lawyer.....

I already list all the Act...171, 133. UBBL and etc.

report ke MBAS(walaupun hubby tak mau sebab dia keja situ), Bomba, Biro Pengaduan Awam etc



p/s : bila nak balik mai Aloq staq?

sue said...

wow Aishah...u serius ke..cuba slow talk dgn owner

the best way is hantar surat pd Local Authority..ala just give a phone call first..anonymous ke..tengok mcm mana dulu

budget - maybe around RM500 exclude labour..kalau u buat sendiri murah, but depends on material and area and type of trees..landscape can go higher if ur trees are bigger and ada element lain yg u nak

i tak sure balik bila, maybe before posa